The Best Paintball Guns and Paintball Markers for Speedball in 2015 and 2016

Updated on December 31, 2016
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Stuart has been shooting a variety of paintball pistols and rifles for a little over five years now.

Guide to the Best Paintball Guns Ever Created

Paintball is a sport that continues to gain popularity. Shooting powerful speedball paintball guns at a paintball course is the type of activity that gets your adrenaline going and requires you to strategize, and of course the last team standing wins the paintball match.

I've been shooting paintball guns for a little over five years now, and I've shot a wide variety of paintball pistols and paintball rifles. Here is a list of some of the best selling and most popular paintball guns on the market in 2015. Some of these powerful paintball guns are for avid paintball enthusiasts, and I will also provide some guidance for some of the best powerful paintball guns for beginners just incase you find yourself to be more of a beginner in the sport.

If you are looking to buy a new paintball gun, I highly recommend checking out Amazon. Amazon has some of the lowest prices on paintball guns and they also have an incredible selection to choose from. When you buy paintball guns at a retail store you will most likely be paying the full retail price for paintball gear and accessories, and of course your paintball gun will be more expensive as well.

Let's start out with some guidance that will help you make the right decision when buying a paintball gun. Many of these considerations have to do with what type of paintball player you are.

Woodsball Paintball Guns vs. Speedball Paintball Guns

There are some noticeable differences between Woodsball paintball guns and Speedball paintball guns.

Different Types of Paintball Markers

  • Woodsball paintball guns, also called recball paintball guns, are designed for the most common scenarios and most of the time they will come in black or dark colors which can be good because it makes it harder for the enemy team to spot you. They are designed with characteristics that imitate a real combat feeling. Woodsball guns are generally more durable than speedball guns because the technology is not as complex as speedball guns. This does not mean that woodsball guns are inferior at all. In fact most people use woodsball guns because they are very durable, they are accurate, and they pack the same amount of punch as a speedball gun. So don't be fooled, woodsball guns are great for paintball - it all depends on what you're looking for in a gun and what type of player you are.
  • Speedball Guns - Speedball guns tend to be much more obvious; they are colorful with colors like neon blue, neon purple etc. The disadvantage with speedball guns is that you are going to be much more visible to your opponents. The advantage is that they usually have electronic triggers and electronic panels that allow you to shoot paintballs at a very rapid fire rate. Because they are more complex, they can also be more vulnerable to problems and maintenance - but this is normal and it's not really that big of a deal to maintain or fix these little issues. Speedball guns can be a great paintball gun for beginners as well as professional paintballers depending on what characteristics you are looking for in a paintball marker.

Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns or Full Automatic Paintball Guns

Generally speaking it is easier to be accurate when you are not using a semi-automatic or fully automatic paintball gun. But with practice, you can be just as accurate and far more devastating with a semi-automatic or fully automatic paintball marker. Semi-automatic paintball markers fire one shot each time the trigger is pulled. When using a fully automatic paintball marker you will have the ability to shoot countless loads of paintballs at your opponent with a consistent fire rate. Of course, the fire rate will depend on the specs of the paintball gun that you are using.

Best Paintball Feeder Upgrades For Constant Shooting

The paintball feeder or paintball hopper is the reservoir that sits on top of your gun, and it holds all of your ammunition. In order to increase your fire rate and prevent paintball jamming in-between shots, its recommended that you upgrade your paintball gun hopper or paintball feeder to an agitator or force feed hopper. The hopper is the reservoir that holds all of the paintballs and an agitator is the best paintball gun upgrade when it comes to shooting constantly and consistently without any jamming.

An agitator is a mechanism that twirls the paintballs before they go into the chamber and is the best type of paintball feeder that you can invest in. The best paintball hoppers and paintball feeders are electronic hoppers or electronic paintball feeders with agitators that are battery powered. One of the best paintball loaders on the market in 2015 is the JT 12t Revolution paintball loader. The next best type of paintball feeder you can buy is the force feed type of paintball feeder, which uses a spring loading mechanism to ensure that you can fire paintballs at a faster rate without dealing with a paintball getting jammed in the feeder. The most basic type of paintball hopper is a gravity feed, which is exactly what it sounds like - you will have to rely on gravity to feed the paintballs into the chamber and sometimes this basic type of hopper can lead to paintballs getting jammed in the hopper.

The US Army Project Salvo Close Quarters Paintball Gun

This paintball gun is modestly priced and could make a great rec-ball paintball gun for beginners or experienced shooters. As you can see it looks incredible and resembles an assault rifle look. Besides its incredibly aggressive look, this paintball gun is less than $200 and it shoots paintballs very accurately, very straight and the gun remains very stable when shooting at your target. If you have a gun like this you have many options for upgrades including upgrading your hopper. The Salvo paintball gun also comes with an 11" quick thread barrel (98 threads) for incredible accuracy, AR collapsable and folding stock, it is compatible with a cyclone feed upgrade kit, and is officially licensed by the US Army.

Best Paintball Markers For Beginners

The Azodin Blitz Evo is one of the best entry-level paintball guns for beginners. It is very durable and dependable and packs as much power as any other paintball gun on the market, it just doesn't have all the upgrades and special features that a high end professional level paintball gun would have. With regards to the Azodin Blitz Evo, this gun is what spawned the Zen OLED board and ZeRO-D system, and the new rock-steady regulator now comes with a new mass flow valve for increased efficiency. This gun is easy and fun to shoot, and the price it comes at (less than $200) makes it a great paintball gun for beginners. It comes with a new on/off ASA and a upgraded trigger, and it is one of the best rec-ball paintball guns that you will find for the price.

Best Paintball Gun Under $400 - Planet Eclipse Etha

The Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball gun is an award winning paintball gun due to its superior design and versatility, incredible accuracy and it is made with such precision that it is among the best paintball guns on the market for a price that is less than $400. It is made with only the highest quality components and it is designed 10 debounce modes to ensure that you are ready for any type of situation when competing, it has a countersued dual density grip, 1x Tri-Color LED indicators, it weighs only 2.05 lbs and is designed so that you do not need to worry about adding any upgrades to the gun due to the fact that it is pre-programmed with modes compatible with all major tournament series. Furthermore it has a fully adjustable PCB that controls the firing mode, rate of fire, dwell and de-bounce through the multi-color L.E.D. that is mounted in the rear part of the frame. The Pull Poppet that releases air from the firing chamber is operated by a high performance high-pressure solenoid that is controlled by the fully adjustable PCB. As far as the trigger goes, you also have the ability to adjust the trigger sensitivity externally.

Best High Performance Speedball Paintball Gun For Under $600

The Eclipse Etek 5 is among the best speedball paintball guns on the market. It's extremely customizable and comes with tons of bells and whistles to ensure that you have what it takes to devastate the other team. Planet Eclipse has been making the Etek model for years now and the Etek 5 is among the fifth generation of the Etek series. Planet Eclipse has consistently been praised for creating high performance paintball guns that are among the best on the market and the Eclipse Etek 5 is no exception. The ergonomics and architecture of this paintball marker facilitate extreme comfort and fast handling, making this a class-leading mid-range paintball marker.

The Etek 5 has always prioritized a balance between reliability and durability, and with this gun they have definitely achieved that perfect balance. It's design comes with dual density wrap around grips and fore-grips for a higher level of grip and control. It now uses a Zick3 technology with a true 2-stage acceleration profile which allows for extreme rapid firing capability. It comes with a much larger valve chamber that combines with the high-flow valve and new soft tip Cure5 bolt to deliver an HPR operating pressure of around 150psi and and LPR pressure of 85psi. This results in a much smoother and accurate shot that really packs a punch. Don't be surprised if your opponent goes out of his way to avoid you after getting shot by this class-leading mid-range paintball marker. Lastly, the Eclipse Etek 5 comes with an OLED graphic display as an upgrade, the graphic display upgrade allows you to quickly adjust the parameters of the paintball marker. Such parameters include rate of rapid fire, battery level, firing mode, dwell, shot count and actual rate of fire in real time.

Best Paintball Gun For Distance, Accuracy and Rapid Fire

If your looking for a professional level, class-leading, top of the line ultra high performance paintball gun for speedball, you will find that the MacDev Clone GTI has everything you want and more when it comes to features and firing rate. The MacDev Clone GTI is highly customizable, and has firing modes that allow for extreme rapid fire. While the MacDev Clone GTI does come at higher price, it also is the epitome of devastation when it comes to speedball paintball markers. Take a Look at any review on the MacDev Clone GTI and you will find that everyone that has shot this paintball marker has nothing but great things to say about it. Very easy to shoot, very little recoil, pristine accuracy, highly customizable, and so many add ons and customization has gone into this gun that its hard to mention them all. But I will elaborate on some of the features that make this paintball marker a revelation in high end paintball markers.

  • The GTi contains an amazingly powerful pair of processors that are necessary to run all of the electronic features, including in grip digital pressure readout, Color OLED screen, future connectivity options (USB and bluetooth), customizable graphics and tones.
  • New GTi wrap is countered to fit your hand, thick at the bottom, thin in the middle and mid range at the top of the grip.
  • The Clone GTi drive is fast, efficient and very easy to work on. Incorporating a venturi cap bolt and GTi spec valve, you can be sure that it will be operating at high performance at all times.
  • The MacDev clamping feed requires no tools for adjustment, allowing you to quickly adjust the clamping feed very quickly and easily.
  • The venting ASA allows you to easily turn the air on or off, venting excess air for your safety.
  • No hoses, no tangles, no worries. This allows you to quickly change hands or change grip without any interference. You have the ability to hold the grip however you want, even if you are doing it just to impress your friends.
  • Pressure in the gun is controlled by a high performance, reliable regulator. The regulator body itself is 3D shaped to give you an ergonomic front grip spaced to give you optimum running and standing accuracy.
  • The Clone GTi is shipped with a Shift 3 piece barrel. The unique 3 piece design gives the performance of a 2 piece barrel in the convenience of a 3 piece. No other 3 piece barrel is this accurate.

Lastly, when I am playing paintball in a tournament or just for rec-ball. If I see someone with this gun I must admit I try to talk to them and ask them if they want to be on my team. If I don't end up on the team with the guy using the MacDev Clone GTi, I do whatever I can to avoid getting targeted or shot by that paintball marker. Getting shot with a paintball marker of that magnitude is no laughing matter for the person being targeted.

Don't forget to wear paintball safety gear when you go shooting with your friends, and have fun!

Top Paintball Kills in Paintball Tournament

Overview of the Best Paintball Markers and Price Breakdown

Paintball Gun
Type Of Gun
US Army Project Salvo Close Quarters
Azodin Blitz Evo
Planet Eclipse Etha
Speedball Gun
Eclipse Etek 5
High Performance Speedball
MacDev Clone GTi
Ultra High Performance Speedball Gun
I did the research to find the lowest prices possible on Amazon for each paintball gun.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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      5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I will also be working on a new article later this week that tells you how you can put a spin on your paintball so that it curves. It worked like a charm when I used it and it really surprises your opponents when shooting at them.


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