Fallkniven Workhorse PXL WH

Updated on August 9, 2016

Fallkniven Workhorse

Why Fallkniven?

Fallkniven is a Swedish family run business that has been operating for over 30 years. They specialise in manufacturing high quality stainless steel knives and even produce knives for the Swedish Special Forces.

I chose Fallkniven for their simple design with outstanding quality.

Closed Position 11.9cm

Handle Material

The handle is made with a newly developed material called Grillon which is generally considered to be among the most reliable of all handle materials. The knife can be operated using one hand due to the thumbstud on the blade which allows for quick operation.

The roughness of the handle gives an excellent grip, even when wet, and gives you confidence that it is capable in any environment.

Even for those with large hands the knife is extremely comfortable to hold.

Open Position 20.3cm

Why I Chose a Closed Blade Over a Fixed

When it comes to purchasing a knife for trekking, the list is endless. Do you pick a Rambo style, you can't bend it sword, a fixed blade knife with a heavy sheath, a ridiculous saw for chopping down trees or a cheap penknife from the supermarket that will probably break when you need it most. (The list goes on)

The answer for my needs is the Fallkniven Workhorse. An every day knife that can be used for daily tasks and more importantly daily tasks while trekking/camping. If the s**t hits the fan it doubles up as a reliable survival knife that won't let you down. Now i'm not suggesting you use this knife to hack down branches, but if it comes to it you can feel confident the workhorse is capable. (At least until you get back to civilisation).

I see a lot of reviews online about ridiculous knives for "survival" and i'm wondering how many people have actually been in a real life survival situation. Maybe it's better to actually enjoy hiking and feel confident that you have the right tools (just incase), rather than prepping for a D-Day Landing.

I decided to go for a closed blade that locks nicely in place without any play in the knife once open and the reason I chose this was mainly because of the weight. I don't see the need for a huge fixed blade knife in the desert so instead of purchasing a cheap folding knife, I went for the Fallkniven.

The knife (including international delivery) will set you back around 650 AED. When you consider the quality and the fact that this is a knife you will keep for life, it's a good investment.

Really? For a Camping Trip? No! Just No!


Notice the Click of Confidence

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