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Climbing & Hiking


The Value of Fear From a Hiker's Perspective

Walk some miles in my beat-up hiking shoes, and you'll know that I'm still afraid.


Cooking Equipment and Tool Recommendations for Backpacking

Every day carry supplies and kitchen tools are essential to backpacking list. Here are some of my favorite items to include in my pack.


Clothing and Equipment for Backpacking

Backpacking is the best way to see the world. Across all continents there is nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by untouched wilderness.


2 Nice Trail Hiking Networks in Canmore, Alberta

Canmore, Alberta, near Banff, offers a lot of hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. In this article, I review the Canmore Nordic Centre trails and the ones near Horseshoe Loop.


Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim: A Hiker’s 7-Day Journal

Follow along on my late spring trek from Grand Canyon's South Rim to North Rim via the Bright Angel Trail.


Adirondack Hike: Rooster Comb and Snow Mountains

Details from a hiking loop of Rooster Comb and Snow Mountains in the Adirondack Park of Upstate, New York.


Visiting Zion National Park: A Few Lesser Known Hikes

Zion is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks in the country. To really see the park in all its glory, you have to go hiking since some of the most scenic and majestic places are tucked away, and can only be reached by trail.


Adirondack Hike: Pitchoff Mountain & Balanced Rocks

A detailed trip report from an October hike to the summit of Pitchoff Mountain in the Adirondack Park of New York. Pitchoff Mountain stands at 3,600 feet and is a 3.8-mile in-and-back or 4.3-mile through hike.


Adirondack Hike: Blue Mountain

A detailed report of a hike to the summit of Blue Mountain in the Adirondack Park of New York in mid June.


Walking the Camino de Santiago

The French portion is still the most popular route of Camino de Santiago. Here you'll find tips and anecdotes that will make your journey memorable.


The Stunning West Fork of Oak Creek Hiking Trail in Sedona

Stunning red rock formations and cool forested canyons offer a variety of hiking opportunities suited for hikers of all abilities. For a myriad of reasons, the West Fork trail is considered to be the most popular in Sedona's trail system.


Exploring Rhondda Cynon Taf, a Celtic Cult Circuit

The route meanders through farmland and woodlands via the site of Darren Deusant (cliff of the two Saints) with Celtic associations. The route is waymarked with bunny logos and the number 6 for easy navigation.


Raven Rock State Park Lillington, NC

Family friendly hiking for adults, kids, and pets. Like most North Carolina state parks, this is a very popular location on the weekends. Located in the middle of the state, Raven Rock State Park offers camping and 20 miles of hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate.


Review and Opinion: The High Sierra Classic 2 Series Summit 45L Internal Frame Backpack

Trying out the High Sierra Classic 2 Series Summit Backpack was a no-brainer. With a price tag under $100 and a 45L capacity, this pack is inexpensive and has the capacity to hold enough gear for a quick overnighter or a weekend trip. Check out my review and opinion of the best budget pack yet.


Are These the Top 3 Low-Budget Hiking and Backpacking Gear Choices for the Frugal Hiker?

It's time to get out there and start backpacking and hiking. For those just starting out, you may not want to spend a ton of money on something that you won't enjoy. I will help you stretch your dollar and find excellent, lightweight backpacking and hiking gear at a great price as usual.


Hiking in Kaibab National Forest (in Grand Canyon National Park)

Are you looking for the perfect place to get out and do some walking/hiking this year? Look no further than the Kaibab National Forest in Grand Canyon National Park. This is a fun and relaxing hike, a great place to escape the crowds and lose yourself among the majestic ponderosa pines.


10 Backpacking Hacks for a Lighter Pack

Safely trim the pounds off your backpack without sacrificing camp comfort or heavily investing in new gear.


Traversing Taf Fechan: Hiking in the Brecon Beacons

Using the Ramblers App to find a new trail I'd not yet traversed, I was blown away with the Taf Fechan hike. Waterfalls, a steep climb, a memorial to five Canadian airmen, a ridge walk with fine views across the Brecon Beacons and two disused reservoirs can all be found on this walk.


Exploring the Lenore Caves in Eastern Washington

Sharing an adventure to the Lake Lenore Caves located in beautiful Eastern Washington.


Why Is Nanga Parbat Called the Killer Mountain?

Nanga Parbat has a daunting ascent, and even in the summer months, it is imperiled by unstable glaciers, avalanches, and ferocious storms. It's no mystery how the mountain got its nickname...


My Summertime Destination: The Quinault Rainforest

I will be sharing my personal experience and recollections of my summertime camping trip while visiting the Quinault Rainforest in Washington State.


My Summertime Destination: Sol Duc Falls at the Olympic National Park

Allow me to share a favorite summertime destination to the Sol Duc Falls at the Olympic National Park in Washington State (with photos).


Tank Hollow Vista: The Secret Hike to Spectacular Views of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Gorge

Located in Forest Township, Pennsylvania (minutes from Jim Thorpe, PA), Tank Hollow Vista offers one of the most spectacular, scenic views east of the Mississippi. It is a relatively easy hike with an amazing reward. This hike culminates at a rocky outcropping perched high atop the Lehigh Gorge.


Simpson River Trail in Kootenay National Park

In this article, I recall the Simpson River Trail in Kootenay National Park done easy-style. I didn't take the whole trail by any stretch but just the opening 30 minutes to a nice viewpoint.


Hiking and Biking the Lehigh Valley Gorge: Pennsylvania's Buttermilk and Luke's Falls Two-Waterfall Hike

With rocky outcroppings and a lush, dense forest, amazing dual waterfall views await your arrival at Lehigh Gorge State Park in Luzerne and Carbon County Pennsylvania. This article includes photography, tips, and personal experiences while hiking and biking this vast outdoor oasis.


Banff Hoodoos Toe Trail Near Banff Alberta (With Videos)

In this article, I recall a little bit of time I spent hiking on the Toe Trail near some hoodoos in Banff National Park.


Why Is Annapurna Known as the World's Deadliest Mountain?

Why is Annapurna called the world's deadliest mountain to climb? Well here is the answer.


Hiking Trails at Cochrane Ranch Park

In this article, I give you a preview of what type of hikes to expect at Cochrane Ranch Park with a focus on trails. It's complete with videos.


Alice Lake's Four Lakes Trail Near Squamish

In this article, I reviewed a day trip out to Alice Lake near Squamish and a good time I had hiking in the area.


Rocky Bluffs Trail Near Ucluelet BC

In this article, I recall my trail walking in Ucluelet. One easy-to-moderate trail that I walked was the Rocky Bluffs Trail.


Giant Cedar Trail Between Port Alberni and Tofino

In this article, I recall my trip to the Giant Cedar Trail on Vancouver Island. It's complete with two Youtube videos.


Trails and Hiking in Kalamoir Regional Park in West Kelowna

In this article, I review my trip to Kalamoir Regional Park in West Kelowna.


Peden Lake Trail Near Sooke British Columbia

In this article, I review a hike on the Peden Lake Trail from the summer of 2020. The lake is central to the memories I formed that day.


Englishman River Falls and Nymph Falls on Vancouver Island

In this article, I recall two July 2020 visits to waterfalls on Vancouver Island. Complete with video, I give my travels tips and recommendations.


Nanaimo's Extension Ridge Trail: The Abyss

In this article, I recall my July 2020 hike in south Nanaimo where I looked for the trail to the Abyss (ie. the Extension Ridge Trail).


Piper's Lagoon Park and Neck Point Park in Nanaimo British Columbia

In this article, I recalled a couple of visits to some seaside parks in Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Islands: Piper's Lagoon Park and Neck Point Park.


Bear's Hump Trail in Waterton Lakes National Park

In this article, I recall a trip I took up an amazing and short trail in Waterton Lakes National Park in July of 2021.


Rogers Creek Nature Trail and the Hole in the Wall Near Port Alberni

In this article, I review my experiences in the Rogers Creek Trail System near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, including searching for the Hole in the Wall attraction.


Bear Sightings in Western Canada (My Hiking Experiences)

In this hiking article, I recall the very few times that I saw a bear while enjoying a nature trail in western Canada. I conclude that, based on all the trails I've hiked, chances of seeing a bear are very low so long as you make noise while hiking.


Iona Jetty Trail in Iona Beach Park in Richmond British Columbia

In this article, I recall my trips out to Iona Baech Park in Richmond, British Columbia. The Iona Jetty Trail is one of my personal favorites.


Hiking Trails Near Crofton British Columbia on Vancouver Island

In this article, I recall my day trip to Crofton, British Columbia and the hiking trail network in the Maple Mountain Forest Reserve.


Heart Lake Trail Near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island

In this article, I recall my hiking trip to Heart Lake near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island from August 2020.


Nose Hill Park Trails in Calgary Alberta

In this article, I review my trips to Calgary's Nose Hill Park in the northern section of that Albertan city.


Glenbow Ranch Trails Near Cochrane Alberta

In this article, I recall one of my favorite hiking trips near Calgary, Alberta. I spent a handful of hours out at the Glenbow Ranch Park.


Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver Hiking Trails

In this article, I recall my numerous trips out to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver with a focus on the viewpoints and hiking trails in the park.


Beaver Dam Flats in Calgary Alberta

In this article, I recall a park in Calgary, Alberta that I think nature and wildlife enthusiasts will be keen to visit.


Cobble Hill Mountain Regional Recreation Area on Vancouver Island

In this article, I recall my visit to a park just off of the Trans Canada Highway in between Duncan and Mill Bay on scenic Vancouver Island.


Two Safety Tips on Hiking Alone

In this article, I try to look past the common advice for safe hiking for the solo adventurer and focus on a couple of less-commonly-voiced pointers.


Hope Lookout Trail Near Hope British Columbia

In this article, I recall my September 2020 visit to the Hope Lookout Trail near Hope, British Columbia.


3 Easy Trails Close to Banff Alberta

In this article, I provide travel tips for the trail enthusiast who wants something easy to walk and easy to get to while in Banff.