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100 Best Fishing Team Names (from Knot Again to the Grim Reefers)

Hundreds of great names inspired by all things fishing!

Hundreds of great names inspired by all things fishing!

How to Come Up With a Fishing Team Name

Sometimes it's difficult to come up with an appropriate team name for your group before the fishing tournament. Should you opt for one that's creative, unique, cool, funny, or thoughtful? It depends.

Brainstorm Your Way to a Creative Name

A brainstorming session helps immensely to get the creative juices flowing. Get your fishing group together and ask each member to pool ideas and concepts that help come up with an ideal name. Come up with words from mixed genres and pair them with fishing terms or an aspect that is fish-related. Make a collective decision and pick a name that represents your vision as a group.

If all else fails, here are some of my favorite fishing team names to get you inspired!

Funny Fishing Team Names


Cast Net Crusaders

Gods of Rods

Bait Beasts

Net Aliens

Rudder Scudder

Rod Squad

Fathom Phantoms

Mindscape Mechanics

Bass Bazookas

Reel Naturals

Hooker Pirates

Tackle Strike

Aqua Slayers

Fishy Hags

Reel Hookers

Hook Ninjas

Pectoral Poppers

Knot Again

Blade Buzz


Creative Fishing Group Names

Net Samaritans

Strain Breakers

Plug Predators

Drop Shot Perfectionists

Mud Wrestlers

Mad Anglers

Baitcast Nexus

Bobber Bandits

Shad Sinkers

Outtrigger Panache

The Fin Finish

Dorsal Dynasty

Tube Fiesta

Spinner Troll

Backwater Brutals

Treble Trace

Barb Barbarians

Roller Geeks

Lure Gods

Snap Chums


Cool Names for a Fishing Team

Cocktail Calamity

Deadbait Dudes

Nimble Net Casters

Troller Headrush

Zoom Zander

Chaser Chums

Scouts For Trouts

Spoon Loons

Drag Goblins

Catch Machine

Leadhead Authentic

Pelagic Chase

Reel Messiahs

The Paddle Punish

Game Fish Gremlins

Crankbait Demons

Pole Priests

Tricky Teasers

The Rod Hack

Floater Ambush

Unique Names for a Fishing Team

Spike Architects

Angler Junkies

Fishhook Finishers

Barbel Buggers

Plot Anglers

Grinner Beam

Ripper Rods

Badass Bucktails

Methodical Tricksters

Lake Magnets

Spooner Jig

Stinger Stampede

Saltwater Poets

Wishbone Raiders

Fish O Holics

Float Punch

Dropper Demons

Dapper Depth

Freshwater Turks

Topwater Tantra


Thoughtful Fishing Group Names

Gudgeon Blast

Wiggle Pundits

Reels n’ Rods

Line Gods

Bolt Rig Boomers

Tackle Theory

Shoal Catchers

Gigging Goblins

Caudal Conquerors

Carp Cajuns

Lug Worm Lunatics

Flapper Crew

Fly Line Shakespeares

Psy Cycloid

Split Snap Molecules

The Big Clutch

Finding Flattie

Clonker Army

Shatter Spades

The Fly Benders


More Awesome Fishing Team Names

Spin Specimens

Gills For Thrills

Epic Catchers

Ping Predators

Trotting Titans

Backwater Lords

Luna Saviors

Seazone Zombies

Spawn Cadenza

Sublime Capture

Bycatch Cosmos

Reel Roadies

Paddle Storm

Flex Finders

The Sling Thing

Dropline Dandies

Thrifty Downcasters

Tide Riders

Raptor Zone

Coral Pocket

Carp County

Psytech Simulation

End Orchestrators

Squash Fin

Arbor Dread

Minnow Goliaths

Lords of Rods

Break Water Assassins

Grin Flakes

Hook Link Gang

Ocean Invaders

Alien Anglers

Bucktail Buzz

Ventral Velocity

Biomass Bosses

The Big Chance

Poetic Catch

Bite Goons

Skip Hitters

Slitshot Majestic

Angler Pirates

Sinister Tacklers

Coast Lords

Nickel Lobe

Tight Things

Dazzle Draconia

Trapper Bolts

Catch Habitat

Spin Lure Pixies

Lever Stomp

Brim Blotters

Breaker Cohort

Line Methodists

Cast Forward

Crystal Dropbacks

Flow Ghosts

Taper Thrillseekers

Geometric Lures

Fishy Lot

Trap Poltergeists

Catcher Clan

Snag Warriors

Mega Hunters

Catch Central

Smolder Rods

Driftnet Ethos

Reel Wanderers

Flow Cast

Tidal Capture

Waterway Entities

Snapper Kings

Tenacious Taggers

Rod Ring Rulers

Geo Spool

Groundbait Gonzos

Find Monarchs

Tide Chasers

Uptrend Freeze

Wader Cyborgs

Suave Tacklers

Hackle Line

Aqua Aces

Flyrod Mafia

Catch Poets

Lake Hounds

Grab Nomads

Shoal Spotters

Troll Titans

Fish Spell Casters

Bait Bombers

Arctic Zen

Baffle Rockets

Heathen Smashers

Mind Spades

Harbour Kings

The Grim Reefers

Overboard Obscure

Potion Geeks

Power Casters

Fly Intuitions

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