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Where to Go Hillbilly Handfishin', Places to Go Noodling

Updated on May 25, 2016
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Kitty has been around animals since she was a little girl. She lived on a farm for over fifteen years. She likes writing about animals.

Go Handfishing for Catfish!


So You Want to go Hillbilly Handfishing?

Since I've written my Hillbilly Handfishin' hub, I've gotten many comments and questions as to how and where one can go handfishing. In my original hub, I didn't provide any information on how someone can engage in this redneck rite of passage, but in this hub I will give you all actual references and contact information so that you can go on your own hillbilly handfishing excursion!

The first thing you'll need to know is that handfishing (or noodling, whatever you'd like to call it) is not legal in every state. I know, can you believe the nerve of making such an awesome sport illegal? Noodling is legal in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. More and more states are moving to make noodling or hillbilly handfishing legal, such as Texas, but for whatever reason many states will fine someone up to $500 if caught noodling. Personally, I don't think it should be illegal anywhere! Do some research on whether or not the state of your choice is indeed a noodling-friendly don't want to get caught with your hand in a hole!

The guys from Big Fish Adventures, LLC
The guys from Big Fish Adventures, LLC | Source

Contact Information for Noodling Guides & Places to Go Handfishing

In Oklahoma, you can contact many noodling guides to take you out and show you the ropes of hillbilly handfishing. In particular, if you'd like to go noodling or hillbilly handfishing with the guys from Animal Planet's Hillbilly Handfishing, you will want to contact Big Fish Adventures, LLC. Their website contact page is here. Unfortunately, the noodling season is over, according to Big Fish Adventures, and just ended in the month of August. You can contact them by going to their contact page and set something up for next year in advance, as long as they're not already over-booked since the recent show's fame!

Another noodling guide group that I've found online is known as "Uncle Redneck and Bob", who are located in Little Axe, Oklahoma. These guys seem pretty hardcore and make a requirement that each person knows how to swim and also have their OK fishing license or permits. According to, these guys charge $100 a person. You can call them for rates and more information at (405) 549-7980 or contact "Freddie" at (405) 831-0052.

As for Kentucky and Arkansas, I suggest going to the Fish & Wildlife websites and finding someone via the contact pages and maps there. Unfortunately, many of the guides and people who do noodling do not seem to be the computer/website type!

Louisiana also has some noodling and handfishing guides, but if you're smart you'll stay away from states with large gators in the water! Good luck, and happy hillbilly handfishing. I have faith that if you do your research on the nearest noodling state of your choice, you'll find a competent and professional enough noodling guide and a great place to go noodling. Do some quick google searches such as "noodling guide in _____". Google always provides results.

In Tennessee, there is the BigTNCats folks who so graciously have left their link in the comment section of this hub. I checked them out, and they seem pretty legitimate so you can check them out too at

To go hillbilly handfishing in Kentucky, check out this website - the owner claims they are Licensed and Insured.

Check out the links in the comments section below, many noodlers and professional hand-fishers have left their websites and contact info for those interested!

Written and copyrighted © by Kitty the Dreamer (May Canfield), 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    Thanks, Will.

  • will goodman 2 years ago

    Well folks it's that time of year again and Big Tennessee Catfish can take you to where the action is 423-519-9514!

  • jordon 3 years ago

    If u want to go for free ill take any one just email me at .ive noodle my hole life caught fish from 5 pounds to 70 pounds .no need to pay someone id b more than welcome to show u .I can send u lots of pics .noodling season starts n may an goes threw aug. Oklahoma hand fishing on eufaula lake .same lake catdaddy noodles

  • okiegirl 3 years ago

    Can anyone tell me where I can go in Pennsylvania to go noodling ?

  • mroberts30 3 years ago

    Cool hub! I see some pretty big fish. Im afraid to go fishing because im scared of worms haha! But I love the activity if someone would put the worm on the hook for me. I don't know about catching it with my hand though. Here is an interesting site to visit. It may be helpful to you so enjoy!!

  • nathan 3 years ago

    My brother and I noodle every chance we get. We are around the ponca city, oklahoma area. If you are ever around this area my brother and I would take you out with us for free. We arent in it for the money just love noodling. Contact me at

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Thanks, daniel and arcatfish hoggers.

  • arcatfish hoggers 4 years ago

    I am a licensed gude in Arkansas I have been noodling or hoggin as we call it here for over 15 years.I love to take kids and don't charge for them. My kids started hoggin at 6 years old. call 870 878 2033 email

  • daniel 4 years ago

    I am from oklahoma and I have been noodling for several years. If anyone is interested in going noodling this summer you may call me at 314-637-6313 for my rates and dates available. I do noodling tours in Illinois and Oklahoma.

  • darren 4 years ago

    i just went noodling yesterday had the time of my life. boogers bite hard as hell good luck

  • Dee 4 years ago

    Is there any noodling being done near Chicago? If so, email me at

  • Heather 4 years ago

    Where can I go to go noodling in or around Ga?

  • Pat 4 years ago

    So fun

  • Noodler Want-to-be 4 years ago

    Hey All-

    I'm very interested in noodling. I've been talking about it since I first saw the tv show and nobody will do it with me. That said, my Dad has offered to go with me. We're located in Dallas area but can travel wherever we need to go to make this happen. Anyone have any guides you'd prefer, or places to go? We're happy to go with a small group if others are interested. Very exciting! Cant wait for the feeling of a bite on my arm and a pic of the event.

  • deb hensley 4 years ago

    im 63,an i love cats.I fish all nite.i just love feeling that pull on my pole. so i would love to get my hands on a big thanks for your info.good site.thank ya.

  • Will 4 years ago

    I just started my season in TN first fish 48will lbs second 35 3rd 40. We don't catch anything smaller than 25 in my area. Http://www.bigtncats. com

  • jonathan 4 years ago

    me and my dad just started the season off may the first and we have already caught 60 plus catfish lots of fish in 20 pound range and few 30 and 40 but the biggest so far was a big 51 lbs it sure has been great and we are just getting started

  • Will 4 years ago

  • peteyy 4 years ago

    Ok, I probably will not come back across this website again, I stumbled along it looking for people that would like to noodle, I am looking for someone that has experience in it. I know a great catfish hole, that needs someone to noodle. I have caught 30-45lb catfish out of this hole, and I know there is one or more way bigger than that,This 21 year old is not down to sticking my fist in a fishes mouth, lol , I don't eat fish, nor touch them, just like sittin back fishing, and drinking a beer :) . The hole is around Springhope, North Carolina. I would like to be with you, I will record it and even give you a copy. You can contact me at ....looking forward to seeing Carolina's new record hopefully! take care everyone!

  • Damian 4 years ago

    I don't know that part of the country very well but i would head north a bit to at least mid ga before i noodled because the threat of other dangerous animals is decreased dramatically i live 1 hr north of the ga state line in tn of you would like to safely noodle with me

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Thanks, everyone! Thanks to CZCZCZ, as well. Happy Noodling!

  • CZCZCZ profile image

    CZCZCZ 4 years ago from Oregon

    I think it is just awesome that people do this, I prefer to stand on my boat with a rod in my hand to do my fishing, but it does look like a good time. Fun hub to read.

  • damian 4 years ago

    I'm in north florida. Any suggestions for a guide or where to go? I'm right on the Ga line and about ten minutes from jim woodruff dam in Chattahoochee fl. thanks for any help

  • Will 4 years ago

    Valiant i would be honored to take you and your family out just shoot me an email

  • Stephanie 4 years ago

    Does anyone know of any places or people that do noodling trip in either Tennessee or North Carolina? Please email me at thanks so much!!!

  • valiant 4 years ago

    Me and my family. Wants to try noodling

  • richard l. 4 years ago

    could you please send me information on how i could get in touch with the hilbilly handfishing guys on T.V. thanks

  • Will 4 years ago

    Bill Jackie and Robert I would gladly take all 3 of you on a noodling trip I have emailed Jackie and Robert if you are interested just reply. If anyone is interested in going noodling I live in sweetener, tn and my email is just contact me and ask any questions you would like we are very safe and we would make very memorable moments in your life there is nothing in the world more exciting than catching a wild catfish with your hands. My name is will just contact me if anyone is interested

  • Robert 4 years ago

    Does any body know of a guide or some one who can teach me how to noodle fish in East Tennessee Near The Knoxville area

  • Jackie 4 years ago

    I watch hillbilly handfishing as much as I can I live in Charleston SC please tell me the name of different areas were I can go noodling

  • Willy 5 years ago

    I am going to be on vacation in Sept 2012 in Holden Beach North Carolina and I can't find any information about hand fishing near there, could you please help us and direct us to the information. We have a few family members that want to try this while we are there! No place here in Michigan to do this! Thanks so much!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Bobby - Thanks for the link!

  • mojefballa profile image

    Ikeji Chinweuba 5 years ago from Nigeria

    Hand-fishing..Hmmm that's an interesting hubby.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    fishie - Yes, it would be fun!

  • fishie 5 years ago

    I wish me and my bf could one day go hand fishing he would love it!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Meisjunk - worries, no one is forcing you to go handfishing! :)

  • Meisjunk profile image

    Jennifer Kessner 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

    I would never try this! XD But I am definitely one who will watch it.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Heather - Sweetie, I am not affiliated with animal planet nor am I affiliated with Bish Fish Adventures, I'm merely just providing a link to their website. Go here if you want to submit a contact form for them.

  • heather brown 5 years ago

    my name is heather brown i ave a ten year old daughter who is totally amazed with this show she wants to go so bad its almost funny she has begged and begged me to contact soeone to see if she can do it she is telling everyone she wants to be bit by a catfish i thought she was just playing but she is deadly serious she watches and records every show that comes on please cotact m at this would be a dream come true for her she is your biggest fan her name is mackenzie brown

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Thanks, VENZKHVAM and firechik211!

  • firechik211 profile image

    firechik211 5 years ago

    See, I didn't even know this thing exsisted until a week ago. And I don't fish, at all. But very informative :) Have a great day!

  • VENZKHVAM profile image

    VENZKHVAM 5 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

    You know Kathy,

    I love fish and fishing related things. I am actually going to set up a big fish farming center here in south India.And cat Fish,Rohu, Mrigal, Katla, and king prawns all in fresh water farming process.

    In fact this is really a very nice hobby for many romantic fellows.

    INDIA is full of rivers , & two times I had faced flood in my back ground of my estate. So I remember going with my friends to all the coconut farms full of water try to catch the various varieties of small and big fishes.

    Very nice hub voted up and interesting.

    In fact it is really nice dreams

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