Best 3 Deer Rifle Scopes for Cheap: Under $100 for 2018

Updated on February 21, 2018
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Pick #1 is Unbeatable for Price and Quality!

BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Riflescope
BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Riflescope

Read what actual scope users have to say:

"I am really surprised by this scope. Glass is really clean. Had this on an AR and a Benjamin air gun (200-300 rounds each) and this thing took the beating of both, which is a huge PLUS in my book for a scope. It is on my bolt action now and works great." Linsey H.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck (or Doe)

When it comes to buying scopes, you usually get what you pay for. However, its nice to know that sometimes quality and cheap price can go together. My goal isn't to highlight scopes that are way out of budget for the average hunter, but to showcase those that are a terrific deal and also perform well in the field. As every hunter knows, your equipment often determines whether you bag that whitetail or come home empty-handed.

Maybe I haven't hunted enough years yet, but I have never missed a whitetail yet using a trusty scope that came in at about $75. It is mounted on a Marlin lever-action 30-30 that has been my go-to weapon for several years.

It may be worth mentioning that every kill with this scope/rifle setup has always been either a long shot down a field or when stalking through the timber. I have never had any close shots from a tree stand with a rifle. In fact the 2013/2014 season is the first time I have ever set in one.

That is primarily because a good friend is allowing me to hunt several areas of his that are ideal for tree stand hunting...also I purchased a crossbow several months ago and have used it in the stand. I hope you find this information helpful and would appreciate feedback from you! Leave your comments below.

My #1 Pick is only $89; the Barska Huntmaster Pro.

Check out what Amazon reviewer "Headhunter" had to say about his Barska:

I have bought Barska products in the past and I have always been satisfied with the price and quality of their products. However, this scope sets a new standard for quality rifle scopes under $100. I bought this scope for my Smith & Wesson I-Bolt 30-06. I was blown away by how well this scope is made and how great it did in the field. I shot about 8 rounds to get it sighted in and it has held its zero perfectly since. I have fired close to 75 rds with this scope on my rifle and I have not had a single problem. The IR crosshairs work superb in low light conditions making that early morning buck kill-shot a breeze. I can still shoot dead on at 200+ yards easy with it zoomed at 12x. I absolutely love this scope and I might even buy another one just to have it. At this price, it's worth it.

An overwhelming number of reviewers agree with me when it comes to this scope. The optics are clear and sharp. Also the crosshair illumination is a definite bonus and hard to find in scopes at this low price point.

Pick #2

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm

Actual scope user:

"Bushnell makes top notch stuff and this scope did not disappoint me. Very clear and bright site picture. Comparable to scopes that cost 3 times as much." F.P


Pick #2 is also a winner coming in at only $60-$70: the Bushnell Banner 3-9x 40mm Multi-X Reticle.

Here is what Amazon buyer "G" had to say about his purchase:

I have nothing bad to say about this scope. If you are the type that wants to spend hundreds on a scope then don't get this one. I think it was a great value and I was not about to spend hundreds on a scope for a $120 rifle. Fits perfectly on a Mosin Nagant M91/30. You must get a good scope mount.

Bottom line...this is a great scope for that rifle. Was able to shoot 1/2" groups @ 100 yards.

Tim, another Amazon customer, had this to say:

I put this on my 870 Slug Gun, and I'm Impressed! I've owned many scopes, but Bushnell is simply putting out some of the best scopes for the money right now. I have a trophy XT on my muzzle loader, and I don't see any difference between the two, other than the fact that the Banner was half the price. The eye relief is perfect for shotguns or any gun with a lot of recoil. Don't think twice about spending more on a scope, this one has it all.


Pick #3

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3.3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3.3-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm

A very satisfied customer had this to say:

"Clear optics, smooth adjustment from 3 to 9 power and wind-age and elevation operate very well. Bought to replace a scope Remington sold me on a 270 package deal and after getting another dud cut my loss and bought this scope. Very pleased I could get this quality for under $70." Reggie


Pick #3 is another heavy-hitter from the awesome Bushnell family: Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9x40.

Amazon buyer "gofish" had this to say about his Bushnell:

As a long time owner of hunting equipment, including a dozen or so rifle scopes, I can comfortably say that my recent purchase of the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope is one of the best values in my collection. This scope has features that may be found in optics that are far more expensive. Fantastic clarity, Brushed finish, great crosshairs, excellent eye relief. Easily the best buy for the money. Thank you Amazon for helping me find this terrific item.

Every seasoned whitetail hunter will tell you that most deer are taken in the low light of morning or evening when the deer are moving. This winner from Bushnell is very clear and gathers light well during low light. This can mean the difference between coming home empty-handed or stocking your freezer full of deer.

Understanding and Buying the Right Scope

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    • Pax Pacis profile image

      Pax Pacis 17 months ago from North Carolina

      Spend good money on a quality optic. The light gathering ability between a $100 optic and a $300 optic is, no pun intended, night and day. A good optic and high quality rings will take you a long way toward being a better shooter.

    • profile image

      Georgia outlaw 22 months ago

      I use Nikon 50mm on my deer rifle that's all needed

    • profile image

      Georgia outlaw 24 months ago

      Simmons is bout lowest on ur list but fits my budget nicely been using them on all my rifles for yrs never tried one get one & try it think u will like it

    • profile image

      Jennifer Coyle 2 years ago

      Helpful, thanks! I tried to best 3 deer rifle scopes for the cheap hunter as well but found your great blog before I broke anything!

    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 3 years ago

      @dannyscott: Thanks, glad it was a help. I'll check yours out too.

    • profile image

      dannyscott 3 years ago

      That's a great post man. I'm new to Squidoo. This lens helped me a lot. I nominated this post as Lens of the Day. :)

    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I think these rifle scopes are awesome, and pretty well priced.

    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 4 years ago

      @Zeross4: Thanks for your feedback!

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 4 years ago from Kentucky

      Great lens, a lot of hunters in my family!

    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 4 years ago

      @takkhisa: I love the organic meat or may not do it so much...thanks for commenting!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      This is absolutely a great page for deer hunters but not for me though! I never imagine to hunt any animal.

    • profile image

      opticsauthority 4 years ago

      Nice blog about cheap hunting scope.

    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 5 years ago

      @Iftikhar-Hussain: Thanks Iftikhar!!

    • Iftikhar-Hussain profile image

      Iftikhar-Hussain 5 years ago

      interesting lens .. I like it :)