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3 Swimming Holes in Corvallis, Oregon

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Cool Off With a Dip in the Marys River

As the valley starts to heat up, people in Corvallis will look for ways to cool down. Check out these three locations on the Marys River where you can swim in the water and relax in the shade.

The Marys River is not as deep, fast, or wide as the Willamette, so it is safer for swimming.

Don't forget to bring along your inner tube, water wings, and rafts. And a towel and sunscreen, of course!

Swing out over the river on a rope in Avery Park.

Swing out over the river on a rope in Avery Park.

1. Avery Park

When you get to Avery Park, head to the west side near the Parks and Recreation Building. Walk along the gravel road to the left of the building. It leads back to the river. Take a left on the next trail to find the rope swing and wading area. Or, access the river at any point. Check out the falls where Oak Creek enters the Marys near the highway.

Avery Park is located off 15th Street and Crystal Lake Drive.

Cool off near Marys River Natural Area.

Cool off near Marys River Natural Area.

2. Marys River Natural Area

Stroll along the boardwalk until it ends. From there, make your way to the river bank just a few yards away. Right near the old rusty car, there is an access point down the bank to the perfect swimming hole. If you are adventuresome, head south to find your own access. If you find a road and field, you've entered private property and gone too far.

Access to the natural area is located off SW Brooklane Drive.

Splash around at Pioneer Park.

Splash around at Pioneer Park.

3. Pioneer Park

Near the old railroad trestle, on the north side of the river, there is a little sandy beach that is exposed in the summer when the water level drops. Just a few feet further west, there is another rope swing. This rope swing is not used as often as the one at Avery Park, so proceed with caution.

Pioneer Park is located off Highway 34/20 near 15th Street. Access if by car from the highway, or take the riverfront path on bike or foot.


susiebrown48 from Clearwater, FL on April 30, 2011:

Great hub, makes me want to visit! The pictures are great especially the first!