Vazhamala: An Unexplored Beauty

Updated on December 29, 2019
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Rushali takes immense interest in Indian history and believes that the lesser known places have stories the world deserves to hear.

Driving many roads and taking many turns all the way from Kannur, Koothuparambu, and Cheruvanchery to Panoor, we finally reached our destination: the picturesque hilltops of Vazhamala. It looks like a green blanket spread out on acres of land. Though Vazhamala is private property, due to its popularity across social media people across the district have taken up visiting the location as a weekend getaway.

Enroute to Vazhamala

A petrol pump officially marks the beginning of your journey to Vazhamala. After you pass the pump, all you see is wilderness accompanied by a beautiful serene silence and calm atmosphere. A few more minutes into the ride and you see a handful of houses on either sides atop hills or in between the forest; a few shops and a bus stand as well. You see a few BJP flagpoles, and then ahead lies a 5-10 minute journey to Vazhamala.

On your journey along the roads, you see a beautifully designed church amidst the greenery. My visit was during September. A cloud-filled sky made us paranoid of an "any-minute" rainfall, nevertheless it didn't rain. We stopped at a higher altitude where the view ahead was clear. We looked through the tips of long trees and the view was breathtaking. A dark and cloudy sky with the sun shining far away on a distant piece of land. Truly enigmatic.

A Tiny Stream

As you drive further ahead, it gets colder due to the altitude, especially on a rainy day. The journey on cars/ bikes or scooters only goes up to a point, after which you gotta go on foot. Walk ahead to the left and you reach the tiny water stream, surrounded by plantations of pepper and other fruits. To the right, you'll have a steep climb, better to be careful with the type of footwear if you want to make it to the top.

The Church

Climb beyond a fenced post and head above through the trodden path (most likely you wouldn't find people to guide you above as the place is lesser known and isn't overcrowded) which will ;lead you to what is called the 'Vimanappara' (literally translating to 'aeroplane rock'). The rock looks like its suspended in air with only a small rock holding it at the bottom.



That and the Vazhamala waterfall will conclude your visit to this serene location.

Finish the journey by having lunch at "Vanitha Women's Hotel" in Cheruvanchery. A little local and the outlook isn't very clean but they have an open kitchen where they prepare the food. Probably the best in the area and far better than the posh hotels that will overcharge you for a one time meal.

I hope this article inspires interest in this place and gets it the number of tourists it deserves. A lot of rural development could come out of this potential tourist attraction.

The Foggy Road


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    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      11 months ago from UK

      This is an interesting account of your trip.


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