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Popular Hiking Spots Near Burlington, Vermont


The Green Mountains

"The Green Mountain State." The Vermont State License Plate slogan will tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful state. If that doesn't convince you of its mountainous terrain, take a look at its name. "Verts Monts" in French directly translates to "Green Mountains." And the name of the state college of Vermont, UVM, was derived from the latin "Universitas Viridis Montis" which translates to "University of the Green Mountains." So it is no secret that Vermont is known for its green mountains.

I decided to write this article to provide readers with some of the best hikes in the northeastern region of Vermont that I am familiar with. Please feel free to comment if you've ever hiked these trails or if you feel I have left any out that should have been included.


Camel's Hump, Huntington, VT


At 4,083 feet high, Camel's Hump is the third tallest mountain in the state of Vermont. Forty-five minutes outside of Burlington, the mountain offers 360 degree views. Note that the mountain has two trailheads, one in the town of Duxbury and the other in the town of Huntington. Keep this in this mind if you decide to do this hike. Be careful to choose the same trail going down the mountain as you took hiking up.

The length of this hike is around 5.9 miles round trip. It is fairly challenging so I recommend bringing plenty water to hydrate and perhaps a lunch to eat at the top. Although you'll definitely work up a sweat going up the mountain, the temperature can be fairly brisk at the summit. I suggest packing a sweatshirt.

Dogs are welcome on this trail as long as they are leashed.

Mt Philo, Charlotte, VT


Although Mt Philo is a short hike at 538 feet, it boasts spectacular views of Chittenden County and Lake Champlain. It will most likely take you less than an hour to reach the top of this 1.9 mile hike. At its summit, you will find picnic benches and Adirondack chairs for enjoying the views, restrooms, and a water fountain.

There is parking at the bottom of the mountain off of Mt Philo Road. From Memorial Day to Columbus Day, between 10am and sunset, expect a $3 fee for adults and $2 for kids.

Dogs are allowed on this trail as long as they are leashed. This trail is hiked year-round.

Mt Mansfield, Stowe, VT


At 4,393 feet, Mt Mansfield is the tallest mountain in Vermont. The hike is 7.3 miles in length round-trip. Known as the "chin", its summit features beautiful views of Canada, New Hampshire, and New York. Stowe Mountain Resort resides on the east side of the mountain.

There are multiple parking options for those interested in hiking Mt. Mansfield. The Long Trail Parking Lot on Route 108 will get you closet to the summit. There is also parking available in Underhill State Park however, there is a $4 charge per person to enter this park.

Dogs on leashes are permitted on this hiking trail.

Mt Abraham, Lincoln, VT


Named after the 16th president of the United States, Mt Abraham is 4,017 feet in elevation. The length of the hike is 5.6 miles. A unique feature to hiking this mountain is that it is home to a plane crash site. You can still find remnants of the 1973 plane crash not too far from the summit on the north side of the mountain.

There are two parking lots where hiking trails can be accessed. One on Jim Durre Road and the other on Lincoln Gap Road.

Stowe Pinnacle, Stowe, VT


One of my favorite hikes, Stowe Pinnacle is a 3 mile hike to the top of the mountain which stands at 1,551 feet in elevation. The hike can be a steep at times which is why I recommend avoiding it in the winter due to potentially icy conditions. Expect beautiful views of the Waterbury basin and the town of Stowe at the top. The hike can be cut in half by starting at the trailhead in the parking lot on Pinnacle Road. For those who are interested in doing the full length of the hike, park at the small parking lot on Upper Hollow Road, just past Pinnacle Road.

This hike is dog-friendly. Expect to be greeted by two Stowe Pinnacle expert hikers at the top, two friendly golden retrievers named Samson & Baylor.

Sterling Mountain, Jeffersonville, VT


Atop Sterling Mountain at 3,010 feet, you will find the highest trout pond in the state of Vermont, Sterling Pond. If you continue on for another 15 minutes, you will reach the top of Spruce Peak. Located within Smuggler's Notch, the hike to Sterling Pond begins at the top of the Notch.

To reach the top of the Notch, take Route 108 or Mountain Road (featured in the picture below.) Be cautious when driving on this road in the fall however. Vibrant yellow leaves bring a lot of "leaf peepers" (what Vermonters call out of staters who come to watch the leaves turn) to this narrow, winding road.

Route 108 to the top of Smuggler's Notch

Route 108 to the top of Smuggler's Notch

Jay Peak, Westfield, VT


In the summer, you can hike Jay Peak Mountain, home to the popular ski resort, Jay Peak Ski Resort. During the summer months, there is a gondola that runs up and down the mountain taking people to the top of the mountain. Atop 3,858 feet, you will find the Jay Peak Summit House where you can grab a bite to eat and use the restroom. Dogs are permitted on this hiking trail.

The best parking lot to hike Mt Jay is located on Route 242, two to three miles past the Jay Peak Ski Area.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Liz Westwood from UK on August 22, 2018:

Great photos. Vermont is on our list of places to go.

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