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Is Steep & Cheap Legit? A Review

I love checking out new outdoor gear but also watch my budget. I've learned how to get the best discount gear online and in stores.

Is Steep & Cheap Legit?

Yes, Steep & Cheap is a legitimate discount gear site. The products are exactly as described and arrive just as they would from the manufacturer.

At first, I was pretty skeptical of offers of 50% or even 70% off. But I bought a Black Diamond climbing helmet from them at the beginning of the summer for 60% off. I'm so glad I didn't pay full price.

Steep & Cheap is definitely legit. Read this review for tips before you buy.

Steep & Cheap Revew

My experience with Steep & Cheap has always been positive. I've found some really incredible deals. But the shipping cost and returns policy mean I have to be sure of my purchase.

I recommend the website to any "gearhead" or outdoor gear enthusiast looking to save some money.

Here are the main pros and cons:


  • 50%-60% off outdoor gear
  • Quality brands
  • Sale alerts


  • High-priced shipping for lower-priced items
  • $7 shipping for returns
  • Not all colors and sizes are available

Shipping Rates

Shipping is calculated based on cart price. There's a flat rate, and then as your cart goes up in price, shipping costs go up slightly more. These ranges will give you an idea of possible shipping costs:

  • Cart total under $100: Economy shipping is $7-8.
  • Cart total $100-$200: Economy shipping is $8-10.
  • Cart total over $200: Economy shipping is $10+.

Add items to your cart to see the exact shipping charge.

Because of the small increase in shipping, it makes sense to buy a lot at once. However, that can be hard on a bargain site. That thing is finally on sale for $40; do you add on something full-price to make the shipping worth it?


Steep & Cheap accepts returns with a few stipulations. Gear must be unused and returned within 30 days. The buyer pays $7 for return shipping. You need to have packing and tags to get your refund.

Exchanges are possible but do require the same $7 shipping fee.

Think about how often you make returns. If you rely heavily on a store's return policy, be careful with Steep & Cheap. Paying at least $14 for shipping both ways is a bummer.

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How Steep & Cheap Works

Steep & Cheap is owned by the team that started They have bargain outdoor gear sales with short rotations.

Current Deal

The shortest rotation is the Current Deal. You have only 5 minutes to grab it! Then a new one starts. These deals sometimes have limited availability for sizing or colors.

Brand Deals

You'll find these under "Top Brand Steals" on the website. These are the deals I shop the most often if the Current Steal isn't for me. There are at least four brands that are deeply discounted. They rotate every 3-4 days. Unlike the Current Steal, brand deals are not limited to one size or low on stock. You can usually get your choice of size and color until the deal runs out.

Of the four brands, usually two are sport specific and two are general outdoors. "Sport-specific" brands only make climbing gear or snow gear. General outdoor brands include ALPS, Sea to Summit, and Sierra Designs. They make everything from tents and sleeping bags to cooking gear.

A backpacking newbie could build a quality base for cheap watching brand deals. For my family, we use them to replenish or upgrade the basics.

Category Deals

You'll find these under "Top Category Steals." Category sales are great when you have an idea of what you want but aren't tied to a particular brand. Like: I want to get my sister a nice fleece for Christmas but don't care where it comes from.

Categories are also a great place for outdoor sports gear. If you're a climber and you see that come up, check it out!

Granite Gear pack on sale for 50% off.

Granite Gear pack on sale for 50% off.

Best Gear to Get From a Discount Site

What kind of gear should you hunt for when shopping at a discount site like Steep & Cheap?

Here are my favorites:

  • Expensive equipment like ski, snowboard or climbing gear that goes through seasonal sales
  • Camping cooking equipment (stoves, pots, utensils)
  • Sleeping bags and packs

Notice clothes didn't make it on the list. I do buy clothes off of Steep & Cheap but it's rare. I need to be really sure of the size in that certain style, which is hard to do since they're usually styles that aren't in stores anymore.

But basics with solid sizing (like wool socks or Patagonia baselayers) can be a good investment.

Overall Review

The bottom line of my Steep & Cheap review: it has the best discounts online, if you know what you're buying.

These are the biggest discounts you're going to find on new outdoor gear. Just makes sure it's what you want before you order!

What Do You Think of Steep & Cheap?

Sites Like Steep & Cheap

Steep & Cheap is the top site for its niche: deeply discounted gear without guaranteeing availability. But there are other sites worth looking at for more gear.

Here are other top websites, with why each is worth checking out:

  • Backcountry: larger selection, some deals, free shipping over $50
  • Enwild (formerly Backcountry Edge): product reviews, rotating deals, free shipping over $50
  • GearScan: monitor multiple discount gear sites
  • Geartrade: buy and sell used outdoor gear

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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