How to Choose the Best Temporary Deer Stand or Ground Hunting Blind

Updated on November 9, 2018

Decisions, Decisions!

Unless you have a long-term deer hunting lease or own your own deer hunting land, as a whitetail deer hunter you will wish to invest in some type of portable hunting stand. There is a wide variety of hunting stands to choose from with different types of devices to attach it to the chosen tree. Comfort comes into play also, with some stands being mere perches, not very conducive to long vigils waiting for that trophy buck to make his appearance.

If you wish to invest in cheap hunting blinds or deer stands there are many on the market, but you are probably aware that most whitetail deer hunting accidents involve hunters falling from tree stands. So, this means you should carefully consider everything involved before deciding a tree stands hunting pros and cons. Let’s look at some different types of blinds and hunting tree stands, including the new pop-up blinds.

Choosing a Stand For The Terrain

A tree stand or ground hunting blind must have a good viewpoint.
A tree stand or ground hunting blind must have a good viewpoint.

Location, Location, Location: Terrain and Vantage Point

Assuming you already know roughly where you want to place your tree stand or ground hunting blind, you have surveyed the terrain and chosen the best tree stand access route. The prevailing winds and ease of getting to your stand may help you decide what type of tree stand or ground blind you choose. If the elevation is right you may choose from a selection of cheap hunting blinds which will work as well as a more expensive tree stand or ground hunting blind.

But in most cases a tree is chosen as a vantage point, because it places the deer hunter above the visual range of the deer.

Scent dispersion also plays a part in choosing a tree hunting stand. A deer hunter’s scent can give his presence away quickly and silently. Ground hunting blinds and partially covered or closed tree hunting stands help the deer hunter’s scent stay in or disperse upwards instead of drifting downwind and alerting the deer.

The type of weapon a deer hunter uses also plays a part in whether he uses a ground hunting blind, a climber tree stand, or a ladder-type stand.

What Are You Packing? The Tree Stand and the Weapon of Choice

Unfortunately, not every type of deer hunting stand is conducive to all deer hunting weapons. A whitetail archery hunter may have a hard time trying to shoot from a covered or closed tree hunting stand. An archery hunter has to be able to maneuver his body around in different directions to be comfortable while making a shot. Hang on stands, with an accompany tree hunting ladder, gives the bow hunter free movement while keeping him above the whitetail’s view.

This same setup, however, would be awkward for a black powder hunter holding a heavy rifle for long periods of time while perched on a hang on stand. Even for the modern high powered rifle users this stand is not comfortable for long hunting stints. But there are also deer stand towers with ample space where whitetail bow hunters can stand or sit comfortably during extended hunting periods. So consider your own particular hunting weapons and tactics, it may make the difference in your entire deer hunting experience.

Climbing Up Or Snuggling Down? Tree Stand Access and Mobility

Other factors may also play a role in helping you decide the right deer hunting stand for your own needs. Perhaps you are unable to climb well because of an injury or because you are not as young as you used to be. In this case a ground hunting blind may be in order or even perhaps a deer stand tower with all of the comforts you love. Your budget will help you make this decision in most cases but there are some very good cheap hunting blinds on the market.

When I say “cheap hunting blinds” I do not mean to say they are not good materials or workmanship, I mean the cost is low and the functions are excellent. One problem with today’s hunting and fishing programs is the false impression given about using expensive deer hunting or fishing products. Good products yes, but not necessary for results.

The cheap hunting blinds come in several types. Pop up blinds are very popular as they literally pop up when you remove them from the bag. You then stake them down quickly and are ready to hunt. These pop up blinds are cleverly camouflaged with zippered flaps and doors for easy access and good visibility for the deer hunter. Some pop up blinds have scent control built into the fabric giving the whitetail hunter added stealth. I highly recommend this type of pop up blind for older and younger deer hunters.

My personal choice is the Two Deer Turkey Hunting Pop Up Blind. It sets up in a few minutes, literally popping up almost by itself and folding away to a small flat package for storage in the off season. Best of all, it costs about $75.00 for everything. You just can't beat this ground blind for the money and it seats two people easiy. Check it and other great ground blinds below this article.

Trophies From a Ground Hunting Blind

Taken from a ground hunting blind
Taken from a ground hunting blind
another ground hunting blind trophy buck
another ground hunting blind trophy buck

Why Compromise?

Are you comfortable?

If you are a newcomer to whitetail deer hunting you will soon find out why hunting from a tree stand for extended periods of time can be tiring. Even if you are young and in good shape it doesn’t help your aim to be freezing cold or have stiff joints in your fingers and toes. A fully covered deer stand tower with smooth sliding windows and a carpeted floor is great. Too cold? Turn up the heater and hand me a bowl of hot soup. There is no rule against hunting in comfort; it just costs more.

Just like the cheap hunting blinds, there are inexpensive tree ladder stands too. Having one or more of each is even better. A sturdy tree hunting ladder stand is great for those still, clear days, but a pop-up ground hunting blind is beneficial on the rainy cold mornings when a tree hunting stand would be out of the question. A combination of the two can give you an added edge over the other hunters using a ladder or climber tree stand.

Hunting Ladder Stand Bucks

Taken from a tree climbing stand
Taken from a tree climbing stand
Surf and Turf Trophies
Surf and Turf Trophies

The Buck Stops With You (Hopefully!)

Make Your Stand On “Stands”

So now you have an idea of what to look for when choosing a deer hunting stand. I’m sure there will be some mitigating circumstances involved as we all have these pesky problems. But you will get past them and besides, you need to struggle some along the way while achieving the elusive trophy buck of your dreams. We all have to struggle a little but it makes the story better anyway. So, a happy and safe deer hunting season to you!

The Perfect Tree for a Deer Stand

Centuries of Views
Centuries of Views

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • Randy Godwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Godwin 

      9 years ago from Southern Georgia

      I appreciate your time and comments. Ted! Thanks for checking out my stuff!


    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 

      9 years ago from Midwest USA

      Randy, your hub How To Choose The Best Temporary Deer Stand Or Ground Hunting Blind is full of great picks and information, Hub up and useful...

    • Randy Godwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Godwin 

      9 years ago from Southern Georgia

      I hope you would know Kelly! Especially in your business! I will allow the link for now! But don't depend on it staying long!

    • profile image

      Kelly - Hunting Land For Sale 

      9 years ago

      Even if you DO own your own hunting land, it can be handy to have a portable deer stand. Your favorite spots can change periodically and it's a lot easier to move a temporary stand, than a permanent one.

    • Randy Godwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Godwin 

      10 years ago from Southern Georgia

      There are so many deer here on Sugar Hill that Russ is going crazy! There should be plenty of sausage and back strap for a while. Thanks Holle!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      10 years ago from Georgia

      Thumbs up, Randy, for another great hub! Cory went last Saturday and saw four does but wouldn't kill one. He saw one big buck but didn't have a good shot. Mel was not happy that he didn't drop a doe - she wanted some venison!


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