August Fishing Report for the Magothy River and Chesapeake Bay

Updated on September 3, 2018
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Ellison is a park ranger's daughter and farmer's daughter with a love for all things agriculture and outdoors.

Fishing is more fun with family!
Fishing is more fun with family! | Source

Lucky For Us We Live In A Great Fishing Location

We live in a great fishing location. Not just for fishing in the Magothy River, but also for fishing the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay is just a quick boat ride from our pier. I'm by no means claiming to be a fishing expert, just a fishing enthusiast! So I thought I would share our fishing experiences so far this summer.

Proud Fisherman. Oliver age 4.
Proud Fisherman. Oliver age 4. | Source

Magothy River Fishing Report

Magothy Report
In the river, bottom fishing with bloodworms has gotten us a lot of smaller to medium size white perch, at depths ranging from about 6-10 feet. We have also caught one Channel Catfish in the river this year. We did try some light tackle trolling in the river, but did not have any luck with that.

Podickery Point ( Chesapeake Bay)

Podickery Point is one of our go-to spots since it has a nice hard bottom, and you can find a lot of fish right on the edge of the deeper water. We have caught a ton of White Perch, Catfish, and Spot at Podickery in about 12-17 feet of water.

In the deeper water there, 20-30 feet, a little bigger grade of fish. Bigger Channel Catfish, Nicer Size White Perch, and this is where we have caught our one keeper size rockfish this season.

It is definitely a good spot to go to get some action, we have caught fish there all different times, and on all different tides. Yesterday when we went out we were a few hours off the high tide when we caught that nice rockfish.

Having the nice hard bottom and being close to the structure of the bay bridge pilings as well, Podickery can be a pretty crowded spot sometimes. On the weekends it seems like bumper boats, so I'd recommend it for during the week.

Tycen and his first ever keeper size rockfish, also the first on Jenny Bird so far this year!
Tycen and his first ever keeper size rockfish, also the first on Jenny Bird so far this year! | Source

Snake Reef ( Chesapeake Bay)

When we aren't getting enough action or want a change of scenery our next go to is a little further north, across from Gibson Island's causeway. Snake reef is another one of those spots where you can find a nice hard bottom and a spot where you can hang right where the depth changes and catch a lot of fish.

We have gotten some of our best size perch at snake reef, many times pulling up doublers on the bottom rigs. We have had just as much success at Snake Reef as we have had at Podickery. It also never seems to be as crowded with boats there, even on the weekend days.

White perch at Snake Reef
White perch at Snake Reef | Source

Beware of Debris In The Bay

Due to the excessive amount of rain, we have had this summer, the Conowingo damn has had to open many of its gates which has sent a lot of debris that was trapped there down the bay. Everything from tree trunks, to trash, to rain barrels. In the waves and boat wake sometimes things can be hard to see bobbing up and down in the water. You should keep a close lookout to avoid damage to your boat.

Interesting Catches

One day there was so much trash floating down the bay it looked like islands. We turned right back around and went to the mouth of the Magothy and threw our anchor down near the duck blind closest to the point on Gibson Island. We had a lot of fun, caught a whole bunch of little fish, and I also managed to reel in an eel and two crabs on my bottom rig! In that same spot, I also caught what turned out was a Blue Catfish which are invasive and can get super huge. The one I got was a little guy.

Blue catfish I caught, much smaller than the channel cat's we have gotten.
Blue catfish I caught, much smaller than the channel cat's we have gotten. | Source
As you can tell  by my face, I was rather grossed out by the eel that I reeled in.
As you can tell by my face, I was rather grossed out by the eel that I reeled in. | Source

So There You Have It Folks!

The not so expert, but very enthusiastic fishing report from The Jenny Bird, Tar Cove, Pasadena MD.


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