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Rediscovering an Old Hobby: Bass Fishing

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with fishing. Then, as I grew older and my children moved on with their lives I had fewer reasons to go fishing. Fishing alone seemed, well: lonely. But I am excited to fish for the first time in years and cannot wait for Winter to pass.


How We Gut Snoek in South Africa: A Step-By-Step Guide

Snoek forms part of the staple diet of the poorest people in Cape Town. it needs to be gutted a certain way because of the anatomy of the fish.


How to Catch Nightcrawlers in Your Own Backyard

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on overpriced bait? Now you can catch your own bait for free — and we will tell you how!


The Real Secret to Trout Fishing

The greatest joys in my life have come from helping others get what they want. Sometimes you can even do that while out fishing.


Ice Fishing - We Walk on Water Here

Ice fishing is done in the winter, on a frozen lake, with a small portable fish house...


Lower Illinois River Trout Fishing

A fly fisherman's view of the Lower Illinois River in Oklahoma. Provides useful information and tips when fishing this popular year-round trout fishery!


Big Blue 101: The Beginner's Essential Guide to Deep Sea Fishing

The first step in taking up deep sea fishing as a hobby or otherwise, is feeding your curiosity with the proper information. One can easily gather misleading information on the matter that may cause more confusion in the long run.


Jumbo Perch Headboats on Lake Erie

Headboats—relatively inexpensive charter boats that take out large groups of people fishing—are a great way to get out onto the great lake and find some jumbo yellow perch. Walk on or call in.


Where to Find Fall Crappie

Finding fall crappie is a lot easier than most people think. While the use of electronics gives some an advantage, this knowledge of basic location elements will help you greatly increase your catch rate this upcoming fall season.


How Do You Catch Flathead Catfish?

Flathead, Shovel Cat, whatever you call them, these cats are some of the best fighting freshwater fish in the continental US. Read on below and I'll share some tips and tricks I have used to land some of these behemoths.


100 Best Fishing Team Names

Coming up with a team name for a fishing competition can be quite a task.


Drifting for Lake Erie Walleye

Lake Erie walleye fishing has really been heating up the last couple of years and below we will discuss one of the more popular options right now for catching them, drift fishing, and give some insight on what to use, how to use it, and what to expect.


Late Summer Channel Cats

The days are long and hot, the water's hot, the grease is hot, and the sun's rays cling to you like that weird kid from 8th grade. Its prime catfishing time across the country and I'm going to share some tips with you on how to maximize your success this summer.


Tips for Wade Fishing River Smallmouth

For those who like to be in the water, wade fishing for river smallmouth is awesome exercise and a great way to fish without having to deal with the annoyances of a boat. This articles goes over the best baits I've used for river smallmouth.


Tips for Catching Channel Catfish With Chicken Liver Bait

Chicken liver is an effective channel catfish bait that I've used to catch big fish. Check out my tips on catching catfish with chicken liver.


Fly Tying: Catch More Fish in Warm Water With the White Gurgler

If you fish for bass, bluegill, or crappie, this fly needs to be in your box! The Gurgler pattern will not fail.


Complete Guide to Fly Fishing for Chub

Everything you need to know about catching this European favorite.


My Review of the Rebel Pop-R Lure for Topwater Bass Fishing

Do you like topwater bass fishing? Read my review of the Rebel Pop-R to find out if the lure's worth adding to your tackle box.


Fly Fishing Wyoming's Ham's Fork River

Being wedged between the world-famous fly fishing states of Montana, Idaho, and Colorado, it seems like a no-brainer that Wyoming would be a fly fishing Mecca. Wyoming, however, is still largely under the radar in the angling world, and the Ham's Fork River is a forgotten gem.


Steelhead Fishing on the Grande Ronde River

The Grande Ronde is a river of legend for steelhead. Use this guide to figure out which stretch is the best for your trip, and come fall in love with one of the best rivers in the inland Northwest.


The Golden Rules of Steelhead Fly Fishing

They're not called The Fish of 10,000 casts for no reason. If you want to make fewer casts between fish, you're going to need a solid grasp of the basics.


5 Best Fly-Fishing Spots Within an Hour’s Drive of Pullman, Wa

Better known for football and wheat fields, the rolling hills of the Palouse offer fly fishers with more opportunities for fly fishing than you would think. Some are unusual, some are spectacular, but all are worth an evening of your time the next time you're in town.


Trout Fishing on the Grande Ronde River

In the shadow of one of the most famous steelhead rivers in the Northwest, a top-notch trout fishery exists for those in the know.


Fly Fishing the Secret Side of Idaho's Clearwater River

The steelhead of the Clearwater are legendary, but there is another world waiting for fly fishers on this fantastic river, and it's hiding right under everyone's noses.


Smallmouth Fly Fishing on the Grande Ronde River

One of the truly great rivers of the Northwest, the Grande Ronde River of southeastern Washington hosts some of the best smallmouth fishing in the west.


Fly Fishing Rock Creek

This gorgeous prairie river flies well under the radar for most anglers, but for those that know it, this small gem offers solitude, beauty, and fantastic fishing for the open-minded fly fisher.


Flats Fly Fishing for Carp in the Snake River's Illia Dunes State Park

If you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing. Sight fishing for carp in shallow water is (almost) as thrilling as chasing bonefish in tropical flats, and the flats of Illia Dunes are within easy reach of inland northwest anglers.


Fly Fishing the Snake River's Palouse Backwaters

The Snake River is enormous, and most anglers miss out on the best fly fishing in the river. Here's a quick rundown to get you started in finding your own secret Palouse fishing hole along the mighty Snake.


December 2018: Magothy River Pickerel Fishing Report

It is pickerel season in the Magothy, and after quite a few trips of fishing and not catching today was my lucky day!


Fishing Heals All

Fishing has as much to do with the fish as baseball is about the ball. Rather, it is all about scenery and serenity, challenge and comradery, the rhythm of water and sun and wind. It is about the natural human.


How to Set Up Bubble Fly Rigs

How the COAF Field Team likes to set up bubble fly rigs when they opt to use spinning gear over fly fishing gear. These rigs work for non-fly fishermen as well as fly fisherman, too! Here are three rigs that have proven effective for the Team!


August Fishing Report for the Magothy River and Chesapeake Bay

A fishing report brought to you, not by an expert, but a fishing enthusiast! Fishing on The Jenny Bird, out of Tar Cove, Magothy River, Pasadena MD


6 Reasons to Take a Kid Fishing

Appreciating the great outdoors and catching dinner is not the only reason to take a kid fishing.


Fly Tying: The PMOT

How to tie a Purple Marabou Orange Thing or PMOT for short. It is a simple pattern, fished on the bottom in short hops and pauses to entice hesitant Bass. It uses two marabou plumes tied along the hook shank, causing the fishing fly to ride hook bend up!


6 Guaranteed Ways to Get Worms out of the Ground Fast

Going fishing? Want to save money on bait? Hoping to gather worms to sell to others? These six proven methods are so effective at getting worms to come out of the ground that you'll likely have more than you need.


Frequently Asked Questions About Nightcrawlers

With these tips and tricks for catching nightcrawlers you're bound to find dozens of them right in your backyard. Don't wait ... check this page out and start saving money on bait today.


Fly Fishing for Women: A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing for Women is an article designed to get you started fly-fishing. It includes essential gear, types of casts, terminology and all the necessary information to get you on the water catching fish. Written for anyone wanting to learn to fly fish.


Top 5 Swimbaits for Giant Smallmouth Bass

Swimbaiting is one of the fastest growing techniques for catching giant smallmouth bass in great quantities.


How to Get Started Fly Casting

It's best to get lessons from an expert. But if you want to use your new rod right away, the "start fast, stop fast" principle and our video will get you started.


Best Fish Finders for Kayaks—2017

For kayak fishermen, a fish finder is the ultimate upgrade. Quickly locate fish and fish holding structure to spend less time searching and more time catching.


Best Line Counter Trolling Reels

When targeting fish at a specific depth, line counter fishing reels provide unbeatable trolling depth control. Keep your lures in the strike zone for more bites all day long.


Best Downrigger Rods for Salmon Fishing

Downrigger trolling is often the most productive method of salmon fishing. Learn how to select an effective downrigger rod and discover the best-performing models on the market.


Ire of the Pike: A Personal Essay

This is an essay of fun, challenge, danger, fear and back to fun. A morning on the lake went from fishing for Northern Pike to fighting for our lives, or so it seemed at the time. `


Top 3 Best Ultralight Spinning Rods– 2019

These ultralight spinning rods are guaranteed to provide you with the best combination of weight and function, capable of handling even the burliest back-country trout.


Top 3 Best Baitcasting Reels–2017

The best baitcasting reels for every budget, as well as casting and maintenance tips to improve your casting distance and accuracy while keeping your spool backlash-free.


Fishing in Galveston

A shore fisherman's view of fishing in Galveston, TX. Provides useful information and tips on area piers and other fishing opportunities for the land-based fisherman.


Best Braided Fishing Lines— 2017

Top-reviewed braided fishing lines, along with knots, gear, and rigging tips to give you an edge on the water.


Top 3 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels— 2017

Not all spinning reels are cut out to handle the demands of saltwater fishing. These top performing models are ready to handle tough conditions and big fish.


Best Fishing Rod Holders for Boats, Kayaks, Shore, and More

A run-down of the best fishing rod holders for every situation; from boats and kayaks, to shore and surf fishing.


Best Salmon Trolling Reels—2019

A complete overview of what to look for in a salmon trolling reel, along with reviews of the top-performing models, and plenty of bonus salmon trolling tips!