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Why Throw Back Blue Female Crabs?

In many states, it's the law that you have to throw back female crabs. This is so that the species can reproduce sustainably. Despite this, blue crab populations continue to be decimated by human activities.


Blue Crabs: My Best Crabbing Spots in Florida

Information about crabbing, stone crab season, and blue crab season in Florida, along with regulations, great locations, and tips. Discount crab traps, crab nets, photos, maps, and videos included.


How to Catch Blue Crabs

My simple, tried-and-true techniques and tips for catching and cooking blue crabs. I've even included a recipe for blue crab cakes!

What a haul!

A Complete Guide to Dungeness Crabbing in the Northwest

Everything you need to know to catch Dungeness Crab. Includes gear, best baits, best traps, and where and when to go. Also, bonus tips from a veteran crabber! Fill the cooler in record time!

Male blue crab.

How to Catch Blue Crabs, With Videos

The meat of the blue crab is considered by many to be the sweetest and best tasting of all crabs. You won’t get the large sections of meat that you get from the king crab or the snow crab, but the flesh from the blue will be tastier.


How to Crab Fish With a Net

Learn how to crab fish with a net. It's cheap and easy to get ready, and with a few simple steps, you'll be catching and enjoying crab in the next crabbing season!


Build Your Own PVC Crab or Lobster Trap

Here are the materials and steps for a DIY crab or lobster trap that's lightweight, cheap, and non-corroding.