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Streamlight ProTac HL USB: Tactical Light Awesomeness

Jeffery Martin has been an armed Security Officer for ten years and a Personal Protection Officer for almost three.


I Have Seen The Light

Last year, our security department was authorized to issue new flashlights, (Thank the good Lord.), and I had the privilege of helping pick one out. The LT and I drove down to the local Police supply store, and we were shown all the newest tacti-candles they had in stock.

Our number one request was that the light had to be rechargeable. I like my old 3-cell Mag Light, but gone are the days when you had to lug around a giant club to be able to shed some light on a situation.

Request numero dos; was that it needed to be bright. I mean real bright. We would accept no less than 500 lumens.

Other than that we were not too picky. The lady that works there showed us several models; but saved the best for last.

A choir of angels sang, and light shone down upon her, as she removed the ProTac HL USB flashlight from its place behind the counter.

All About The ProTac HL USB

Lumens (brightness)

Just in case you haven’t already figured it out; the “HL” stands for High Lumen. The Streamlight ProTac HL USB has three different settings (High, Medium, and Low)*, and uses C4 LED technology; which has a 50,000 hour lifetime. You can flip through these modes, using the push-button tail switch.

  • High: Will run for 1.5hrs at 850 lumens.
  • Medium: Need it to last a little longer, or just don’t want to blind your partner too badly? In this setting the light will run for 4hrs at 350 lumens.
  • Low: This setting has the longest running time; at 12 hours and 85 lumens.

There is also a strobe setting that will help to disorient a suspect, or signal for help, for 1.5hrs.

*The standard order of modes is High/Medium/Low; but there are directions that come with the light that will explain how to change the order around.

The Battery

The ProTac HL USB comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery (P/N 74175), but will also accept two 3V CR123A; or a commercially available lithium ion 18650 rechargeable battery.

The fact that you can change out the battery is great; because it means you can carry a few spares in your duty/go bag.

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The Body

The body of the ProTac HL USB tactical light is made from durable, and lightweight, anodized aluminum, is IPX4 water resistant, and is 1 meter impact resistance tested. (I have accidently tested it at over 3 meters.......)

It weighs 7.2 ounces, and is 6.5 inches tall.

There is a metal sleeve, covering the USB port, that slides down to facilitate the act of charging. The sleeve is water/dust resistant; thanks to the use of O-rings.

I will admit that I have opened and closed this sleeve many, many, times; for absolutely no reason at all.

The light also has an anti-roll head; that is supposed to prevent the light from rolling away when you set it down.

The "anti-roll" head works on a flat surface, but not so much on a downgrade.


To charge this flashlight, you can use the supplied USB cord or an optional wall adapter.

Most cell phones use the same micro USB style cords, so there are chargers for this light everywhere.

This is invaluable to me, because we have a puppy.......

As it turns out; puppies like chewing the crap out of your micro USB cords.

Apparently my fiancée's iPhone cords are not as tasty.



The Sreamlight ProTac HL USB comes with a removable pocket clip that works well. However; we removed ours, so it would work better in a duty-type holster.

On that note; I will mention that it comes with a nylon holster, and here is where I am going to get a little critical.

The light is awesome; however the included nylon holster……….. is just terrible.

Thankfully; the sales lady, at the supply store, showed us that most 21 inch baton holders will hold the light; and looks so much more professional.

Our security department utilizes the Safariland Friction Lock Baton Holder; in STX Tactical Black.

It just looks so much nicer, and makes it easier to get the light out quickly; rather than having to open the Velcro flap on the nylon holster.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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