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Buck 110 Folding Hunter: An American Classic

Jeffery Martin, a Security Officer, has been collecting knives since he was 13 years old.

My Great Big Grown-Up Buck Knife

My Great Big Grown-Up Buck Knife

The Iconic Buck Knife

The term “Buck Knife” is used to describe any of hundreds of different kinds of pocket knives that have a certain look. However; the original Buck Knife was the Buck 110 Folding Hunter.

It was created, for hunters, in 1963. It was thought that a sturdy folding knife would be more convenient for hunters to carry; rather than a large fixed blade knife.

Over 50 years later, the Buck Knife is still as popular as ever; especially among the blue collar working men here in Texas. I see at least one Buck Knife every day at work. (I am an in-house Security/Personal Protection Officer for a heavy equipment company.)

I own one myself; and if you don’t have one, I can almost guarantee you know someone that does.

I got mine as a Christmas present from my Grandmother, about 8 years ago. I carried it on my duty belt for several years, until the sheath got so worn that it no longer looked professional to have it on my belt; and I traded it in for a tacticool SOG, with a pocket clip.

Al Buck, the creator of the Model 110, made one hell of a knife; when he created this one. I have put it through some terrible, terrible, things; that no knife should have to go through……

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  • I have used it to force open a locked trailer home door. (work related)
  • I have used it to pry open the top of a car door; so that I could use a coat hanger to unlock it.
  • I have even used it to shave a couple of inches out of a door frame; so that the door would shut better.

All of that prying, cutting, and various other tasks the knife was never meant to do; and it still looks and works great.

Just in case you have been living under a rock, and have never seen a buck 110; I will give you a description.

It is BIG. (Almost 5 inches long, closed, and containing a .12 inch thick clip point blade; with an overall length of 3 and ¾ inches)

It is HEAVY. (Weighing in at 7.2oz)

It is SEXY. (Dymondwood handles, brass ends, and a genuine leather sheath.)

Last, but not least; it is AFFORDABLE. (Approximately $35 on Amazon Prime)

The Buck 110 is built to last, right here in the good ole US of A; and comes with a lifetime warranty. As you can see from the pictures; mine has handled my abusive tendencies just fine. Even if it did not come with a lifetime warranty, they are so affordable, you could easily replace it; if you managed to damage it.

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