What is the Difference Between an AEG and an LPEG Airsoft Gun?

Updated on March 30, 2018
SRC XM8 AEG Airsoft Gun
SRC XM8 AEG Airsoft Gun

The Two Types of Electric Airsoft Guns: AEG and LPEG

There are two main types of electric airsoft guns: AEG and LPEG.

AEG, or Automatic Electric Guns, are the preferred type of electric airsoft gun by enthusiasts. Quality AEG guns (ie. Systema) have polycarbonate pistons and metal heads! Plus they have been carefully oiled by a specialist airsoft gun oiler!! For my own use, I usually stick with an AEG. The only downside is that they are usually more expensive and that they can be more dangerous. If you are using them for target shooting or playing with armor, though, they can be great!

LPEG, on the other hand, stands for Low Powered Electric Gun and they weren't exactly kidding when they named it. LPEG's frequently have plastic internals - plastic gears, plastic bushings, plastic inforcings and the piston head is even plastic as well. Still though, if you are looking to actual play airsoft with others, an LPEG may be preferable to their higher-powered counterparts. Guns with higher velocity ratings (which are usually denoted in units of feet per second, or fps) are typically more expensive and more dangerous.

Additionally, you may want to look for an AEP, or an Automatic Electric Pistol. These are similar to LPEG guns quality-wise and in power.

AEG or LPEG Airsoft Gun Which Should I Choose??!

Remember the following characteristics:


  • Usually of higher quality construction.
  • Tend to be more powerful.
  • Tend to be more expensive.


  • Are often times cheaper.
  • They tend to have lower build quality than AEGs.
  • They usually fire with a lower velocity, and can be a bit safer.

Examples of AEG and LPEG Airsoft Guns

Now that you know the difference between AEG and LPEG Airsoft Guns, here are some examples!!

AEG Airsoft Guns

  • G36 Airsoft Assault Rifle - it is very compact and good for CQB or Woodland!
  • M4 Carbine - Great for airsoft noobs!
  • M16 - Great for airsoft noobs!
  • Mini gun- Great for rich airsoft noobs!
  • UMP - buy the G&G one, not the Tokyo Marui. It is more powerful.
  • M14
  • xm8

LPEG/AEP Airsoft Guns

  • Both Elephant AUG
  • The Cyma Crank
  • JLS MP5 A5 Electric Machine Gun LPEG

  • Well M16 RIS Electric Machine Gun LPEG

Airsoft Safety

Remember that Airsoft guns are not toys and should not be used without adult supervision. Even though they only fire plastic pellets, they are still weapons, and can still hurt you pretty bad!

Always wear facial protection when firing your airsoft gun (goggles or a mask) and don't fire at others unless they are wearing the proper protection and are in the proper environment.

Airsoft guns tend to look very realistic so never take one to anyplace where firearms are prohibited and always use an orange tip!

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