Best Bikes for Teenage Girls

Updated on May 21, 2017

Teenage girls have as much choice today as boys when they are thinking about buying a new bike, the ever growing trend of mountain bikes, road racing bikes, city bike, urban bike and other biking areas hasn't just been for the boys, there are thousands of girls/women enjoying cycling, around the cities and in the country side. Bmx , Cross- Country, Downhill and any other biking niche that fit into women's brands are looked upon as big business for the bike manufactures.

Just a few years ago young women would have only been seen occasionally cycling on a Sunday afternoon, such was the dominance of men in the sport. Happily those days are well behind us and women in 21st Century have made the most of their opportunities and taken the sport forward in many areas.

You cannot say that you're just a cyclist anymore there are so many different specific areas to try that riders tend to become specialised in one field or activity. At most meetings these days you will see, "womens 10km road race" or "womens downhill trials". It brings sponsors into the sport and sponsors like to have pictures for their magazines of women doing something special or winning a trophy. Niki Gudex from Sydney- Australia has done a lot for the image of womens cycling, firstly in downhill, then she moved to Cross Country biking, now she has moved again into all mountain terrain biking. A great ambassador for the sport and a great role model for young girls to follow.

This review concentrates on bikes for teenage girls in all categories, so if you want a road racing bike you will find one here, likewise if your after your first mountain bike and want to start doing trails or compacted paths alongside the river bank there are some bikes to pick from. Mountain biking is so much fun, and that is what basically the sport is about. Choose your next bike from this list and you will not be disappointed as all are from top manufactures and who all meet either the American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the European (EEC) standards for mountain biking manufacture safety and build quality.

Pacific Tuson Girl's Dual Suspension Mountain Bike - 24" Wheels.

The Pacific Tuson girl's bike is an 'entry' bike into the world of Dual suspension mountain biking. The bike is made for the novice rider but the bike still has a lot of potential. If all your wanting is a bike to get you from A-B and have some fun on pavements, kerb hopping, or straight forward tracks and trails then this is an excellent bike for your teenage daughter. The price is great so make this your first bike and get out into the great outdoors and have some fun.

The Tuson has an all steel frame which should last and take some knocks, the front suspension forks are made by Vortex so these will give you some protection when jumping on/off logs or the kerbside. The brakes are the linear pull steel type and should be adequate for most situations. The bike has 18 gears operated by Index Torque drive shifters, for fast changing of gears. The main crank has three sprockets which will be more than adequate for getting up most hills with ease.

Buy this bike as your first intro bike into the world of mountain biking, with dual suspension and some basic components it will give the rider all they need to gain some experience before moving up to a better more specialised bike.

Schwinn High Timber Girl's Mountain Bike - 24" Wheels

Schwinn make and manufacture bikes across the United States and is one of the leading mountain bike brands with men's and women's bikes. What you get when you buy a bike from this company is excellent service, parts and a great product straight out the box. Schwinn prides itself on using good components on all their bikes and this, High Timber Girls bike is a good example of that.  The bike has 24" wheels so is probably going to more suitable to a girl under 5' 5" tall.The price is excellent and I can strongly recommend this bike to any teenager who is looking for a bike with just slightly better components on, has a good brand image and has excellent back up service.

The High Timber bike has a hard tail ( no suspension at the back, only at the front) the front forks are made by SR Suntour and will cushion your jumps and drop offs when doing so. The bike is a 21 speed triple crank with Sram grip gear shifters. All fastened together with Shimano Tx-3 rear derailleurs. There is one extra touch for the ladies a nice comfy seat which is extra padded for those long bike rides home.

There is isn't too much wrong with this young teenager girl's bike and can fully recommend you buy it today, before it gets sold out.

GMC Denali Girl's 24" Road Bike

If it's more your style to stay on the road, then take a look at the Denali road bike. This is a nice entry level bike for a teenage girl to get to grips with cycle road racing. This bike is suitable for the smaller sized woman, under 5'3" approximately. The Denali has a lightweight aluminium frame. A triple chaining alloy crank set with Shimano TZ40 derailleurs to help you up tose hills and to keep you up to race setters. The Denali has Shimano Revo 21-speed twist shifters for precise on-the-move shifting.

Other details include a lightweight 36-spoke wheel set with V-profile rims, Kenda tires with color accent trims, and a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork. This is a agreat bike and one I can recommend to any teenage girl wanting a racing bike and to have some fun i the meantime.

Pacific Highlander Girl's Dual Suspension Mountain Bike- 24" wheels

If you weren't sure bike manufactures were taking women's mountain biking seriously then take a look at the Pacific Highlander. A great looking, good finish, innovative design, full suspension mountain bike.

The Highlander has 24" wheels. Pacific 24 Inch Girl's Highlander Bike will inspire the adventurous girl's in your family with this dual suspension mountain bike. The Highlander bike features a steel frame, with Vortex suspension front forks,  standard mountain bike handlebars and stem. The bike is fitted with torque drive twist shifters, front and rear linear pull brakes and a three piece crank, and steel wheels. Make this your mountain bike to get among the big boys and practice some twists and turns just make sure you have your mountain bike helmet on to protect you - have fun.

Diamondback Octane Jr Girl's Mountain Bike- 24" Wheels

The most adventurous of girl's need inspiring by the best mountain bikers of today. And the Olympic medalists and world record holders of tomorrow started somewhere and they need bikes that can help them live out their ambitiion. Climb on board this bike and the first thing you will notice is the vibrant colored frame and a comfortable seat.

Enter the 24-inch Octane Jr, a high specification girl's mountain bike that will get them up to speed in no time. The Octane Jr. is equipped with features such as, a heat treated aluminum frame with a replaceable derailleur hanger; a 40mm suspension fork; Shimano shifters, derailleurs, and freewheel, aluminum rims; and alloy linear pull brakes. The features combine to make this a great bike to liberate the rider and to promote a healthy outdoor activity.

Mongoose Montana Women's Mountain Bike.

A great looking bike in Red, Blue/Grey, Purple/Silver and Silver/Light Blue. This bike stands out in the crowd with bikes of a similar price. Mongoose make and manufacture thousands of mountain bikes every year, so you are buying a top branded name with a great reputation.

The Montana is available with  24" or 26" wheels.  The bike features a hand built, high-tensile strength aluminum frame that will hold up well to rough handling. The index 21-speed SRAM MRX shifters will provide plenty of control whether you're on flat or hilly terrain. The Montana's bike extra-wide 1.95-inch tires roll smoothly over pavement, grass, or all purpose terrain. Other features include front and rear linear pull brakes, an adjustable quick-release seat, a three-piece ATB crank, 24" or 26-inch wheels with alloy frames, and a rust-resistant powder coating. A nice bike with some good components to help you out on the hill, buy it with confidence, Mongoose make some great bikes and I recommend this one to you.

Schwinn Ridge AL Women's Mountain Bike

This Schwinn Ridge mountain bike has a frame made from aluminium. So it is light to maneuver the bike when log hopping or teasing your girlie mates on the pavement. The front forks have been made by SR Suntour so are respectable enough for this bike. The bike has front and rear linear lever brakes for good stopping should you need them.

The Schwinn Ridge has a 21 speed drive train and SRAM trigger shifters for excellent gear changes at the twist of your grip. The bike is supported by 26" wheels with rust proof rims and these have fitted to them 1.95 thick tires for greater grip when off road on grass or all mountain terrains. Schwinn is a great brand name and this bike will keep any teenager happy for the next few years or until she wants to trade it in for something more specialised.

Schwinn Merge Women's Cross/Comfort Bike  - 700C Wheels.

This Schwinn bike is a cross bike, that means it's suitable for some trail and pathways biking plus it is also suitable for good road usage. This type of bike is popular with those people who need a bike for commuting to work on or going to the shops and also for those who have a passion for going out at the weekends with their boyfriend or husband and having some fun. Riding out and about in forest trails, tracks or just chilling on a country road having some fresh air.

The Merge has a Schwinn steel hybrid frame, fitted Suntour front suspension forks. The bike has 21-speed SRAM grip shifters so on the road this help you get where your going quickly or if you have an off road hill to climb you should be able to comfortably be able to get to the top. Good all round brakes operated by alloy linear pull levers. You will love the high profile 27.6-inch alloy wheels and rustproof alloy rims, which are designed to conquer almost any terrain while providing a smooth, responsive ride. Other details include a two-inch rise handlebar with a Schwinn stem, a Suntour alloy crank, and a comfy seat. If your looking to get fit and out and about then choose the Schwinn Merge to make you very happy- have fun.

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      • danielmccarthy profile image

        Daniel McCarthy 

        5 years ago from New Zealand

        There definitely are more choices these days when it comes to girls bikes. I have 3 boys so have never had to deal with it!

      • KDF profile image


        7 years ago from Central Illinois

        Going to have to show my daughter this hub, and then help her wipe the dust off hers so she can appreciate what a good mountain bike she has. You're my witness! Thanks for the hub.

      • BRIAN SLATER profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Slater 

        7 years ago from England

        Hi Susan, If you just want a bike to ride around your town there are absolutely hundreds to choose from. Go for a manufacturer who has been around a while. That way you will get good build quality. Because they are making so many you also get slightly better components. It is very important that the bike fits you. Try several bikes before you buy. Make sure it conforms to CPSC (consumer product Safety) and you should be alright.Thankyou for commenting.

      • BRIAN SLATER profile imageAUTHOR

        Brian Slater 

        7 years ago from England

        I'm so glad you were a fan of biking when you were younger. So many children today don't get the opportunity like we did to just enjoy the outdoors. I sympathise with you over the calf muscles but they do sneak up on you without you noticing.ha-ha. Thanks for commenting.

      • Just Ask Susan profile image

        Susan Zutautas 

        7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        I'm in need of a new bike and have bookmarked your hub so that when I'm ready to purchase one I can refer back to your article. Maybe you could recommend one for me. I mainly only ride around town. I don't do anything fancy as far as riding goes, just leisure riding.

      • Ardie profile image


        7 years ago from Neverland

        My main mode of transportation from ages 7 to 15 was my bike. I LOVED it and treated it with as much love as some men treat their beloved muscle cars. I still have calf muscles like a man from riding so much hahah I love this article because my oldest daughter (11 in March) has outgrown her bike and is tall enough for the real deal now - a nicer bike that isn't covered in glitter and pony stickers :) Thank you for all the research - you made my job shopping much easier!


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