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Why Is Nanga Parbat Called the Killer Mountain?

Nanga Parbat has a daunting ascent, and even in the summer months, it is imperiled by unstable glaciers, avalanches, and ferocious storms. It's no mystery how the mountain got its nickname...


Why Is Annapurna Known as the World's Deadliest Mountain?

Why is Annapurna called the world's deadliest mountain to climb? Well here is the answer.


The Eight-Thousanders: 14 Highest Mountain Peaks in the World

Here is a list of 14 highest mountain peaks in the world, which are called the eight-thousanders.


K2: Why It's the World's Toughest Mountain to Climb?

Do you know why K2 is the world's toughest mountain? It is even harder to climb than Mount Everest.


Mount Everest Facts: A Mountain of Information

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth and has been on the bucket list of travel enthusiasts forever. In this article, I answer some common questions and reveal some fun facts and answer about Mt. Everest.


Odd Things About Mount Snowdon

The highest peak in Wales attracts a lot of charity fundraising schemes, and then there’s the peculiar stuff.


Xia Boyu: Amputee Climbs Everest

Xia Boyu made four previous attempts to climb Mount Everest. He succeeded on his fifth attempt at the age of 69. Boyu was a double amputee.


Climbing Rysy (2499 m): The Highest Peak in Poland

Do you want to reach the highest peak in Poland? Learn more about the trail and how to prepare.


A Guide to Hiking Kjeragbolten in Norway

This is a firsthand account of hiking to Kjeragbolten, including useful information and handy tips to help you plan your own adventure to this popular natural landmark of Norway.


9 Hardcore Trails in the Polish Tatra Mountains

Trails in the Polish Tatra Mountains. Only for the most experienced hikers!


The Ill-Fated 1996 Everest Expedition: 20 Years on

It's 20 years next month since the ill-fated 1996 commercial expeditions to summit Everest resulted in the deaths of eight people and spawned a series of 'disaster porn' books. What's been learned?


Why Do Adventure Seekers Risk Their Lives?

If driving in traffic is your idea of risk-taking, this article isn't for you. But if you've ever had the desire to seek adventure and wondered why, read on to learn more.


How to Climb Mount Toubkal Without a Guide

How to climb Mount Toubkal, Morocco, without using a local guide service (including route details, required equipment, and important local specifics).


Grivel Nepal SA Ice Axe Review

A product review of the Grivel Nepal SA general mountaineering ice axe.


Scarpa Triolet Pro GTX Review

A product review of the Scarpa Triolet Pro GTX technical mountaineering boot.


On Top of the Rockies: Climbing Colorado's Mt. Elbert

A trail report and guide to climbing the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains.


The First Woman to Climb Mont Blanc: Henriette d' Angeville or Marie Paradis?

In 1938, the second woman to climb Mont Blanc claimed to be the first, dismissing on a number of accounts her predecessor, a maidservant who'd summitted 30 years earlier. What is the story behind the two ascents, and who rightly deserves the title?


The Bodies of Mount Everest, the World's Highest Graveyard

For many, summiting the world's highest mountain is a lifelong dream, but some of those who attempt the feat end up staying on Everest's icy slopes for good. Due to the harsh conditions of the mountain's higher reaches, it is difficult to recover the bodies of fallen climbers.


Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis: UK's Highest Mountain

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK at 1345m or 4413 feet. Rising at the western end of the Grampians, it is in the highland region of Lochaber. Learn how to get there and climb to the summit safely (includes finding Ben Nevis on a map and other practical tips).


Climbing the New Snow Princess Cascade Slide in the Adirondack High Peaks

Are you heading up to the Adirondack High Peaks to climb the popular Cascade and Porter mountains? Join Outbound Dan Human in his recent climb up the new Snow Princess Cascade slide.


Top 7 Dangers of Climbing Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier towers over the Cascade Mountain range of Washington State at 14,410 feet. Climbing and hiking Mt. Rainier comes with its own hazards. Here are the top 7 most dangerous things about ascending Mt. Rainier.


Do I Need a Guide to Climb Mt. Rainier?

Mt. Rainier towers over the Cascade Mountain range of Washington state at 14,410 feet. It is affectionately referred to as 'the mountain' by Washingtonians. Over 10,000 people attempt to climb it each year.