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A Caving Journey in Photographs

A collection of favorite caving photographs.


Cyprus Lake and The Grotto - Bruce Peninsula National Park

Crystal clear waters, rugged caves and underwater caverns are just a taste of what Bruce Peninsula National park has to offer.


Exploring Arizona's Peppersauce Cave in the Coronado National Forest

Peppersauce Cave in southern Arizona is relatively well known but not a tourist attraction. It's in a wilderness area on the north side of Mt. Lemon in the Santa Catalina mountains north of Tucson.


4 Caves Worth Exploring Here in California

Spelunking in the California foothills. Information and directions.

Photo from National Parks Service (CC0 license)

The Day I Crawled Through an Underground Cave: Spelunking

My spelunking experience crawling on hands and knees through underground tunnels, unlike caverns where you can stand.