Adirondack Hike: Street and Nye

Updated on July 8, 2018


Street Mountain and Nye Mountain together make up a 9-mile lightly trafficked hike in the Adirondack Mountain range. Of the 46 Adirondack high peaks, Street is the 31st highest at 4,166 feet and Nye is 45th at 3,895 feet. Both are unmarked in terms of signage and upkeep, so watching for cairns is especially important on this hike.


Initial Hike

For the best access to the trail, we (my buddy Kory and I) parked at the Adirondack Loj parking area. We had been here before when we went up to Algonquin, Iroquois, and Wright, so we knew the route in pretty well. We arrived prior to the staff, so we took an envelope with a parking pass, inserted $10, and dropped it in the slot. We parked in the middle lot and started to gear up.

I was done first, so I surveyed the area for the trail and found it on the other side of the parking shack, in the opposite direction of the Algonquin trail. It was labelled Mount Jo. Stay along the lake until you see the sign for Old Nye Ski Trail/To Mount Jo via Rock Garden Trail.

The registration box is about fifteen minutes in from the parking lot, as you walk along the lake. The Old Nye Ski Trail sign is a few minutes after that.

Street and Nye Trail

Heading Up

Once on the trail, it reminded us of the hike the day before going up to Tabletop. It was very wet and muddy and there was not any upkeep on this trail. There were down trees you had to climb over or go around all throughout this hike. The trail starts with some ups and downs as you wind your way through the woods.

Eventually, you come to a pretty significant stream crossing which is about thirty minutes from the initial trail entrance. It took us a few minutes to find the dry path across the stones, but we both made it across without incident.

Once across, the path continues its winding through the woods until you come to another not so-well-marked stream crossing. We stayed on the path until we realized it ended, then created our own crossing to get back to the main trail.

After this crossing, we started to hit the elevation.

Stream Crossing

Gradual Terrain

The terrain on this hike was wet, but not as stony as some of the other hikes we were used to. We had to go through lots of muddy areas, but the trail was easy to follow. It started to head up at a moderate level for about a mile.

After that initial mile though, it started to get steeper and reminded me more of the hike up to Phelps. Just a consistent steep incline of terrain with some up and overs on logs that were down in the path.

There were a couple of areas to peer back towards the Loj, but most of the hike in is in the woods. The temperature for the day started in the fifties, but it warmed up quick and was in the seventies by the time we got to this point. With this being the second day (Tabletop/Phelps the day before), fatigue started to set in a bit in this section.

Kory in Rocky Terrain

Street and Nye Junction

We ascended through the steep terrain to a flat clearing where Nye ran off to the right and Street to the left. It took us two hours and fifteen minutes to get to that point. Many of the trail summaries we followed had people there in two and a half, so we felt pretty good with our pace.

With some light fatigue still lingering, we ate a quick bite and then went the .1 miles over to Nye. It was a bit of up and down through some tight wooded and muddy terrain. It only took about fifteen minutes to get to the Nye sign. There was one outlook towards Street, but otherwise it was a pretty wooded area with not much to look at.

Nye Summit

Street Mountain

We headed back down to the junction and then up towards Street. We had read it was .4 miles up to Street and the terrain was still fairly muddy early on. It eventually got woody and rocky and led us back up to a forested summit where we met another duo who had passed us just before the junction to Street and Nye.

At the summit, there were a couple of openings to look out, but still not much of a view of anything of note. We took a few photos and then started back down. The descent back to the junction took about twenty minutes.

We had a bet going for the day that we wouldn't see more than ten people. We passed a father and his two sons and then were passed by the duo, so we were at five to that point.

Practicing our 'there's a bear' faces on the summit
Practicing our 'there's a bear' faces on the summit

The Descent

The descent down had a few tricky parts up high. It was pretty rocky and steep and there were more than a few downed logs that made for awkward body angles. We both smack our heads going under one when we didn't see the broken branch on the underside of it.

We also both came up with creative nicknames for our descent style. I came to realize I'm better at using the trees and don't use my poles on the climb down, so my style is the Flying Squirrel. Kory likes to pole down, but can release them as needed, so his is the Spider technique. When we got back to the car, our friend Candy who hiked with us the day before deemed hers the Lizard since she likes to use the trees but also slide down some things.

Once through the top section, the traffic started to pick up. We ended up seeing more than ten people early on, so we went double or nothing that we wouldn't reach twenty.

We started our descent around 11:10am and finally got back to the registry around 12:45pm. During that time, we ran into thirteen more people, so twenty-five total and another wash of a trail bet.

Total Time on Trail: 5 hours, 30 minutes

Adirondack Loj

After signing out of the registry, we decided we wanted to get some of the mud off before jumping in the car. We took a right towards Heart Lake and ran into the camp grounds. There was a family staying there that we ran into on the Tabletop/Phelps hike the day before and they were the first people we bumped into.

We ended up chatting with them for about thirty to forty-five minutes. The grandmother was amazing and had been out in the mountains often. Her daughter and her grandkids had done only four peaks to that point. The grandson showed us his trail log book which we had never seen before. We also got some much appreciated watermelon before heading back to Lake Placid and picking up our friend Candy.

Wouldn't you know that while we were out hiking she had gone shopping and presented us with gifts - our very own trail log books. Totally cool since now we could write down the times with some of those notable trail markers.

At Heart Lake Post-Hike
At Heart Lake Post-Hike

Ranking the Peaks

Street and Nye made thirteen high peaks to date. Factoring in views, terrain, and social interactions, this is my updated enjoyment ranking:

1. Big Slide

2. Colden

3. Algonquin

4. Phelps

5. Giant

6. Rocky Ridge

7. Iroquois

8. Cascade

9. Street

10. Wright

11. Porter

12. Nye

13.) Tabletop

Where Do Street and Nye Rank on Your 46er List?

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      • Valeant profile imageAUTHOR


        2 years ago from Syracuse, NY

        It was a good one. Good friends, good trails, great weather.

      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 

        2 years ago from Oklahoma

        Sounds like a lovely hike:-)


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