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My Summertime Destination: Sol Duc Falls at the Olympic National Park

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Kimberly enjoys sharing her love of camping and outdoor adventures. Spending time in nature is her all-time favorite, happy place!

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls

Camping Throughout Olympic National Park

The Sol Duc Falls has been a top destination on my bucket list of sights to explore for many years. In the summer of 2021, my dear husband and travel partner escaped the monotonous rat race of life and fled to the forest.

A Few Stops Along the Way

With just one week to explore the top destinations of our planned trip around the Olympic Peninsula Loop, we were packed up and ready for a day of traveling.

We had just spent a magnificent day and night at the very inviting Staircase Campground located on the Southeastern corner of the Olympic National Park. I highly recommend you carve out time in your vacation planner to visit this lesser-known gem of Washington's rainforest destinations.

The drive to our next destination would be 138 miles and approximately 3.5 hours with our camper in tow. However, we did not make a straight bee-line to the Falls.

First, we made a side venture to the quaint little town of Hoodsport. We stopped at the very well-known Hoodsport Coffee Shop and ordered up our coffees to go. We gave them a thumbs up, as our coffees were splendid.

Next, we took a quick stroll down the main street and did a bit of window shopping. My husband was drooling over the Hardware Distillery Co. known for their highly acclaimed Whiskey spirits. Unfortunately for him, it was closed at the time of our visit.

Quaint Town of Hoodsport

Quaint Town of Hoodsport

Port Townsend

My husband has quite an interest in the fine art of all things whiskey-related. Therefore next up on our sights to see and things to experience was The Old Whiskey Mill located in the bustling town of Port Townsend. We arrived to a very busy street life. The town was buzzing with mid-summer tourists and visitors.

Parking with our truck and camper was proving to be most difficult. We did however find a place to park that was several blocks from our destination. The stretch of our legs did us good. The establishment got us right in for indoor seating but the service was quite poor. Without going into further details our experience at the Old Whiskey Mill was one that we do not ever care to revisit. In fact, if we were to give them a Star Rating it would have to be a 1 Star Review.

With the destination of the Rainforest calling for our attention, we forwent window shopping or browsing through the shops of Port Townsend and hit the road.

Setting Up Camp

After a long afternoon of driving we arrived at the Klahowya Campground were we found an open reservation. We swiftly got settled into our little campsite, unhooked our camper from our truck, and headed off to the destination of the day!



Our Late Day Arrival to the Sol Duc Falls

We finally arrived! It had been a long-awaited day in seeing these beautiful falls. Due to our stops along the way and the hustling bustling traffic we encountered, our arrival at the Sol Duc Falls Trail Head wasn't until late in the afternoon.

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Welcome to the Trail Head

Welcome to the Trail Head


And into the forest I go,

to lose my mind

and find my soul.

— John Muir

Into the forest

Into the forest

The Long Awaited Hike

Allow me to take you on a visual guide of the Old Growth Rainforest Landscape.

Immediately we were drawn into the sights and sounds and energy of the forest. The earthy aroma of the trees and mosses, ferns, and undergrowth of the trail was absolutely refreshing and invigorating to all of the senses.

Keep on Trekking

Trekking along this widely acclaimed trail drew us into its stately sites from above. The Douglas Fir and Red Cedar Trees were bold in their beauty. They towered high above the forest floor. An abundance of ferns were on grand display too. They seemed to welcome us at every corner and bend in the trail.

Ferns have long been a favorite of mine, dating back to my childhood. They are so vibrant and free in their color and nature. It's as if it were their job to reach out and touch every visitor that passed. Another one of my personal favorites was the thick moss that covered the trail. The moss brought a certain element of enchantment to the forest.

A Hiker's Quote

A walk in nature walks the soul back home.

— Mary Davis


A Warming Shelter Along the Trail

While hiking the short trail we came upon a Warming Shelter that the U.S. Forest Service constructed about the year 1932. It was approximately a 14 X 10 foot, log structure. Its purpose was to provide a covered sanctuary to come in and out of the rain on a blustery day for traveling hikers.

We made a quick stop at the little log shelter for a couple of selfie shots with the camera and then forged ahead.

A Thunderous Roar

Just around the last bend before arriving at an overbridge for foot traffic we could hear the Thunderous Roar of the falls. This Intensified our anticipation of this astounding view we were about to behold.

The Sights, Sounds, and Touch of the Sol Duc Falls

As we came around the last stretch of trail reaching the Falls we were fully engulfed in its spectacular splendor. The booming thunderous roar pricked our ears awake. The awe-inspiring views awoke our eyes to the vision before us and the great mists of rising water danced upon our skin and made us wholly alive in the moment.

It was in this moment, in this place, at this time that everything was right and good in the world. A perfect moment of peace and tranquility. It felt as though we were removed from everything negative and instead we felt totally immersed in this place. We left a piece of our hearts in this magical place on earth.

Our visit to the Sol Duc Falls was one that will stay with us for a lifetime.

A panoramic view

A panoramic view

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Nana (author) from Pacific Northwest USA on October 24, 2021:

Sammi, I hope you’ll find your future visit to be as blessed and beautiful as mine was.

Sammi Rayne on October 24, 2021:

Wow!! I'll have to add this to my list of places to visit.

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