Top Ten .45 Caliber Concealed Carry Pistols

Updated on January 5, 2018

.45 Caliber Concealed Carry Pistols

For those who aren't afraid of the .45, or specifically prefer it to others, there's no reason to choose another caliber for your concealed carry weapon. Yes, having a backup is always a good idea. There are those who prefer a semi-auto primary and a wheel-gun backup. Others prefer a large caliber primary, with a smaller caliber backup. Each and every person and different scenario is going to bring about a different choice as to which pistol type or caliber they prefer to have on their person.

However, nothing replaces the stopping power of a .45 caliber round when it comes to personal defense. Combine the mass of a .45 caliber round with the effectiveness of hollow-points and you'll be able to put even the largest assailent on the ground with only one to two rounds. The rest of your clip will simply have to be for those "just in case" situations, where you have multiple assailants. We took that in mind, along with the factors of slide width, size, ammunition capacity, and price, and decide to evaluate as many candidates as possible. So, for all of your .45 caliber fans out there, here is our Top Ten List of .45 caliber concealed carry pistols!

Kahr CW45
Kahr CW45 | Source

1. Kahr CW45 & P45

Kahr CW45

MSRP: $449.00

Capacity: 6 + 1

Slide Width: 1.01"

Weight: 19.7oz

Kahr P45

MSRP: $805.00

Capacity: 6 + 1

Slide Width: 1.01"

Weight: 18.5oz

So, what is the difference between the P45 and CW45? Not much for most people to consider. Both weapons are equivalent in appearance, with only a slight difference in weight. The P45 has a match grade barrel, and the CW45 does not. The P45 is only slightly shorter, and most buyers wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them laying side by side on the counter at your local gun dealer. The CW only comes with once magazine, where the P comes with three. However, the money saved with the CW can buy more magazines as well as a few other choice components to complement your purchase. The differences between the two Kahr firearms may be small, but the difference between both Kahr models and other concealed carry weapons is significant.

The Kahr P45 and CW45 are the slimmest CCW pistol on the market, offering better concealability and comfort. However, while they are slim, they still have a comfortable fit in your hand. Whether you have large or small hands, the Kahr models seem to have an superior fit for a compact pistol - allowing all fingers to touch the grip, easy trigger access, as well as a comfortable 5lb. trigger pull. All in all, the Kahr CW45 and P45 are the top model pick for your .45 caliber concealed carry pistol.

Kahr CW45 & P45 Review

Sig Sauer - P250 .45 Compact
Sig Sauer - P250 .45 Compact | Source

2. Sig Sauer - P250 Compact

P250 .45 Compact

MSRP: $466.00

Capacity: 9 + 1

Slide Width: 1.3"

Weight: 26.9 oz

While we are looking at a thicker and heavier pistol for concealed carry, the P250 performs far too well on the range for us not to place it high on our list. The price is extremely reasonable for a Sig Sauer, and just gun just performs too well for anyone to ignore it. Sig Sauer designed the P250 specifically to exceed all current, and match all future, needs of the military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters the world over.

The P250's custom and innovative design enables you to quickly remove the weapon's upper and place it into the polymer grip of your choice, thus achieving an instant change in caliber and size - Subcompact, Compact, and Full. Plus, after performing this change, the pistol consistently delivers superior accuracy and reliable functionality. Its modular design provides you with fast and easy maintenance plus a solution for accommodating different grip sizes. There are six different ergonomic configurations for each size, accomplished by changes in grip size and trigger style.

Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD
Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD | Source

3. Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD

Super Carry Ultra HD

MSRP: $1,699.00

Capacity: 7 + 1

Slide Width: 1.28"

Weight: 32 oz

We all know the value and reliability of the brand Kimber. With that being said, we also know the price associated with that brand. With the Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD being one of the MOST expensive weapons on our list, it didn't make the top. After all, we are going for best value as well - which means we want to pay lower prices. However, the performance of the Super Carry Ultra HD is just too pristine to ignore.

You have all of the wonderful features of a 1911 all rolled into a compact pistol that you can use for concealed carry. The weapon isn't the thinnest, or the lightest. However, it shoots as smoothly and cleanly each and every trigger pull. With the dovetail grip safety, the weapon nestles right into your hand - just like your classic 1911. However, throw in an amazing 4 to 5 pound match grade trigger, and you'll find yourself enjoying the ease of firing the weapon as much as your ability to put rounds down range rapidly and accurately.

Ruger SR45
Ruger SR45 | Source

4. Ruger SR45


MSRP: $529.00

Capacity: 10 + 1

Slide Width: 1.27"

Weight: 30.15 oz

The Connecticut based firearm company, originally with WWII German 9mm design influences, Ruger is just as popular as any other major brand, if not more in some circles. The SR45 is a highly desirable concealed carry weapon which shows that sometimes less is more. The only obvious faults with this weapon are the tiny sized external switches, and the highly unpredictable trigger breaking point. While the tiny switches make things difficult for anyone trying to safe and unsafe the weapon, and will get easier over time with practice, the trigger breaking point is a problem for all shooters. This means that for a beginner self defense shooter, it will definitely be a challenge to master. However, a highly seasoned and trained self defense shooter will have no problem with this - as the decision to pull is made after the decision to shoot. It's also a bit larger than most of the guns on our list. However, with its economical price, thin profile, and excellent shooting performance, we can't deny that the SR45 would be an excellent option as part of our concealed carry arsenal.

Springfield XD-S 4.0
Springfield XD-S 4.0 | Source

5. Springfield Xd-s 4.0

XD-S 4.0

MSRP: $539.00

Capacity: 5 +1 or 6 +1 With X-Tension™ magazine

Slide Width: 0.9"

Weight: 23.5 oz

In the battle of concealed carry firearms with the slimmest profile, the Springfield XD-S has finally taken the crown! With its 0.9 inch slide width, it has overtaken the KAHR pistol as the concealed carry .45 caliber pistol with the slimmest profile. It comes in the 3.3 and 4.0 models, equating to 3.3" and 4.0" barrel lengths respectively. I am a larger man and will choose the larger of the two models, as it feels more comfortable in my hand and the extra inch equates to better accuracy and control from past experience. However, with the close proximity of assailants during most concealed carry encounters, there is no noticeable accuracy concerns for its intended purpose.

With features such as a dual spring with full-length guide rod, fiber optic front and dovetail rear, forged steel slide with Springfield's proprietary Melonite® finish, and their every reliable black polymer frame, you are getting an amazing pistol at a bargain of a price! Plus, Springfield has a history of providing their purchasers with more high-quality included accessories with every single firearm purchase. They are also available in the standard black on black Melonite® finish or the black and stainless steel two-toned configuration.

Colt Defender O7000D
Colt Defender O7000D | Source

6. Colt Defender

Colt Defender O7000D

MSRP: $973.00

Capacity: 7 + 1

Slide Width: 15/16"

Weight: 24oz

The Cold Defender is a good concealed carry firearm. It is reliable, has adequate ammunition capacity, has a slide width that is less than an inch (also beating the KAHR). It performs well, both in draw action and while firing. The price point is a little high in comparison to some of the models on the list, but we almost always expect that when looking at a few manufacturers - Colt being one of them. However, we have yet to be disappointed by a Colt firearm, which means that (at least with them) you get what you pay for.

With features such as Novak® low-mount carry sights with dots, enhanced hammer, standard safety lock, Colt up-swept beavertail grip safety, solid aluminum trigger, and lowered and flared ejection port, you are getting a lot of high quality features with your purchase. Also, with the Colt name, you're getting a quality firearm that is built to last. We just wish that you didn't have to pay as much to get them!

XR45-S Platinum
XR45-S Platinum | Source

7. Boberg XR45-S

Boberg XR45-S

MSRP: $1,399.00

Capacity: 6 + 1

Slide Width: 1.08"

Weight: 22.5oz

Learning about the Boberg has been a treat, but it may be outside of the price range for most persons looking for a concealed carry weapon. It's priced like a 1911, is one of the smallest concealed carry pistols on this list, and packs a serious punch. Why isn't it at the top of this list you ask? Well, the $1,400.00 price-tag makes it one of the least economical pistols on the list. However, if you are without a spending limit on your budget, it is definitely a serious contender as one of the top performers. The design and technology behind the gun makes it have one of the lowest felt recoil in its class, and offers more effective power to the projectile by reduction of out-gassing.

With Boberg Arms patented reverse feed technology, D.A.O. trigger and passive firing pin safety, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, rotating-barrel locked-breech, and low-profile, dovetail windage, you are looking at a completely new handgun in the market. Because of the reverse load magazines, and the reverse feed technology, the barrel actual extends ABOVE the magazine, giving you a longer barrel in a smaller pistol! After-market purchases such as Tritium night sights and red and green grips and magazine floor plates are also an option. It is definitely the priciest, but again, with the Boberg, you DO get what you pay for.

M&P 45 Compact
M&P 45 Compact | Source

8. Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Compact

Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Compact

MSRP: $549.00

Capacity: 8 + 1

Slide Width: 1.2"

Weight: 29.4oz

The Smith & Wesson M&P .45 Compact is just as reliable as its full-size big brother. It was designed as a police and military duty pistol, allowing for versatility, reliability, and accessibility in any live-fire tactical scenario. Its larger than a lot of the weapons on this list, but the price point isn't too high. Plus, if you're active duty military or a veteran, Cabella's is offering a $100.00 mail-in rebate on all M&P firearm purchases!

With its reinforced polymer chassis, ambidextrous controls, Picatinny rail for light and laser-sight mounting, Zytel polymer-frame stainless steel barrel slide, white-dot dovetail-mount front sight and steel low-profile carry rear sight, and no magazine safety, the M&P 45 Compact allows for concealed carry and versatility in various self-defense and combat situations. It is larger, allowing for limited concealed carry locations depending upon your size. However, you get a combat designed concealed carry firearm!

PPQ-M2-45 | Source

9. Walther PPQ M2 .45

Walther PPQ M2 .45

MSRP: $699.00

Capacity: 12 + 1

Slide Width: 1.3"

Weight: 28oz

The Walther PPQ .45 is a truly high quality pistol. For concealed carry, it's a bit wider, heavier, and larger than its competitors. It does have a larger ammunition capacity, but is also towards the higher end of the price spectrum. It extremely accurate firing, no jamming, and the fact that it is a Walther, makes it one of the superior guns you can add to your arsenal. Walther has a history of making compact and sub-compact guns extremely well, and was looking at a 100% versatile duty-pistol for police and military the world over with the PPQ. It's large enough to be used as a holster carry pistol, but small enough to use as a concealed carry for plain-cloths police offers or undercover agents.

With features such as the ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release, tactical grip, three safeties to prevent accidental firing from dropping, enlarged and checkered trigger guard for two handed tactical grip and for use with gloves, the Walther quick defense trigger, custom accessory rail, and three-dot polymer sites, this firearm is ready for immediate personal defense use. Again, depending upon your size, you may be limited as to where you can conceal this weapon on your person. However, it can be effectively concealed, and provide you with a reliable and powerful ally when it comes to self defense outside of the home.

Glock 36
Glock 36 | Source

10. Glock 36


MSRP: $649.00

Capacity: 6 + 1

Slide Width: 1.1"

Weight: 22.42oz

While one would normally associate Glock as being a top contender for any caliber and utility, the Glock 36 was a bit under par for the normally superior manufacturer. The size and weight are wonderful for concealed carry, and the price isn't too high either. However, suffering repetitive ejection failures is not something that you wish to occur on a weapon that needs to be capable of being drawn and expected to put all rounds down range.

I don't know what to say other than that it needs to be fixed. Yes, you can probably get the gun worked on after your purchase it to fix the problem. However, as a gun owner, I want it to work consistently and dependably ESPECIALLY right after I purchase it (or before I do before that matter). The gun shoots extremely accurately and has less kick than our #1 slotted KAHR, however all of the other weapons had no ejection failures where the Glock had multiple ones. Get to work Glock!

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    • profile image

      Phil 2 weeks ago

      I like the sig and the M&P the Kahr should not be on the list

    • profile image

      DavidBo 4 weeks ago

      I liked my CW 45 Kahr so much that I ended up buying the P45. I haven't had one ftf or fte in the CW or the P45. I have had my CW pistol for more than 3 years and it has never let me down. So much for disposable guns.

    • profile image

      Dave311 3 months ago

      The Kahr CW45 making the list is a joke right? The CW pistols are pretty much disposable guns. I'm serious. I owned a CW45 for years and finally got smart and traded it in on a pistol that worked. Look at how these guns are built. They are NOT BUILT TO LAST at all. They are generic single stack pistols. Save your money and your time and avoid these.

    • profile image

      Scott 3 months ago

      I think Kimbers are costly but I also agree when looking at what your going to be using it for money is not a consideration. As far as a glock I would throw it at somebody and hope it hit them. The luck I have had with glocks has been horrible.

    • profile image

      Adrian 4 months ago

      Kimber is over value...

    • profile image

      deano55 5 months ago

      As far as the Kimber's cost... consider the epitaph, "I got a great deal". Never scrimp on a self defense weapon, a parachute, or contraceptives.

    • profile image

      Jesse James 7 months ago

      I disagree with the Glock 36 being number 10, I have fired as have others I've known 100o's of rounds without failure. Glock 36 easy top 4