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Wilderness Survival


Do Affordable Satellite Phones for Adventure Travel Exist?

Are you considering a satellite phone for back-country camping, overlanding, or boating? For reliable off-grid communication with the outside world, there's really no alternative to a satellite phone, but can you afford one? Here's a look at the pros and cons of the three major providers.


Which Two-Way Radio Is Best for Outdoor Adventures?

Which two-way radio you choose for outdoor recreation depends on how far you want to talk, among other things. Here's some helpful advice to help you choose the right two-way radio for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.


My Cheapo EDC Pouch Failed After Three Months

In this review of the inexpensive EDC pouch that I ordered online, a valuable lesson is learned—you get what you pay for.


How to Make a Fuel-Free Reusable Lighter Using a Floor Mop (With Pictures)

Learn how to make a 100% fuel-free, windproof and flameless lighter using a floor mop, (or string or rope), perfect for everyday use, camping or as a survival tool.


What I Think of the Zip Tie Mod on Folding Knives

Seems like a good idea. The zip tie should make deployment quicker, but let’s see if it works for me.


Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated

Storing food is always a smart thing to do. Besides saving you a lot of time and money, you are all set for the near future should a disaster strike. But, which method keeps your food fresh the longest? Let me help with that.


Ultimate Lighter Reviews: Pros, Cons, Tips and Tricks

Everything you never thought you needed to know about lighters. You'll never look at a lighter the same again! Find reviews, tips and hacks for 10 of the most common types of lighters.


Top 5 Reasons to Keep a Book in Your Evacuation Bag

An evacuation bag is the thing to grab whenever one must leave quickly. Stocked with critical items, space is limited but here's why adding a book could be a smart move.


My Problems With the Stealth Angel Survival Kit

Not that it doesn’t work, but this survival equipment seems to be stuff for mall ninjas.


Victorinox Climber Review: The Perfect Gift You Can Get Yourself or Your Loved Ones

"Say what? Victorinox Climber? But I'm afraid of heights!" - Don't worry, my friend! So am I. Contrary to what the name implies, the Climber is a pocket knife for anybody, not just outdoorsy people. Read on to find out what it's good for!


Klik Belts 2-Ply Tactical Search and Rescue Belt Review

When you are out on a search, the last thing you want to think about is your pants falling down. In this review of the Klik Belts Two-Ply tactical belt, we'll test out a trouser securing device that won't let you down. From a search and rescue perspective, this may be the ultimate outdoor belt.


What to Do If You Encounter a Rattlesnake

Hiking is a great sport, and it is all fun and games until someone get bitten by a rattlesnake. Know how to avoid them, what to do if you see one, and the course of action if you are bitten.


Review of the Wild Frontier Survival Kit

This 12-in-one survival kit from Wild Frontier is good value.


How to Avoid Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

Keep you and your family safe from tick bites and Lyme Disease this summer with these easy to follow tips.


The Best Folding Knives for Everyday Carry

The 5 best folding knives -- affordable, reliable knives for everyday use.


The Best Tactical Flashlights

Up to 10,000 lumen -- high-tech tools for security professionals and serious outdoorsmen. Own one of the best tactical flashlights available.


Review of My Benchmade Knives

For those who appreciate fine cutlery and American innovation, the name Benchmade is synonymous with high-end knives and tools. This review focuses on seven of the numerous knives they offer.


SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool: Southpaw Approved

Everything is harder for lefties. Here is a multi-tool that works well for everyone, including us southpaws.


Desert Hiking Advice

The American Southwest requires some special precautions for day hikers, especially during those hot summer months, when temperatures can soar above 100 degrees.


8 Essential Knots You Should Know – Survival Skills

This knot-tying guide will help you to improve your survival skills.


How Long Does a Bic Lighter Last?

How long does a Bic lighter burn, how long can you use a Bic lighter, and how long can a Bic lighter be stored for use and still work when you need it?


Survival Skills: Directions Without Compass or Maps Using Airplanes, Trees, & Ants

Getting lost in the mountains isn't much fun. Knowing how to get back out is. Some common and uncommon methods like airplanes, trees, ants, a puddle of water and a needle to name just a few.


Preparing for Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters

How I've Learned to Live with the Inevitability of Natural Disasters through disaster preparedness.


How to Choose the Right Survival Knife

Use the three criteria below as a benchmark for choosing your survival knife. Beyond this, everything else comes down to personal preference.


Preparing For Hurricanes

Often times people do not head the warnings of officials when it comes to hurricanes. This post will provide a little more insight into what it takes to weather the storm.


Survival Skills: Long Term Food Storage of Grains

Properly storing any grains for the long term can extend their shelf life. Find out which grains are the best for long-term storage and which are not suitable.


Survival Skills: Clean Drinking Water

Do you know what water is safe for consumption? Find out how to get clean drinking water in a survival setting, and how to purify water from wild sources.


Alternatives to GoTenna for Off-Grid Communications

For off grid communications the GoTenna has some merits however there are some GoTenna alternatives that may work better for the backcountry.


5 Survivalist Measuring Hacks Using Everyday Objects

Here's a collection of emergency or handy tricks and hacks using everyday household items to get measurements in a pinch (with photos). These could even be used for fun and educational party tricks!


How to Repel Midges, Mosquitoes, and Summer Biting Flies

Swarms of midges, mosquitoes, and biting flies can ruin a summer evening. Here are some of my tried and tested strategies to help you repel biting insects.


How to Use Magnetic Declination with a Compass

If you depend on a map and compass for wilderness navigation you should learn about declination. This article teaches you how to compensate for magnetic declination while traversing the wild.


How to Avoid Poisonous Plants and What to Do if You're Exposed

Learn how to identify poisonous plants like poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy, and what to do if you are exposed.


Top Plants for Emergency Survival

Knowing which plants are safe to eat and which can help you build a fire or shelter could make any wilderness survival situation much more pleasant.


Survival: Finding and Purifying Emergency Water

Although you can survive for up to three days without water, having a supply of safe and drinkable water will go a long way toward maintaining your health and moral in any survival situation.


Midge Attack! Or, How to Repel Midges During the Summer Months

Midges are a nuisance during the summer months. Here are a few tips to help repel them.


Tips on Surviving a Wolf Attack

Wolf attacks are rare in nature and are often caused by habituation to humans or rabies. Learn how to prevent confrontations with wolves and how to survive an attack if necessary.


How to Create Your Own Umbrella Tent

An umbrella tent can be handy in a number of ways. To create your own umbrella tent, you'll only need three or four items and a few minutes of your time.


How to Build a Wilderness Survival Kit

A wilderness survival kit needs to include tools for starting a fire, light, signaling for rescue, food, water, making shelter and more.

Four Knots to Know How to Tie

Four useful knots with accompanying videos on how to tie them.


How to Create a Bug-Out Bag (72-Hour Bag): Packing List

What is a bug-out bag, and how do you create one? It's a bag you plan to utilize in case of an emergency, and it's packed with your survival needs. Get a list of what to pack in your bag, including the most important necessities.


Portable Water Filters for Travelers & Hikers

One of the biggest fears travelers have about an unknown place is what it will do to their health. It's a valid fear, since 20-50% of travellers contract diarrhea per year. The water you drink is key.


How to Join a Search and Rescue Team

If you love the outdoors and want to help other people when they need it most, you may want to join a Search and Rescue team. This article provides tips and explains some of the training involved.


Field-Testing the Esee Izula Neck Knife for Survival and Backpacking

Named for the Bullet Ant, the Esee Izula neck knife is the perfect companion for wilderness adventures. Backpackers will love the simple elegance and survivalists will admire the stout construction.


What Would Happen If You Were the Last Person on Earth?

Have you ever thought about what you would really do if you were the last person on Earth? This hub offers an insight into what such a scenario may look like...


How to Wash and Waterproof a Rain Jacket

If you're getting soaked in your backcountry rain jacket, it may be time to wash and rewaterproof it. Instructions for cleaning and conditioning the DWR on Gore-tex, Mountain Hardwear's DryQ Elite, Marmot's Precip and many more waterproof breathable garments.


How to Purify Drinking Water on Camping Trips and Disaster Situations

The toxic and biological threat of our water supply is real. To avoid infection, sickness or death, safe drinking water is essential. Here are water purification methods worth knowing.


How to Wash and Waterproof a Softshell Jacket

Do you know how to wash and waterproof your softshell jacket? Take care of your technical garment, by following these helpful hints to properly maintain the DWR on your softshell apparel. By following just a few steps you can restore breathability and waterproofness to your jacket.


Winter Camping Water Purification Guide

Backpackers and hikers must change their water gathering and treatment tactics for winter adventures. This article explores the best ways to treat water and melt snow while in the backcountry.


Backpacking Gear Review: British Army Pattern MoD Survival Knife

Survival knives are a favorite of backpackers, bushcrafters, trekkers, and regular old campers. The British army MoD (Ministry of Defense) survival knife is a robust, multi-use tool that has been military proven for decades, and trusted by the likes of the SAS (Special Air Service). This is my own take on this bomb-proof knife.


Homemade Oilskin: My Experience Reproofing Cotton and Canvas With Wax

Oilskins are hard wearing, durable, tough, waterproof, and windproof, and last for generations. Here's my experience applying wax to clothing and a shoulder bag.