500 Creative Boat Names for Sailboats, Yachts, & Powerboats

Updated on May 17, 2020
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Layne received her ASA certifications up to bareboat chartering in the San Francisco bay.

500 Boat Names
500 Boat Names | Source

Best Name Ideas for Sailboats, Yachts, and Powerboats

Looking for the perfect name for your sailboat, powerboat, fishing boat, luxury yacht, or houseboat? Look no further! Here is a list of 500 names to choose from. Choose from traditional names, famous names, sentimental names, funny names, and names you've never heard of.

When choosing a name, think about the purpose of your boat—is it for relaxing, adventuring, escaping, showing friends a good time, or taking a break from work? Perhaps it's for sports fishing, bareboating, racing, or simply showing off? Pick a name to match its purpose, and choose from the 500 names below. Happy searching!

Under the Sun
Under the Sun | Source

Creative Boat Names

Siren Song
Pride and Joy
Taking Time Off
Pirate Days
Rainbow Dancer
One True Love
Come to Heaven
Chasing Rainbows
Tequila Sunrise
Heaven Is a Place
Crimson Sky
Whiskey Down
No More Mondays
Rogue Wave
The Good Devil
Get Real
Sneaker Wave
Dance With the Devil
Forget About It
Got Swell?
Under the Sun
Miss Moon
Little Runaway
Under the Weather
Twilight Moments
Riff Raff
Buy Moor Time
Let’s Rock ’n Roll
Funny Valentine
Peggy Sue
Wave Warrior
Viking Mist
Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit | Source

Unique Boat Names

Green Flash
With the Wind
Seas the Day
Cash In
Carry Away
So Swell
Telltales for Days
Bachelor Pad
5 O’Clock
Good Vibes
Better Yet
Happy Hour
Mystery Tour
In the Deep
Yellow Submarine
Eye of the Storm
Moby Dick
Money Honey
Sweet Dreams
White Swan
Deja Vu
Under the Sun
Blue Heron
Autumn Wind
Autumn Wind | Source

Funny Boat Names

Rain or Shine
Little Darling
Rainbow’s End
Boat Me In
Strawberry Fields
Knot Guilty
All Hands on Deck
Water Bat
Knot Worried
Beauty Queen
The Navigator
Well Within
Miss America
Last Dance
Pirates Booty
Some Like It Yacht
Mary Jane
Permanent Vacation
Naughti List
Milky Way
World View
Last Interview
Crimson Tide
Wine Down
Last Wishes
Wet and Wild
Catch Me If You Can
The Bachelor
The Deed
Last Wishes
Last Wishes | Source

Traditional Boat Names

Silver Fox
Ocean’s Coming
Buena Vista
The President
Inspector Storm
Coming in Hot
Operation Sunset
Homestead Dreams
Is This Real Life
Breaking Wind
Dreams Come True
Forget About It
Best Coast
Placebo Effect
Never Say Never
Get What You Give
Around the World
Soul Song
Ace in the Hull
Nine Lives
Paradise Bound
Not Looking Back
Autumn Wind
Bali Dancer
Below the Deck
Beam Me Up
Belle of the Ball
Retirement Plan
Blue Thunder
New Moon
Go Team
La Dulce Vida
La Dulce Vida | Source

Memorable Name Ideas

Live Fast
Got Love?
Lower Limit
Deep Ship
Rumor Has It
Upper Limit
Take a Chance
Kick Back
No Limit
Slip Away
Kindred Spirit
Life Preserver
Jolly Gal
Lime in the Coconut
Fast Escape
Journey’s Start
Knot Guilty
All Incognito
Knot Busy
Let’s Toast
Under the Radar
Knot Working
That Time Come
Radio In
Reel Tired
Twilight Zone
Beam Me Up
Speed Limit
Advised Respect
Fenders Out
Farther Out
Finding Stillness
Boat on the Run
Karma's a Beach
Karma's a Beach | Source

Cool Name Ideas

Real Love
Hey Bouy
Sea Therapy
Wishing Well
Getaway Boat
Sun Day Fun Day
Route to Nowhere
No Worries
In Harmony
Holy Roller
Roll the Dice
Gypsy Sister
Early Retirement
Diamond Girl
Home Away From Home
Lyrics of Love
High Tide
Hail Mary
Bachelor in Paradise
Okie Dokie
Heart’s Desire
Give a Sheet
Hang Loose
Adventure Awaits
Passing Time
Settle Gravity
The Gray Whale
Wake Up
Beauty’s Rose
Diamond Girl
Diamond Girl | Source

Popular Names

In the Dog House
Salt and Sun
Voodoo Queen
Hello Goodbye
Saint Jude
The Wanderer
Natural High
Sail Away
Wish You Were Here
Nauti Adults
Sand Dollar
Lady Magic
Sea Sister
Adventure Awaits
Surprise Me
Break the Bank
Opt In
Nature Monkey
Break the Limit
The Wet Dog
Rising Hope
Sea Scape
Old Yeller
Rising Sun
Sea the Sunrise
Young at Heart
Sail Away
Seal the Deal
Hardly There
Raise the Jib
Zodiac Days
Guiding Light
First Mate
Zero Cares
North Star
Sheets to the Wind
Permanent Vacation
Last Laugh
Last Laugh | Source

Fun Names

Hot Date
The Big Tease
Ring Leader
Silver Dollar
All Star
Test the Limit
The Boss
Everything’s Possible
Sweet Peggy Sue
Sea Legs
Dream Catcher
Make a Move
Rainbows End
Nautical Melodies
Lady Godiva
Heart Storm
No Worries
Glass Love
Breeze Bandit
Know No Limits
April Fools
Big Trouble
Thy Peace
Bermuda Bound
One Wish
Almost There
6 Pack
Celtic Venture
Never Land
Bay Trippin’
Lover's Dream
Lover's Dream | Source

Famous and Fun Names

Lone Wolf
Sugar Daddy
Guess Who
Golden Ticket
Sky Moon
Dancing in the Rain
Dawn Chorus
Around the World
Cloud 9
Blue Fin
Compass Rosie
Reel Bad
Reel Bad News
Reel World
Second Wind
Wave Babe
Couples Therapy
Here I Go
Beach Blonde
Cold Heart
Endless Horizons
Silver Lining
Go for the Wind
Gold Digger
Sweet Dreams
Makin Waves
The Drifter
Whiskey Jack
Seas the Moment
Just Like Heaven
Crystal Vision
Feel the Vibe
Grateful Days
Nautical Melodies
Nautical Melodies | Source

More Funny Boat Names

Red Wine
Blue Skies
No Big Deal
Every Friday
Message in a Bottle
Where the Wind Blows
Magic Happens
Zero Gravity
Join the Tribe
Stear Clear
Crystal Clear
Love Life
Day Dream
Chasing Sunsets
Holiday Happy
Salty Dog
Booze Cruise
Two to Tango
Wind Power
Honey Moon
World’s End
Creature in the Deep
On the Horizon
Looking Glass
Wind Chaser
West Coast Dreams
No Pressure
The A Team
See Ya Never
Only Sunny Days
Narcissistic Supply
Permanent Vacation
Only Good Days
The Other Woman
Jump Aboard
Seaside Lullaby
It's About Time
It's About Time | Source

Clever Name Ideas

Rose Bud
Be Knotty
Deep Pockets
Ring of Fire
Nacho Boat
Walk the Line
Wet Dream
The Mistress
Sweet Jasmine
Marlin Monroe
Rider of the Storm
Message in a Bottle
Why so Searious?
Blue Moon
Genie in a Bottle
7th Heaven
Wild West
La Dulce Vida
Kings Tide
Final Frontier
What’s Up Doc?
Rule the World
Anchors Away
The Doc
Lucky Charm
Four Leaf
Storm Rider

The Beautiful Perini Navi

No Sinkers
Sick Leave
Star Gazer
Odd Job
One Bottle Down
Clouds on the Horizon
Off Duty
Spin the Bottle
Kiss the Horizon
Last Call
Skinny Dip
High Tide
The Closer
Slow Dance
Wave Skipper
Soul Food
Trim and Tight
The Outlaw
Solar Searcher
Last Dance
Pier Pressure
Southern Belle
Not Your Mom
Pole Dancer
Spirit in the Sky
Latitude Lynx
Prom Queen
The Golden Rule
Silver Fox
Prom King
Time Bandit
Cougar Cruiser
The A Team
The A Team | Source
Karma’s a Beach
Proud Youth
No Rules No Problem
Stay Salty
Golden Time
Lady Luck
Ride the Wind
Just Cruz
Lucky Penny
No Kids No Problem
Clean Machine
Heads or Tails
Island Hoppy
Last Laugh
Make it Happen
Escape to Paradise
Lay Lady Lay
Making Do
Great Escape
Let it Breeze
Mellow Mood
It’s About Time
Keep the Faith
Maybe Never
This Is It
Finding Joy
Maybe Forever
The Good Life
Midnight Mood
All Impulse
Sunrise to Sunset
Afternoon Nap
Golden Time
Golden Time | Source
Blue Therapy
Wind Therapy
Lazy Days
Guilt Trippin’
God’s Grace
Save Our Seas
Getting Wet
Good ’n Tired
Golden Oldie
Keel of Steel
Hulled On
The Drifter
Gutter Punk
Galaxy Charm
Going, Going, Gone
Dog Days
Going South
Old Ghost
Hakuna Matata
Only Aloha
Little Havana
Hasty Voyager
Hell Raiser
High Roller
Hang Ten
Walk on Water
At the Helm
After Marriage Delight
No Doldrums
Silver Lining
Sunset Cruise
Quit and Live
Break in the Clouds
Like Clockwork
Like Clockwork | Source
Breakin Wind
Curious George
Escape Plan
Adjust Your Latitude
Chasing Waves
Like Clockwork
Check Mate
The Ace
Siren Song
Wicked Ways
The Joker
Endless Summer
Full Capacity
Why so Serious
First Date
Lover’s Dream
Smooth Operator
No Worries
Dream Come True
Just Jump In
Sweet Monologue
Lost in Paradise
Feel the Thunder
Head Strong
Sweet Dreams
Hidden World
Last Episode
Sand Piper
Wet Poodle
Temptation Island
Wish You Well


  • 10,000 Boat Names, an SB Owners Site. Accessed February 16, 2019 <https://10000boatnames.com/>.

© 2019 Layne Holmes


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