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Hope Lookout Trail Near Hope British Columbia

I am an avid hiker with a focus on easy to moderate trails in natural settings. I occasionally do harder trails.

The top of the Hope Lookout Trail.

The top of the Hope Lookout Trail.

The Hope Lookout Trail Near Hope British Columbia

The Hope Lookout Trail, according to, "is a 3.7 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Hope, British Columbia, Canada that features a great forest setting and is rated as difficult." That source notes an elevation gain of 466 meters from the start to the high point of the trail. When that amount of elevation is measured against the relatively short distance for the trail, it's clear that the hiker that takes the Hope Lookout Trail should be expecting some steepness.

That's certainly what I found when I visited this trail in early September of 2020. The trailhead was located on Flood Hope Road, very close to the junction for the Crowsnest Pass.

The parking near the trailhead wasn't great but I was able to squeeze into a spot on a day where the trail appeared to be popular, perhaps because the end of the summer season was looming. The following video is one I made right at the trailhead on what was a pleasant day in the summer of 2020 (note: I think I misread the trailhead info when I called it the Grouse Grind as that refers to a hiking area in North Vancouver).

The Hope Lookout Trail's Trailhead Near Hope, BC

The Hope Lookout Trail is a Steep Trail

The steepness of the trail definitely contributed to how difficult the trail was. However, the trail could also be noted for how narrow it was at some points. There often wasn't a spot for a misstep along this trail.

There were a lot of stairs and rails along the trail. These features make trails a little easier to ascend so I took that into consideration when assessing the difficulty level. As I took this trail, I came to the opinion that it was a moderate-to-difficult trail as opposed to a purely difficult one.

That opinion could partly be due to the fact that it was late summer when I used the Hope Lookout Trail. I hike from the late spring onward so by September, I am usually pretty fit, and difficult trails, at that time of year, are feeling a little easier than normal. In the following video, you can see how narrow the trail was at some points along with the rails and stairs that you can expect to find.

Steepness, Rails, and Stairs on the Hope Lookout Trail

The Hope Lookout Trail Took Over an Hour

I am not the fastest hiker or walker so my times have to be taken with a grain of salt. But the Hope Lookout Trail took just over an hour for me to complete. I came across a lot of people during that hour, so this is definitely a well-used trail. Good traffic on a trail adds a safety feature, especially if you are hiking alone, as someone might be able to help you if have an accident.

The lookout point was interesting. It seemed to go right through a landslide area that included a human-made terrace. Also, there was a logbook to sign and someone left some hand sanitizer there.

There were a lot of things to read at the endpoint. There was also a picture of the area with all of the peaks and valleys in the area labeled. Lastly, there was an interesting historical plaque that showed you what the area looked like in 1949. It was neat to compare and contrast the area that you were overlooking to what it looked like several decades earlier. I found myself looking back and forth between reality and the historical photo to see how things changed.

I would recommend this trail for someone that is looking for a decent workout that won't take all day. The parking wasn't the best but that was the only downside of the trail. The viewpoint was impressive and you could tell that someone had put a lot of work into constructing an area at the top of the trail that was worth spending some time at.

In the last video, I take a little longer than normal in narrating my adventures. However, I do a pretty comprehensive job of showing you what to expect if you put in the effort to complete this fun and challenging trail.

End of the Hope Lookout Trail

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