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Winter Sports


A Beginner's Guide to Snowshoeing (And Why It's Good for You)

From improving heart health to providing a unique and quiet opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, snowshoeing is the perfect winter pastime.


15 Insider Vermont Ski Vacation Tips

There are more than 20 ski resorts in the State of Vermont and if you want to plan a vacation here, there are a few things to know first. Check the list, book your trip, pray for snow, and go!


5 Winter Sports That You May Not Have Heard Of

Snow and low temperatures are perfect conditions for extreme winter sports, which take the notion of white madness to a higher level. How about summer sports disciplines adapted to winter conditions? Here is a list of some winter sports that you may not have heard of before.


The Best Ski Area in Summit County, Colorado: Copper, Keystone, A-Basin, Breckenridge, or Loveland?

Want to know the best ski area in Summit County? There are five great ski areas there, but which one is the perfect one for you? Depending on your skill level, it could be any of the five.


Yellowstone in Winter

Experience Yellowstone National Park in the winter for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, photography and wildlife tours, geothermal features, ice-fishing, dog-sledding, biking, ultimate relaxation, and the vacation of a lifetime!


Minnesota Shopping: Ice Cleats for Winter Walking

Falling on ice is a serious, sometimes life-threatening problem. Getting in the habit of placing rubberized ice cleats on your shoes before treading on ice is the answer. But where do you get them?


Making Snowshoes

How to make snowshoes


Rediscovering Rocky Mountain National Park in Winter

Rediscovering Estes Park's majesty during the winter months can be just as exciting as its beauty in summer.


Snowshoes, Snowshoeing, Winter Exercise and Calorie Burn

Snowshoeing is a healthy, enjoyable and easy to learn winter sport. In this hub I describe health benefits, give examples of gear and show how this is a great way to see the winter world around you

Take Your Toddler Ice Skating for the First Time

So, since your child's birth, you've been chomping at the bit to nurture the next Mario Lemieux or Peggy Fleming, or perhaps the very first Peggy Lemieux--or maybe you just want to share your interest in ice skating with your little one, but you're not sure where to get started.


The Basics of Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a fun way to explore the snow covered backcountry. If you ever wondered about how to start walking on snowshoes, getting started is easier than you think.


Skiing At Its Best At North Carolina Resorts!

If you enjoy skiing and cannot travel to the great slopes of Colorodo and Utah, find out what the North Carolina ski resorts can offer you: great prices, excellent slopes, and beautiful accomodations.


Skiing With Preschoolers for the First Time

Preschoolers will love to ski, as long as their specific needs are kept in mind! Use ski gear meant for preschoolers, such as a ski bib with handles, to help little ones on and off the lift.


How to Teach a Kid to Snow Ski Using a Harness

How to teach a young child to ski using a ski harness with pictures and video demonstrations.

Pictures by Audrey Kirchner

Dog-Friendly Winter Sports Trails in Central Oregon

Find dog-friendly winter sports trails in Central Oregon. Take your dogs snowshoeing, skijoring, and sledding.


How the Best Custom Ski Boots Are Fitted and Why They Are Worth It

What it's like to have custom ski boots made, and where to get them in Lake Tahoe and Whistler.