Why Buy the Cold Steel Tim Wells Signature Blowgun

Updated on August 23, 2019
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Chris enjoys shooting a variety of hunting tools, be it slingshots, blowguns, atlatls, guns from bb guns to 300 win mags. Let's have fun.

Tim Wells

A great place to start is, who is Tim Wells? In short, Tim wells is one of the best hunters in the world. Tim is known for his affinity with the bow and arrow, but he has excelled at hunting with a spear and blowgun as well. With the show Relentless Pursuit, Tim has hunted Iguana, goat, boar, and black bear with a blowgun. Having viewed a black bear hunt with a spear by Tim, he has accomplished that as well.

Where most people shoot targets, fewer hunt with a blowgun. And those few generally shoot birds, rabbits, frogs, squirrels and other small animals. So to watch Tim shoot a black bear with a blowgun and kill it, using only a Cold Steel Razor Tip Broadhead with his signature Cold Steel blowgun is an impressive feat.

Tim Wells Black Bear Blowgun Hunt

Cold Steel

Most anyone who shoots a blowgun in modern society will know the company Cold Steel. The biggest commercial blowgun around and the most popular. The company is based in Arizona and is online and over the phone only. Cold Steel started with knives and helping to develop new technologies for knives. Cold Steel does have many interesting items, check there website for cane swords, knives, blowguns, shuriken and more.

Buying The "Slock Master"

The Tim Wells Signature "Slock Master" Blowgun is one of the best commercial blowguns out. The pricing has been lowered and is a great price point currently. The package comes with nice starter of darts, both the mini-broadhead and the razor broadhead. The reason for this is these are blowgun darts that are created for the purpose of hunting, the same reason the Tim Wells Signature "Slock Master" Blowgun was created and named after such a great hunter.

Several features that make the Slock Master better than the Cold Steel Big Bore blowgun are as follows:

  • Better ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Olive green color, easy to camouflage
  • Comfortable hand guard
  • Fine thread to seal tube better
  • 20 Razor Broadheads
  • 10 mini-broadheads

The mouth piece is more comfortable and easier to use than the original mouth piece on the Big Bore blowgun. Overall, the olive green just looks better than the plain black blowgun. The hand guard gives a more substance to hold on to and allows the aiming hand to be more steady. The tubes connect with a coupler and has fine thread. This gives it a more substantial connection and creates an air-tight seal for the blowgun to transfer all power to the movement of the dart, up to 200 feet per second. And lastly, the "Slock Master" comes with darts meant to hunt with. Tim Wells uses the Razor Broadheads for hunting both big game and small.

The Big Bore

The Tim Wells Slock Master Blowgun sells out from time to time, if this happens then there is a good alternative. Cold Steel offers the Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun that is a close second to the Tim Wells Slock Master. The main differences are mainly in appearance with slight differences in the grip or mouth-piece.

The Down Sides

If you want a blowgun then this is the blowgun to purchase. There are only a couple of cons to this purchase and here they are:

  1. More air movement, young children have a harder time blowing the darts
  2. Have to sharpen the broadheads, they are usable but for hunting sharpen them

One thing that you will need to do is practice. Don't consider this a con though, make it fun and challenging. Don't attempt to hunt large game until you can hunt small game. And don't hunt small game until you can consistently shoot the vitals from the range of the game you will be hunting. Check your local laws, it is your duty to know your local laws and your responsibility to suffer the consequences if you don't follow them. As always be safe and have fun!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

  • What caliber is the dart for the Tim Wells blowgun?

    The dart is .625 for the flange of the dart. These are the same darts that fit the Col Steel Big Bore blowgun. The dart shaft is about the diameter of a bike spoke or 14 gauge. Many bike spokes are double butted and wider at the connecting ends than in the middle, be aware of this if you are wanting to get creative.

© 2018 Chris Andrews


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