My Review of the Rebel Pop-R Lure for Topwater Bass Fishing

Updated on August 13, 2019
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Matt is a painter and part-time writer who loves fishing and metal detecting. Matt writes about various topics.

The silver/black Rebel Pop-R I catch a lot of bass with.
The silver/black Rebel Pop-R I catch a lot of bass with.

Bass Fishing With the Rebel Pop-R Topwater Lure

Topwater fishing is one of my favorite ways to fish for bass in the summer. While I love fishing with live bait under a slip bobber, watching an aggressive strike on the surface of the water is always exciting.

The best time for topwater bass fishing is in the summer when bass are in full feeding mode, eating frogs and airborne bugs that fall into the water. Fishing in the shade, or shortly before sundown, is when bass smash this lure the most.

I've caught bass on plastic frogs and other topwater baits, but the Rebel Pop-R is the one that's always worked the best for me. I own and use the silver and black color combination with the burgundy mouth, as shown in the picture at the top of this article, and that color works really well.

Casting and Retrieving the Rebel Pop-R

The advantage of topwater fishing is the versatility, having the ability to fish over submerged logs and weed beds that are right below the surface, where a hook and sinker, or a spinner bait, would otherwise snag. With this lure, I can pull big bass out from their hiding places in shallow depths, or attract surface-feeding bass in deep lakes.

The weight of this lure casts a good distance on my medium action rod. A longer rod of six and a half to seven feet is best. With longer casts, you can cover a lot of water retrieving the Pop-R slowly and patiently, using the right technique.

When I cast this lure, I let it sit in the water for ten to twenty seconds before retrieval. If the fish are aggressive and hungry enough, they'll strike the lure before I've even started reeling.

To attract bass, the technique is to jerk the bait, creating a blooping sound from the water resistance. Jerk the bait, reel it in a little, pause, and jerk the bait again. The blooping sound and slow retrieves mimics a struggling bait fish. This technique, combined with the sound of the rattle underwater, drives bass crazy.

Where to Use the Pop-R

In lakes with bass, this lure is effective in all depths when bass are feeding at the surface in the summer months. The best time of day to fish with this bait is right before dark, early morning, or in the shade. When bass eat bugs on the surface, a ring forms in the water, and I've caught a lot of bass simply by casting into the ring.

In shallow water of lakes and ponds, this lure is effective over submerged trees and weed beds. Using this bait in water with surface weeds is tricky. The treble hooks snag onto everything in its path.

The Best Fishing Line

Braid and monofilament line are both popular choices for topwater fishing. Some fisherman like braid for the extra strength and minimal stretch for a hook set. I use monofilament, mostly because I fish a lot with slip bobbers, and I find that mono works better for me with those bobbers.

In particular, the line I've always used is Trilene XL monofilament (low visibility). This fishing line is versatile, inexpensive, and works great for several different types of baits, including topwater. I use both 6-lb and 8-lb test fishing line. With the drag set right, I can reel huge bass in without a break off.

Is the Rebel Pop-R Worth Adding to your Tackle Box?

If you love topwater bass fishing and you're looking for an effective lure that works well for that, the Rebel Pop-R is definitely worth adding to your arsenal of bass baits. The Pop-R was used successfully in bass tournaments for a long time.

In the summer, I use this lure almost exclusively for catching smallmouth in the evening, one of my favorite types of fish to catch. The only color I own is the silver and black combination, one of which I lost recently fishing in a weedy pond. I plan on trying different colors to see if one works better than another. The size I've always used is 2 1/2-inches.

I've also caught northern pike using this bait, but bass are mostly what I've caught. With the razor sharp treble hooks, the hook set is almost automatic, but you have to let the fish take it a little before pulling back.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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