250+ Best Boat Names of All Time

Updated on August 22, 2018
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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life.

The Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria: Does this sound familiar? It should! It was the name of the three ships that Christopher Columbus set sail with to discover a new world, and he did, indeed! America!

These three names are evidence that naming boats and ships goes back to at least year 1492! You are probably here wondering why ships and boats have names, and the main reason is for identification purposes. Describing which boat you are talking about by using its name is a lot easier than trying to describe it by using a physical description, and by having names, people are more easily able to identify which boat to board, and to identify other boats at sea.

Boat Name Uniqueness

You might be wondering if your boat name needs to be unique. That really depends on where you live. For example, in the US, names don't need to be unique, but it appears that names do need to be unique in Canada.

A common way to deal with this is by appending numbers or roman numerals to the end of the boat name. For example, if the name "Poseidon" is taken, then perhaps the names "Poseidon II" or "Poseidon III" are available. If you would like to look your name up, here are some of the sites where you can do that:

US: https://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/st1/CoastGuard/VesselByName.html

Canada: http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/4/vrqs-srib

European Union: http://ec.europa.eu/fisheries/fleet/index.cfm?method=Search.SearchSimple&country=

Did You Know?

While Florida has the most boat registrations out of any state, it's actually the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota, that has the most boats registered per person!

(source: TripSavvy)

Boat Name Ideas to Consider

So you’ve decided to purchase a boat, all the while silently singing “isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?” And indeed, she is! Having a boat is an amazing luxury for some, while it becomes home to others. Whatever your intended purpose for your boat, it’s gotta have a name! Here are some tips for coming up with some of the best boats names there is!

  • Female gender: Notice how I was referring above to the boat as some kind of female entity? That’s because there seems to be a deep history with regards to female names! Sure, not all boats have a female name, but many of them do and it is thought to help deepen the bond with the boat!

  • Know the prefixes: If you are new to sailing, then you might not be familiar with many of the acronyms that precede a boat’s name which actually indicate what kind of vessel it is. For example, SS is a prefix that stands for steamship and TB stands for tug boat. If you plan on using a prefix, just be sure it makes sense for the kind of boat you have.

  • Use puns: When it comes to naming a boat, there’s a vast sea of opportunities for puns! A little humor is always a good, and any sailor can appreciate it.

  • Summon your inner sailor: All sailor swears aside, hop into your boat, even if it just sits on a trailer, and feel the boat. Become one with your boat. Picture yourself doing whatever it is that you plan on doing with your boat and you might just picture the perfect name on the side of your boat!

  • Boat’s appearance: This might be a given, but find some inspiration in the overall appearance of your boat whether it be the color or some kind of feature that stands out.

Considering the above pointers, I’ve come up with some of the best boat names that will have you hooked! Read on...

Funny Names

Talk about a conversation starter! These hilarious boat names are sure to turn some heads and get a few laughs!

Funny Boat Names

Bikini Bottom
Midlife Crisis
Zombies Can’t Swim
Full of Ship
Fish and Ships
Fishizzle My Bizzle
Looking for Fish
Prawn Star
Sick Day
Tax Refund
Reely Expensive
Change the Channel
A Boat
Missing Anchor
Stinky Anchovy
Rubber Ducky
Wife #4
The Crusty Barnacle
Poseidon Probe
In Deep Ship
Sea Señor
Nuclear fishin’
Soggy Cheerio
The Navi-Gator
Holy Ship
Boaty McBoatface
Heavy Wetter
Tackle Me Elmo
Jamaican Me Sail
I’ve Got Crabs
Get Shipfaced
Clam Dunk
Scuba Steve
Coral Reefer
Laguna Matata
Mother Rudder
Nacho Boat
Trawling You
The Other Woman
Forced Family Fun
Poop Deck
Do You like Fish Sticks?
Fish Magnet
Smelling Fishy
Captain Underpants

Clever Names

Fishing for a clever boat name? You'll be hooked on the fishy puns in these creative suggestions!

Clever Boat Names

Bottom Feeder
Pier Pressure
Breaking Bass
Tide Pool
Rail Banger
Wish You Were Her
Presidential DeBait
Fishers of Men
Carpe Diem
Sea Addicts Anonymous
Seas the Day
Prawn Shop
Fishing for Compliments
Shakespeare Fishing
Off the Hook
Sea King Adventure
Tide Down
Nothing But Net
Ship Happens
Mr. Trawley
Docked Pay
Docked Up
A Salt Weapon
Seas the Moment
Dockter Sea
The Codfather
Court Salmons
Knot Your Boat
Fishing Nemo
Smoke on the Water
Knot for Sail
Boat to Be Wild
Ships Ahoy
Decked Out
Sea For Yourself
Speedo Deck
Beach Leech
On the Docks

Cool Names

Looking for a cool boat name to impress your buddies? Check out these awesome examples for inspiration!

Cool Boat Names

S.S. Riptide
Ankle Buster
Wicked Fishin’
Hot Knots
Sea Hawk
Sea Dancer
Endless Summer
Dawn Patrol
Impact Zone
Devil Wind
Wave Rider
Twisted Reel
Swallow Tail
Endless Blue

Dirty Names

Dirty puns are definitely a popular boat naming trend, so get ready to blush with these dirty boat names!

Dirty Boat Names

Filthy Oar
IV Play
Knotty Hooker
Sex Sea
Hehe, Sextant
B. Knotty
Master Bait
La Seavious Acts
Shellfish in Bed
Lure Me
Easy Catch
Nice Aft
S.S. Seamen
Sea Stalker
Tail Chasers
Wet Dream

Classy Names

For ships that deserve a name more on the sophisticated side, here are some classy boat names fit for a finer floating vessel.

Classy Boat Names

The Olympia
S.S. Admiral
The Sapphire
S.S. Niagra
The Atlantis
The Duke
Atlantic Pearl
The Icelandic
S.S. Azure

Millennial Names

If you were born in the 80's and 90's, you'll totally appreciate these boat name ideas specifically for Millennials.

Millennial Boat Names

Don’t Need Roads
Pedro for President
Never Say Die
Wheezin’ The Juice
Rufio, Rufio, Ru-fi-O
88 MPH
Neverending Story
Flux Capacitor
Quit Playing With Your Dinghy
Clever Girl
Big Pile of Ship
Hey McFly
Dinosaur Skirt
Favorite Deputy
Spare No Expense
To Infinity
Ya Filthy Animal
Little Infinity
Killin’ Me, Smalls
Mom’s Basement
High Quality H2O
Bigger Boat
Circle of Life
Oh Fudge!
Glass Case of Emotion
Strange Little Man
Center for Ants
Marty Moose
Yer a Wizard
Drawn That Way
Tina You Fat Lard
Wax On, Wax Off
Heck Yes!
Make Like a Tree
Nunchuck Skills
A Delicious Bass

Famous Boats

These famous vessels have found their way into pop culture through television and movies.

Famous Boat Names from TV & Film

Forrest Gump
Gone Fission
The Simpsons
S.S. Minnow
Gilligan’s Island
HMS Shag at Sea
Austin Powers
Red October
The Hunt for Red October
S.S. Venture
King Kong
African Queen
The African Queen
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Andrea Gail
The Perfect Storm
Steamboat Willie
Jolly Roger
Slice of Life
The Flying Wasp
S.S. Immaculata
Time Bandit
Deadliest Catch
Cornelia Marie
Deadliest Catch
The Northwestern
Deadliest Catch
Deadliest Catch
Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean
Flying Dutchman
Pirates of the Caribbean
HMS Dauntless
Pirates of the Caribbean
HMS Interceptor
Pirates of the Caribbean
HMS Endeavor
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Empress
Pirates of the Caribbean
Queen Anne’s Revenge
Pirates of the Caribbean
Moby Dick
Captain Blood
The Sea Hawk
The Henrietta
Around the World in 80 Days
The Inferno
The Goonies
Dawn Treader
Chronicles of Narnia
Sea Patroller
Paw Patrol
Queen's Gambit
Maersk Alabama
Captain Phillips

Historical Boats

Some vessels have imprinted themselves in the history books! Here are 20 of the most famous, historical vessels to ever sail the seas!

Famous Boats in History

American Queen
HMS Victory
USS Maine
USS Arizona
Santa Maria
USS Missouri
HMAV Bounty
Whydah Gally
Golden Hind
SS Edmund Fitzgerald
RMS Lusitania
RMS Titanic
The Queen Mary
HMS Beagle
Noah’s Ark

I’ve seen bunches of boat names in my time that had me thinking whatever floats your boat! Some haven’t made much sense to me, while others were just really basic. Make your nautical adventures more enjoyable for you and others by sailing in style with a great boat name! But remember, the more time you spend trying to think of a name, that’s time you’re missing fishing! Unless, of course, you do both at the same time.

How to Install Boat Lettering


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      2 weeks ago

      “Scared Stiff”

      Guy was a mortician...

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      8 months ago

      Best name I ever seen, 45 foot motor yacht, with a midlife guy and a young women half his age on board. “Stocks & Blonds”

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      10 months ago

      Columbus didn't discover American, there were people here already.

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      11 months ago

      Under millennials

      Should add

      Don’t work

      Everything free


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      11 months ago

      The panda piñata


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