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Sea Fishing


The Beginner's Guide to Deep Sea Fishing (Gear, Ethics, and More)

The first step in taking up deep sea fishing as a hobby or otherwise, is feeding your curiosity with the proper information. One can easily gather misleading information on the matter that may cause more confusion in the long run.


Best Downrigger Rods for Salmon Fishing

Did you know that downrigger trolling is often the most productive method of salmon fishing? Learn how to select an effective downrigger rod and discover the best-performing models on the market.


Fishing in Galveston

A shore fisherman's view of fishing in Galveston, TX. Provides useful information and tips on area piers and other fishing opportunities for the land-based fisherman.


Complete Guide to Squid Jigging

The best jigs, gear and techniques to catch your fill of squid!


Top 4 Must-Have Lures for Big Rockfish

Four top-performing rockfish lures, including one local favorite of tournament fishermen. Learn how to rig and fish them to catch big rockfish.


Complete Guide to Sanddab Fishing

A complete tutorial on how to catch sanddabs, with the right gear, rigs, and bait.


How to Catch Surf Perch

Everything you need to know to start catching lots of delicious surf perch! Gear, rigs, bait, tips, and places to go.


Best Lures for Speckled Trout

Many people fish for speckled trout with lures only. The problem is, it can be hard to separate which lures catch fish and which catch fishermen. Here are my recommendations.


Cobia Fishing Tips and Techniques

How to find and catch cobia: tips on tackle, baits and lures, and tactics.


Blackfin Tuna Fishing Tips and Techniques

This article explains how to catch blackfin tuna: everything from what tackle to use to what tactics work best.


Sheepshead Fishing Tips and Techniques

How to catch sheepshead (also known as sheephead and convict fish). All you need to know about tackle, bait, rigs, and how to catch more fish.


Red Drum Fishing Tips and Techniques

Here's a guide on how to catch redfish, also known as red drum. This includes Redfish habits, tackle, gear, and baits.


Speckled Trout Fishing Tips and Techniques

Learn how to fish for speckled trout, including tips on tackle, gear, baits, and when and where to target speckled trout.


Flounder Fishing Tips and Techniques

Southern flounder are a very tasty fish highly sought after by anglers. This article will help the reader increase his catch. Includes tips on where to look for flounder, gear, hooks, and baits.


Salt Water Fishing Hooks and Lures

Did you know that using the proper saltwater fish hook for what you are fishing for will give you more hits with better results? Also, here's a video with the correct way to bait your hook.


Shark Fishing in Florida's Indian River

Saltwater shark fishing in Brevard County, Florida can be done from offshore islands in and around the Palm Bay and Melbourne areas situated on the Indian River, as well as from piers. There, you can catch hammerhead shark and blacktip shark.


Get Your Florida Saltwater Fishing License Online Before Your Trip

Did you know that you can obtain your saltwater fishing license online in Florida? Here's how to apply along with who is required to get one.


King Mackerel Fishing

Read all about tackle, baits, lures, and techniques.


Tips for Cast Net Fishing

How to throw a 14-foot cast net for bait fishing or to catch mullet to eat.


How to Hook a Live Shrimp With a Jig Head

Different ways to hook live shrimp on jig heads for the most success. Saltwater fishing techniques, tips, diagrams, and photos included.


Fishing in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Working in Saudi Arabia gave me the chance to enjoy the excitement of fishing and diving in the Red Sea. See photos of some of our catches including moray eel and pufferfish.


Night Spearfishing Tips and Techniques

Spearfishing at night is an exciting adventure. This article covers what you need for night spearfishing and some experiences and tips to make your next spearfishing trip successful.


Sea Fishing From St Catherines Jetty on Loch Fyne, Argyll, Scotland

What is it like to engage in sea fishing off the coast of Scotland? Here is what that experience is like in the small hamlet of St. Catherines Jetty, located across Loch Fyne from the town of Inveraray.


The Best Places to Fish on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is surrounded by dense reef that is full of tropical fish. This article will help you find the best places to catch some of these rare species on the Big Island.


Jetty Fishing Rigs and Tips

Fishing from a man-made jetty can be an excellent way to reach saltwater fish from shore. Here are different techniques for success, from jigs with soft plastic lures to traditional hooks.


How to Catch Atlantic Sheepshead From Piers and Jetties

Learn how I catch sheepshead on this old bridge-turned pier in Florida, along with tips on using fiddler crabs as bait and how to cook sheepshead.


Sea Fishing Loch Fyne at Cairndow, Argyll, Scotland

The beach adjacent to Cairndow War Memorial on Loch Fyne is recommended as a low water fishing mark. Spinning is possible beyond the weed at low tide, with decent bags of mackerel possible in the summer months.


Basic Saltwater and Sea Fishing Knots for Beginners

This page is a basic guide to tying some of the more simple yet common knots which you will require when sea fishing to help get you started and hopefully hooked on fishing.


Deep-Sea Fishing Near San Francisco

Learn why deep-sea fishing off of the San Francisco coast is among the best fishing in the world.


Sea Fishing Loch Fyne, by Inveraray, Argyll, Scotland

Planning to do some sea fishing at Loch Fyne? Here's a look at a specific shore fishing mark, just beyond Inveraray, Argyll, Scotland, along with the fishing ground, tackle required, advisable bait and the species of fish which are likely to be caught.


Fishing for Striped Bass: How to Catch Stripers by Drifting Bait

One of my favorite methods for catching striped bass is drifting bait through the current. Here are a few tips for striper bait and tackle.


Best Baits for Croaker Fishing (Natural and Synthetic)

Atlantic croaker are caught with a variety of cut baits including squid, crabs, bloodworms, clams, and other baits.


Sea Fishing Loch Etive From Taynuilt, Argyll, Scotland

Loch Etive is a deep water sea loch on the West Coast of Scotland. It is fished usually by boat, and its twenty-four-mile length contains a wide variety of species for the keen sea angler to target at any time of year.


Saltwater Fishing: Guide to Sheepshead Fishing

Wintertime brings many things I could do without: cold weather, wind, and low water temperatures and thus slow fishing. Yet not all is lost. Sheepshead, thrive in this cold winter water.

Jonathan was our bait-catcher while we were flats fishing.

Our Family Fishing Trip Near Port Richey, Florida

Several members of my family love saltwater fishing. This summer, one of our Florida vacations was a salt water fishing trip that took us to Port Richey for some tidal river angling and some flats fishing


Saltwater Fishing Tips: Spotted Sea Trout (With Videos)

Fishing tips for speckled trout. Photos and video included.

Chum from a boat to call the fish to dinner!

Saltwater Fishing: How to Make and Use Chum

Saltwater fishing tips for making and using chum to bait and catch more fish.


How to Catch Spadefish or Angelfish (With Video)

The best gear and bait to catch the Atlantic spadefish or angelfish.


How to Catch Sharks (Includes Videos)

Looking for tips to catch sharks from piers, from shore, or from a small boat? Here is what you need to know to increase the odds of successfully catching one.


What Bait to Use for NC Outer Banks Pier Fishing

The best baits to use for pier fishing with a bottom rig.