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15 Things You Can Do Outside by Yourself

If you suddenly find yourself alone, or unable to interact with the rest of the population, boredom sets in quickly. Stave off the cabin fever and do something outside. You don't need a companion or mingle to enjoy these 15 activities.


Backyard Wildlife Viewing: A Trail Camera Comparison

Have you ever wondered what animals roam your property? Trail cameras are a great way to see what lives on your land. Here is a look at four different models.


10 Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day (for Under $10!)

Struggling to find ideas for what to do the next time the sun's out? These budget-friendly activities will help you make the most of your next sunny day.


The Victor 1 Coastal VFR Flight Plan

This article outlines a tutorial/summary for newly qualified or seasoned VFR pilots to successfully fly the scenic V1/Victor 1 Coastal Flight Plan in Sydney, Australia.


10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Fly

The process of learning to fly is a (fun) journey of discovery.


How to Get Close to Wildlife for Great Photos

How do wildlife photographers get so close? One of the keys to great wildlife photography is getting near wild animals without disturbing them. Learn some of the same tricks used by military snipers, bow hunters and photographers.


50 Smartphone Apps for Outdoor Lovers

What smartphone applications can help make the outdoor experience a little bit better? Here are 50 of them worth downloading. Many are under $10, and several apps are free!


The Great New England Air Show

A visit to the Great New England Air Show makes for a wonderful day. See some of the most amazing aircraft on display along with some incredible aerial acrobatics. Check out everything you need to know for a great day.