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Planet X Notus Race Bicycle Helmet Review

Liam Hallam is a sports science graduate. He is also a keen cyclist and a lover of the Derbyshire Dales and Peak District.

The Carnac Notus Race Cycling Helmet

The Carnac Notus Race

The Carnac Notus Race

Can You Get a Pro Quality Road Cycling Helmet for a Fraction of Big Brand Prices?

Cyclists throughout Europe have become very aware of Planet X. The Yorkshire based retailer specializing in bringing you high quality, performance led road cycling products without the industry mark up you see from other brands. With a wide selection of cycling helmets in the range, it's pretty easy to pick out a great choice for you.

In 2018 through the Carnac brand provided helmets and eyewear for the Delko-Marseille-Provence team within the pro Peloton.

Choosing a Cycling Helmet is Pretty Tough

Choosing the best road bike helmet to buy can be a tough decision.

As cyclists, we want a helmet to be good looking, lightweight, aerodynamic, provide plenty of ventilation and ideally come with the most advanced safety features for maximum head protection.

The Carnac Notus Race

The Carnac Notus Race

The Carnac Notus Race

An EN-1078 Cycling Helmet for Less Than a Round of Drinks

If you're looking for a cheap cycling helmet with professional racing styling the Carnac Notus Race could tick the boxes you need. With the same styling as the Ekoi AR13 yet at a fraction of the price yet offering industry-standard EN-1078 protection levels. Carnac (and Planet X) are offering performance at a very low price point.

A Multi-Discipline Cycling Helmet Offering Aerodynamic Performance

The shell of the Carnac Notus Race combines an aerodynamic design, with relative low weight and sensible ventilation. This makes it an ideal helmet for road cycling, triathlon and also for mountain biking.

In practice ventilation is good in cool to mild conditions however struggles when it gets really warm outside though that tends to be a weakness for many helmets that concentrate on aerodynamic performance.

The Production Process

The Notus Race is produced using a two-shot molding technique to allow it to target protection as well as sleek looks. A full-coverage EPS core is co-molded over the internal fittings that fix the straps and occipital cradle into place.

The removable pads are anti-bacterial although come in very light colors, therefore, will require regular washing

A single rotational dial to the rear provides easy adjustability and pressure release.

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The Rear View

The Carnac Notus Race

The Carnac Notus Race

Lightweight at Just 220 Grams

The size small Carnac Notus Race weighs in at a fairly light 220 grams. This puts it at a sensible level compared to equivalent helmets in the marketplace which cost much much more.

In the Carnac Notus Race Helmet

In the Carnac Notus Race Helmet

Notus Race Sizing

  • Small / Medium - 55-59cm
  • Large / X Large - 58-61cm

Be aware that the Notus Race features quite a rounded fit

Available in a multitude of colorschemes

Not everyone has the same kit and many of us like to match our helmets to the clothing or bikes we ride. I personally opted for Orange to match my Holdsworth La Quelda fixed-wheel bike however like the orange as it's a nice bright color that motorists should be able to spot in low-light conditions.

The Notus Race is available in the below colors

  • Gloss White- Gloss Black
  • Gloss White- Sky Blue
  • Matt Black- Gloss Black
  • Matt Black- Gloss Red
  • Matt Black- Gloss White
  • Matt Black- Neon Green
  • Reflective (great for early morning/ evening commutes)

A Great 2nd Bicycle Helmet to Save Your Best Lid

Out of the local riders I've spoken to who have made a purchase of the Notus Race or the slightly more Aero styled Notus Evo, many have chosen to opt for the Carnac as a secondary choice of helmet. My personal choice of the bright orange color scheme being for increased visibility on my commute. I'm not a big fan of fluorescent yellow however feel that the orange works almost as well in getting a motorist's attention.

Fancy One for Yourself?

What are your Feelings on the Notus Race?

Do you own this Carnac Helmet? We'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


Liz Westwood from UK on April 08, 2020:

This is a compelling review and challenges the notion that price indicates quality.

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