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My Summertime Destination: The Quinault Rainforest

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Quinault Rainforest

Quinault Rainforest

Visiting the Quinault Rainforest

I will be sharing my personal experiences and recollections of my summertime visit to the Quinault Rainforest. The memories will be related to you as a shared experience by myself and my traveling partner, aka my husband.

Our Last Day of Exploring the Rainforest

Visiting the Quinault Rainforest was our last full day of sightseeing throughout the Olympic National Parks. Upon waking we felt a bitter-sweet emotion in the pit of our stomachs just knowing that our adventures would be nearing an end.

A mere handful of days was truly too short to fully engage and enjoy all the sights of the Olympic National Park to its fullest capacity. We did our best with the limited time we had and absorbed every inch of beauty we could with our explorations of the Olympic Peninsula Loop. On this last day of sights to see and trails to explore we donned our backpacks and hit some trails.

Valley of the Rainforest Giants

Largest Spruce Tree Trail Head

To capture a grand view of this very impressive tree we were able to park nearby with a quick 5-minute walk to the trailhead. The short .03 mile walk one way was quite accessible and the trail was well maintained.

Pathway leading to the giant spruce

Pathway leading to the giant spruce

Just Beyond the Bridge

The trail was short in length and quick to navigate. We breathed in the fresh Rainforest air and stopped along the trail for photo opportunities.

A foot bridge marked the near end of the trail. Once we crossed the bridge we came upon an open area that led straight to the mammoth Sitka Spruce Tree.

World’s largest Sitka spruce tree

World’s largest Sitka spruce tree

Photo Opportunities

The picture above really fails to portray the vastness of this trees stately claim to fame. You really must hug this tree and take an opportunity to snap a few pictures.

This was by far a handsome tree to behold. We were quite pleased with our little visit to this splendid sight.

Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail #855

Second Destination of the Day

The second stop in our day of sites to take in was the Quinault Rainforest Nature Trail. This was a .05 mile interpretive loop trail. Inviting to all the senses this trail showered us with old-growth forest beauty, mosses, ferns, and fungi.

Trees Are Poems That the Earth Writes Upon the Sky

— Kahil Gibran

Our Hearts Belong to the Rainforest

This short walk through the rainforest was invigorating. The enormity of the trees, the scent of pure unadulterated fresh air, and the many sights and sounds left a very impressionable imprint on our hearts.

Sometimes, You Find Yourself In the Middle of Nowhere,

And Sometimes In the Middle of Nowhere,

You Find Yourself.

The Third Destination of Our Day

The third and final destination of our travels that day led us to the Maple Glade Nature Trail and Kestner Homestead. The Maple Glade Trail is a 0.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Amanda Park, Washington.

The Kestner Homestead Trail led into the Maple Glade Trail and is a 1.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail. Both trails were easy to navigate and offered awe-inspiring views.

Maple Glade Trail Head Starts Here

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."

— Henry David Thoreau

Enchanted Forest

We were transported into an enchanted forest of serene beauty. The moss-draped forest felt vibrant and alive. The Big Leaf Maples towered alongside giant trees and magnificent ferns along the well-beaten trail. The air was refreshing, the sights were captivating and the experience was well worth the visit.

Time seemed to stand still in this magical moment of being fully immersed in the dense growth forest. Today I re-imagine my afternoon spent in the Quinault Rainforest and daydream of my return visit.


Bidding the Quinault Rainforest Farewell

All in all our Summertime trip throughout the Olympic Peninsula Loop and the Olympic National Parks was astounding. I would highly recommend a visit to the Olympic National Parks of Washington State to any nature-loving enthusiast.

You can find an account of my personal travel experiences and recollections of The Staircase Campground and Staircase Rapids, Sol Duc Falls, Rialto Beach, and Ruby Beach in my previous articles.

This article will conclude our trip of top sights we saw during our travels of the Olympic Peninsula Loop during our 2021 Summertime vacation. Wishing all my readers splendid travels along your journey of life's amazing destinations.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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