4 Caves Worth Exploring Here in California


World of Spelunking

A person can travel the world looking for spelunking adventure and the beauty found within mother earth, like the cave pictured above found in Austria. But you don't have to travel the world to find such beauty.

Enter the world of spelunking in the California foothills where stalactites hang from the ceiling and stalagmites rise from the floor. Each in their never ending quest to reach the other in hope of joining one day to become a column. Where soda straws and cave bacon are hung like draperies in a world rarely enjoyed by people, yet they continue to grown in the dark world they adorn. A place cave dwelling bats call home and a spelunker calls paradise.

Check Out Their Websites!

The California foothills hide a cavernous web of delight for spelunkers and their families (Spelunker - spe-lunk-er - (spi-luhng-ker) noun, a person who explores caves). These beautiful caves and their hidden wonders are available to anyone that wants to make the trek to see them.

The following is a list of the four cave adventures available in the Gold Country including their website address:

  1. Black Chasm Cavern which is a National Natural Landmark.
  2. California Chavern which is a State Historic Landmark.
  3. Moaning Cavern, California's largest cave chamber.
  4. Sutter Gold Mine in the heart of Gold Country.


My Personal Favorite Cavern

My personal favorite is the Moaning Caverns. With three kids, it's the easiest mine and visitors center to navigate and of course the zip lines are great!

On a personal note, since I do live in the area and frequent this cavern often, I have always thought it might behoove the management to consider the long-tail effects of reducing the cost of the zip lines to something many people can afford compared to the effects of their current pricing plan that few can afford.

I know for my family, friends and consumers in the area, the cost of one ride, $50, is our budget for the entire day. If the price is reduced to something resonable that the majority of average consumers can afford the long-tail effect would be much more profitable than the current price straregy.

"Just a thought Mr. Fox" (-quoted from "My Lucky Day")

Black Chasm Cavern is located in Volcano, CA. They offer a fifty minute tour, gemstone mining, geode cracking and gold panning. There's a visitor's center featuring a gift shop. They also host school programs and special events offering picnic tables for either event.

California Caverns is located in Mountian Ranch, CA., they offer a wide variety of guided tours from a sixty minu!the walking tour to a four hour middle earth expedition! The expeditions are by reservation only. There's also gem mining, gold panning and geode cracking. Like Black Chasm Cavern, California Caverns hosts school programs and events with a picnic area and tables.

Moaning Caverns is located in Vallecito, CA. and features a forty-five minute tour, rappeling, a three hour expedition, gemstone mining, gold panning, a climbing tower AND twin zip lines!

Sutter Gold Mine in Sutter Creek, CA., a one hour guided tour, gold panning, gemstone mining and geode cracking. Sutter Gold Mine also has school programs they host and a picnic area with tables.

Here's where you can find your favorite mine! All the caverns deserve a day of their own to be explored and enjoyed to their fullest, but if you're feeling energectic AND adventurous you can hit all four caverns in one day!

California Foothills Spelunkers Paradise

show route and directions
A markerBlack Chasm Cavern -
15701 Volcano Pioneer Rd, Pioneer, CA 95666, USA
[get directions]

B markerCalifornia Cavern -
9565 Cave City Rd, Mountain Ranch, CA 95246, USA
[get directions]

C markerMoaning Cavern -
5350 Moaning Cave Rd, Vallecito, CA 95222, USA
[get directions]

D markerSutter Gold Mine -
Golden Chain Hwy, Sutter Creek, CA 95685, USA
[get directions]


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Msmillar profile image

Msmillar 3 years ago from Valley Springs Author

I'm glad to hear the links were helpful, I like to hear what people like. Thank you john000

john000 profile image

john000 3 years ago from Superior, Arizona

Fascinating hub and great photos. My wife comes from the general area so I will explore the first chance I get. The A-D links are really helpful. Thanks. Voted up.

Msmillar profile image

Msmillar 4 years ago from Valley Springs Author

Hi Sushma - The linking of articles is one of the biggest reasons I love working on hubpages and being a part of HubBuds team I learned how to do it! When I set up the link, for your article, I found one but I didn't recognize the name as yours?? To be sure, would you send me the exact link please.

Thank you

ps. I saw u in the forum (if I remember right it was your post) you posted #5, you have 3 more to go, you can totally do this! You still have TWO whole days to focus. Focus, focus, focus! :D

Sushma Webber profile image

Sushma Webber 4 years ago from New Zealand

Good idea Msimlar, I too will add a link to yours so if someone from USA reads my article they can find similar caves right in their back yard :)

Msmillar profile image

Msmillar 4 years ago from Valley Springs Author

That is a coincidence Sushma Webber, and sometimes I will elaborate on a hub I read that doesn't cover "my" area, so if someone is reading it yet they don't live near it, they will be informed of the items that are near them. Working together like this we can cover the whole globe with hidden treasures we know! If you don't mind, I'm going to look yours up and link to it!

Sushma Webber profile image

Sushma Webber 4 years ago from New Zealand

Interesting article. What a coincidence I recently wrote on the Waitomo caves in New Zealand which also have limestone formations, stalactites and stalagmites and glowworms. Mother Earth truly has many marvels all over the world, even in her underground world.

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