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Where to Launch a Boat at Clear Lake, California

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Launching a Boat at Clear Lake

Clear Lake, perfect boating location.

Clear Lake, perfect boating location.

Launching Your Boat at Clear Lake

There are many great locations to launch your boat at Clear Lake if you go to Lake County for boating or fishing. It is free to launch, but you will need an inspection permit from the county to use your boat on the lake, which has a small fee and an inspection process of your boat.

All About Clear Lake

Clear Lake is known for its miles of tule and dock-filled banks that are home to some of Northern California's best bass fishing. Clear Lake offers all of the best types of fish holding cover from deep rocks to shallow flooded sloughs with grass and docks all around. It has many great facilities for boat launching.

No matter which direction you are coming in from or what side of the lake you are staying the night at, there is a launch ramp nearby that will be perfect for getting your boat out into the water. Many of the shoreline properties also have their own private ramps for personal use or for their customers who are staying at their property.

Remember to have your boat clean and dry when you get to Clear Lake for the boat inspection.

Below are a few of the best places to launch at Clear Lake. They give a good representation of the many choices available.

Clear Lake, with Mount Konocti in the background

Clear Lake, with Mount Konocti in the background

Places With Boat Launching Facilities

Not all ramps are the same: some are skinny, some have bad docks or not enough docks, some locations have excellent accommodations and lodging, some are recommended for a single day use, and others are better for a week-long fishing trip. Here are a few more details about launch locations from around Clear Lake. If you want to add any details place them in the comments.

  1. 5th Street Launch Ramp is a nice solution if you are staying in Lakeport. The ramp is large with several docks nearby. Lakeport can get busy during peak months, but is an easy to use ramp with decent parking. It is near all of the Lakeport hotels which might have a slip you can leave your boat in and just use 5th street to launch.
  2. Clear Lake Redbud is a big boat launching facility in the south of the lake. There is a good tackle shop right near the ramp and there is a very large parking area with an adjacent park. Keep your car locked and put away the visible items anywhere around Clear Lake if you are launching and going to be gone all day.
  3. Lucerne Harbor County Park is a nice small ramp with limited parking right in Lucerne. Grab a Foster Freeze after fishing and be happy you are in a place where there is a decent launch ramp only a few feet from the main road.
  4. Lakeside County Park is in between Clear Lake State Park and Konocti Vista Casino and is a small ramp with a small park area. This is a great place if you are dropping into the lake with a man-powered vessel as it is near many of the great fishing places in Clear Lake and not as crowded as the two places on either side of it.
  5. Konocti Vista Casino and Hotel is the place to stay if you are in a bass fishing tournament especially if it is located at the Casino. There is a huge section of docks available to park your boat with power for battery recharging. The ramp is pretty tight and only two lanes but there are many other reasons that make staying at the casino for a week's fishing a great way to enjoy Clear Lake.
  6. Clear Lake State Park is a very large state park with tons of campsites, making it the best place to stay on the lake if you are planning on camping in a tent or RV. Clear Lake State Park has a nice large ramp that drops you into a slough that is only a few minutes' idle to the main lake, and the State Park is a popular spot in its own right.
  7. Clear Lake Oaks Boat Launch Is a smaller ramp with limited parking but it is located right in Clear Lake Oaks at the Keys, a large network of sloughs with houses. This is the ramp to use if you are staying in this area, unless you are staying at M&M Campground down the road. M&M has a ramp too, but it is not free for anyone to use as the country ramp is.


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