Fly Tying: Catch More Fish in Warm Water With the White Gurgler

If you fish for bass, bluegill, or crappie, this fly needs to be in your box! The Gurgler pattern will not fail.


My Review of the Rebel Pop-R Lure for Topwater Bass Fishing

Do you like topwater bass fishing? Read my review of the Rebel Pop-R to find out if the lure's worth adding to your tackle box.


How to Set Up Bubble Fly Rigs

How the COAF Field Team likes to set up bubble fly rigs when they opt to use spinning gear over fly fishing gear. These rigs work for non-fly fishermen as well as fly fisherman, too! Here are three rigs that have proven effective for the Team!


Fly Tying: The PMOT

How to tie a Purple Marabou Orange Thing or PMOT for short. It is a simple pattern, fished on the bottom in short hops and pauses to entice hesitant Bass. It uses two marabou plumes tied along the hook shank, causing the fishing fly to ride hook bend up!


Top 5 Swimbaits for Giant Smallmouth Bass

Swimbaiting is one of the fastest growing techniques for catching giant smallmouth bass in great quantities.


Best Fish Finders for Kayaks—2017

For kayak fishermen, a fish finder is the ultimate upgrade. Quickly locate fish and fish holding structure to spend less time searching and more time catching.


Best Line Counter Trolling Reels

When targeting fish at a specific depth, line counter fishing reels provide unbeatable trolling depth control. Keep your lures in the strike zone for more bites all day long.


Top 3 Best Ultralight Spinning Rods– 2019

These ultralight spinning rods are guaranteed to provide you with the best combination of weight and function, capable of handling even the burliest back-country trout.


Top 3 Best Baitcasting Reels–2017

The best baitcasting reels for every budget, as well as casting and maintenance tips to improve your casting distance and accuracy while keeping your spool backlash-free.


Best Braided Fishing Lines— 2017

Top-reviewed braided fishing lines, along with knots, gear, and rigging tips to give you an edge on the water.


Top 3 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels— 2017

Not all spinning reels are cut out to handle the demands of saltwater fishing. These top performing models are ready to handle tough conditions and big fish.


Best Fishing Rod Holders for Boats, Kayaks, Shore, and More

A run-down of the best fishing rod holders for every situation; from boats and kayaks, to shore and surf fishing.


Best Salmon Trolling Reels—2019

A complete overview of what to look for in a salmon trolling reel, along with reviews of the top-performing models, and plenty of bonus salmon trolling tips!


6 Tips to Prevent Line Twist on a Spinning Reel

There are few things more frustrating than a bad snarl of fishing line on a good day of fishing. Use these proven tips to keep your line tangle-free.


Top 3 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels—2018

These ultralight spinning reels are guaranteed to provide you with the best combination of weight and function, keeping your pack light and your creel full.


DIY Fly Line Leader

How to make a fly line leader using a simple recipe. Also, ways to attach the leader to a fly line, and a bonus video on how attaching a leader to the lillian on a Tenkara rod!


My Favorite Tie

This is my favorite tie. A quick simple pattern with basic materials. A fly that you are not too scared of losing to the wily tree and rock trout.


Fly Tying - The PMC Emerger

This article provides instructions for tying a PMC Emerger - a fishing fly that uses minimal material and is simple to tie! It can be fished dry or wet and is used primarily for trout.


The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

When it comes to packable, portable, store-anywhere fishing rods, telescopic fishing rods are tough to beat. Here's are some of the best on the market, including one I never hit the trail without.


Top 3 Best Backpacking Fishing Rods

The best fishing rods for backpackers. These rods are the best combination of packability, durability, and fishability.


Making a Sabiki Rig for White Bass

A sabiki rig is a set of small lures used to catch bait fish, but here is one variation that is used for catching White Bass (or Sand Bass). Do check it out!


Modifying an Ultralight Rod for Micro Fishing

How I modified an ultralight fishing rod and reel for use in micro fishing!


Fly Tying: Tube Popper Fly

This article provides instructions for tying a Tube Popper Fly, a variation of the Tube Fishing Fly concept applied to a Popper! Do give this one a try—I like the flexibility it offers!


COAF Damsel Fly

This article provides instructions for tying a COAF Damsel Fly - a variation of the Damsel Fly nymph pattern. This variant simulates a small minnow or crawdad swimming along the bottom!


Fly Tying: Simple Foam Rubber Grasshopper

How to tie a Foam Rubber Spider Grasshopper, a variation of the Foam Spider. It is fished dry, and has been a consistent producer of Bass and Panfish for us!


Simple Dough Bait Recipe for Catfish

A simple recipe for making dough bait that catches catfish, uses minimal ingredients, takes less than 30 minutes prepare, and can be used immediately!


How to Tie the COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly

This article provides instructions on tying COAF's variant of the Guadalupana. This variant calls for a smaller size hook, and uses a grizzly hackle instead of an olive one, tied Palmer style.


How to Properly Spool a Spinning Reel & Prevent Line Twists

No one wants to be on the water and have their equipment fail them - ruining a great day of fishing. The truth is, anglers often create their own problems by not fishing their equipment properly.


A Guide to the Different Types of Fishing Waders

If you are just getting into fishing, understanding the difference between different fishing gear available is important. This article will guide you through the different types of fishing waders.


How to Catch Fish With Wedding Ring Lures

Wedding ring lures are a classic that can land trout, panfish, walleye, landlocked salmon, and many other freshwater fish. Here are some proven tips on how to use the wedding ring lure effectively.


How to Catch Fish With Buzz Bombs

How to rig Buzz Bombs, how to fish with Buzz Bombs, and easy modifications to catch more fish. A must-read for anyone interested in this time-proven lure.


Top 5 Best Fishing Lures for Bass

Five of the best bass baits and lures on the market. Tips on how and when to effectively use these lures to catch more bass!


Trout Fishing Gear to Get You Started

Everything you need to know to get set up to catch trout. Includes rod, reel, line, and tackle suggestions. Tips from a well-seasoned angler.


Choosing the Right Type of Fishing Line

I'll break down the major types and brands and help you decide what kind of line will do best for your style of fishing!


Monofilament Fishing Line: How to Choose the Right One

Pros and cons of monofilament fishing line, what strength to choose, and suggested brands.


Making a Simple Ghost Shrimp Bait Pump

Ghost Shrimp are abundant along the beach and make excellent bait when surf fishing. HubPage provides details on making a Bait Pump to catch Ghost Shrimp!


The 10 Best Tide Watches for Fishermen

How do you chose the best fisherman's tide watch? Find the features that matter and get some ideas no one else will dare..


How to Open and Close a Minnow Trap for Catching Minnows

The first time I tried to open a minnow trap it took a little figuring out. I felt like I was playing with a steel puzzle.


How to Set Up a Minnow Trap in the Water

Buying minnows to use as bait is always an option, but catching your own minnows is so much more satisfying.


Modifying the Gotcha Jerk Jig to Avoid Fouling

The Sea Striker Gotcha jerk jig is a great piece of fishing tackle and is the standard Bluefish/Mackerel catching lure on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


Top 5 Best Trout Lures

A count-down of 5 time-proven trout lures, all guaranteed to put more fish in the boat! Includes size and color recommendations, as well as tricks for rigging and effectively fishing each one.


Fishing With Bread: Fishing Rigs

I'll teach you how to make a few bread fishing rigs I use and how I bait them by molding the bread around the hook.

Tennis Ball Fishing Float

Tennis Ball Fishing Float

Learn how to make a "Tennis Ball Fishing Float" that can be casted for distance using surfcasting gear!