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Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park Trail Hiking (With Videos)

I am an avid hiker with a focus on easy to moderate trails in natural settings. I occasionally do harder trails.

My July 2021 Trip to the Enderby Cliffs

My July 2021 Trip to the Enderby Cliffs

My Enderby Cliffs Hike Was a "Half Trail Fail"

I went to the Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park near the town of Enderby, British Columbia in early July 2021 in the North Okanagan. I intended to hike the trail in the park, one that promised to offer an amazing view of the valley that the town of Enderby is in. However, I didn't afford myself enough time and this trail ended up being a trail fail. I did make it to one rewarding viewpoint so perhaps a "half trail fail" is a better description.

Parking Lot and Trailhead

The route you take to the Enderby Cliffs is signed as you drive through town. I made several videos of my time in the provincial park, including one at the trailhead and the parking lot.

I hope the following video will help give prospective hikers an idea of what to expect when they arrive. There is plenty of parking, there is an outhouse, and the start of the trail runs alongside an acreage.

Enderby Cliffs Trailhead and Parking Lot

Enderby Cliffs Trail Specifications

The trail was pretty narrow and there were a lot of mosquitos. It was also a trail that was really shaded, even at a bright and hot time of year. I did see a few other people using the trail and never really went more than 45 minutes or so without seeing someone. That did add a measure of safety to the hiking trip. There was a bench about two kilometers into the trail for resting. says that the trail is a 12.6-kilometer hike of the out-and-back style. However, the signage at the trail said that it was 7 kilometers to the top viewpoint. That would make it a 14-kilometer hike. There were viewpoints at both the 2-kilometer and 3-kilometer marks. The difficulty setting for this trail is rated as moderate with

Viewpoint at the 2-Kilometer Mark

First Viewpoint After an "Imri" Marker

The first viewpoint took about an hour to get to. You will know it is approaching because you come to some kind of old marker that has the word "Imri" on it. I was not sure what that was referring to.

In the following video, you can see the first viewpoint. You will also get an idea of how narrow the trail is. Also, I discuss what an "overgrown viewpoint" is when it comes to trail hiking.

Many times, I have hiked a trail and come to a marked viewpoint only to learn that the viewpoint had not aged well. Perhaps sometime in the past decades ago, there was a viewpoint but the forest has since had other ideas for the area.

Shuswap Lookout at Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park

Shuswap Lookout at Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park

At about the same point in the trail, I came to a marker called "Shuswap Lookout." This area provided a nicer view of the valley but I would not recommend this viewpoint as a goal as the next viewpoint was much nicer.

Larch Hill Lookout

Larch Hills Lookout Viewpoint at Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park

At the 3-kilometer mark, I came to what was the first satisfying viewpoint on the Enderby Cliffs Trail. There was a sign at this point that designated the area the Larch Hills Lookout.

It also said that it would be another 3.7 kilometers to get to the summit. It was at this point that I realized that I would not likely be getting to the end of the trail due to fatigue, the heat, the fact that I was not coming across too many hikers at that point in the trail, and the fact that I had some driving to do.

Not making it to the end of the trail was disappointing. I think to myself "when will I be here again" on such occasions. But when you are on an out-and-back trail and have not made it to the end of the trail, you know that you are not even halfway done.

What made the decision to turn back a little easier was the fact that the Larch Hills Lookout provided a very satisfying view of the area. If you are looking for a hike near Enderby or in the North Okanagan that you can do in about 2.5 hours, then just go to this viewpoint. If you have the time I hope you make it to the summit but budget plenty of time for yourself as I found this trail slow-going.

Enderby Cliffs Trail at

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