How to Set Up Bubble Fly Rigs

How the COAF Field Team likes to set up bubble fly rigs when they opt to use spinning gear over fly fishing gear. These rigs work for non-fly fishermen as well as fly fisherman, too! Here are three rigs that have proven effective for the Team!


Fly Tying: The PMOT

How to tie a Purple Marabou Orange Thing or PMOT for short. It is a simple pattern, fished on the bottom in short hops and pauses to entice hesitant Bass. It uses two marabou plumes tied along the hook shank, causing the fishing fly to ride hook bend up!


DIY Fly Line Leader

How to make a fly line leader using a simple recipe. Also, ways to attach the leader to a fly line, and a bonus video on how attaching a leader to the lillian on a Tenkara rod!


My Favorite Tie

This is my favorite tie. A quick simple pattern with basic materials. A fly that you are not too scared of losing to the wily tree and rock trout.


Fly Tying - The PMC Emerger

This article provides instructions for tying a PMC Emerger - a fishing fly that uses minimal material and is simple to tie! It can be fished dry or wet and is used primarily for trout.


The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

When it comes to packable, portable, store-anywhere fishing rods, telescopic fishing rods are tough to beat. Here's are some of the best on the market, including one I never hit the trail without.


COAF Damsel Fly

This article provides instructions for tying a COAF Damsel Fly - a variation of the Damsel Fly nymph pattern. This variant simulates a small minnow or crawdad swimming along the bottom!


Top 5 Best Trout Lures

A count-down of 5 time-proven trout lures, all guaranteed to put more fish in the boat! Includes size and color recommendations, as well as tricks for rigging and effectively fishing each one.