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Rogers Creek Nature Trail and the Hole in the Wall Near Port Alberni

The regionally famous "Hole in the Wall" near Port Alberni.

The regionally famous "Hole in the Wall" near Port Alberni.

Rogers Creek Trail System Near Port Alberni

The Rogers Creek Trail System in Port Alberni has many access points. When I visited this trail network over a few days, I didn't always use the same entry point.

In the video below, I filmed one trailhead area and the mid-sized parking lot, one that was accessed off the northeast-bound lane of the Port Alberni Highway. At the start of this hiking trip, I did not really like the looks of the trail system. However, I found that I was able to find some interesting points.

Note that the Rogers Creek Trail System is also known as "Rogers Creek Nature Trail" by some other sources (i.e., Google Maps).

Trailhead Map

Interesting Stops

This trail system was not really about getting to amazing viewpoints. The area was heavily forested, and I don't recall coming to any kind of plateau or panoramic area, and the trees blocked out any distant views.

I would say this trail system was more about arriving directly at interesting spots within the trail system as opposed to looking at anything far off. These interesting spots included comfortable but small creekside beaches, what appeared to be old and dated worksites from decades long past, and an interesting man-made formation known as "Hole in the Wall." Lastly, I came across an abandoned car, which is an Easter Egg I like to find while trail hiking (it looked like it crashed down a slope many decades earlier).

I found that the trail system provided a pretty good workout. There were not any immense elevation gains in terms of one-time ascensions. However, the terrain was rolling so frequently that it was impossible not to feel the workout I was getting. While the trails in this network were narrow at points, I still recommend this area for someone that wants to get some fitness in.

A Historical Work Area

I like coming across historical and abandoned sites in trail networks. At Rogers Creek Nature Trail, there was an area where it appeared some structures had been built decades ago, perhaps for the purpose of storing logs or channeling them. Conversely, maybe this area created a spot where it was easier to catch fish. I wondered if the water was much higher at other times of year compared to when I visited this park in July 2020.

In the following video, I show the manmade channel and the signposts along the trail. Both will give you an idea of how old the area is. It appears to have been a staple recreation area for quite some time now. I wondered if the worksite was the impetus for creating the trail and then maybe it grew from there.

A Neat Area in the Rogers Creek Trail System

A Tiny Creekside Beach in Rogers Creek Nature Park

I like thinking about geological pressures, and there was a scenic spot to do that that. I did not like the trail at this point in the park, as it was narrow and overgrown. However, I came to a point where it appeared that a creek or perhaps an ancient river had carved away at a cliff. The water was very clean and clear at this point in the park.

I admit that I felt like I was being watched while in this area. However, on this nature trail in Port Alberni, I did not have any kind of bear sighting. My experience was a little different when I went out to the Fossli Trail, but that's for another article.

Creekside Beach

Searching for the Hole in the Wall Attraction

An interesting attraction in the Port Alberni area is called "Hole in the Wall." I had a little trouble finding this spot but that was part of the fun for me. I did come across a nice and natural 'swimming pool' that had formed in the creek. I went swimming at this spot on one occasion and found that the water was very chilly.

Later I found the attraction that I had been looking for. There were a number of people, either taking photos or swimming. To conclude this article, there are two videos of my excursion out to the Hole in the Wall.

I liked this trail system overall for interesting spots. Certainly, this area was better than some trails in the Port Alberni area. However, for my top pick for the Port Alberni area head out to the Long Trail at Stamp River, about 30 minutes away from town.

A Natural Swimming Pool Near "Hole in the Wall"

The Hole in the Wall Attraction Near Port Alberni

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