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A Photographic Journal of Caves in the South

A collection of my favorite caving photographs, including Valhalla Cave, Alabama, and Stephen's Gap.


Camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park

Cyprus Lake Campground, Indian Head Cove, The Grotto - these activities are just a taste of what Bruce Peninsula National park has to offer.


Exploring Arizona's Peppersauce Cave in the Coronado National Forest

Peppersauce Cave in southern Arizona is relatively well known, but it's not a tourist attraction. It's in a wilderness area on the north side of Mt. Lemon in the Santa Catalina mountains north of Tucson.


4 Caves Worth Exploring Here in California

Did you know that it's possible to go spelunking in the California foothills? It's true! Here are some information and directions on four caves worth exploring in the Golden State.