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Kayaking in Venice, Florida

Venice offers a lot of places for your outdoor enjoyment. If you are looking for the best places to kayak or use stand up boards on fresh water, look no further than Red Lake.


How to Repair a Wetsuit (Tears or Rips)

Just because you have a hole in your wetsuit doesn't mean you need to go and replace it. From having the manufacturer repair it for free to doing it yourself at home with or without a repair kit, see how I fixed my wetsuit and how quick of a fix this can be.


Kayaking Solo

Kayaking alone might require a little more effort than going with a group, but it can be quite fun and rewarding. Learn how to kayak solo safely and smartly.


400+ Cool and Unique Boat Name Ideas

Now that you've finally achieved your dream of owning a boat, the next crucial step before exploring the ultimate freedom of the seas is to give it a name. Here is a list of over 400 cool and classy names for your spanking new vessel.


Canoe Flotation Chambers

One of the things I fear is having my canoe sink or scuttle if I ever capsize. So, as an extra measure of caution I decided to add floatation chambers to the bow and stern. *corrected calculations


How to Paddle a Kayak

Many think that kayaking would be a great way to enjoy the water, but don't like the fact that they tire so quickly. Here is a method of paddling that will allow you to spend more time on the water.