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Review and Opinion: GeerTop's Toproad 2, the Best Selling 2 Person 4 Season Tent on Amazon

Charles has long experience fishing, hiking, exploring, and camping in the Northeast.

The GeerTop Toproad 2 Waterproof Camping Tent

The GeerTop Toproad 2 Waterproof Camping Tent

My Search for an All-Season Tent

I was looking for an all-season, two person tent to take along with me during my hiking, backpacking, and car-camping adventures. I needed something waterproof and warm for those chilly, early summer nights.

I researched many tents in my search to find the right tent to fit my budget. I eventually settled upon the GeerTop Toproad 2 which I found on Amazon.

Finally, a two person, four season tent with the features I was looking for! At around 100 dollars, this tent fit my budget, and the description and pictures provided, promised a high-quality piece of gear to try out.

The Company

GeerTop was founded in 2012. After hiking and backpacking around the world, a young entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast dedicated his life to the development of ultralight, portable, and high-quality outdoor gear for the marketplace.

As one of the largest outdoor sporting goods producers in the world, they manufacture their products in privately owned factories. With a robust product testing facility, they are able to ensure consumers consistently receive innovative and high-quality outdoor products.

The company philosophy of "Experience the Journey," exemplifies GeerTop's commitment to empowering their customers, regardless of their budget or whether they are experienced professionals or newcomers. GeerTop is dedicated to providing access to the great outdoors with durable and high-quality gear for camping, hiking, and backpacking at a reasonable price point.

A decent tent for the price. This is the Toproad 2.

A decent tent for the price. This is the Toproad 2.

Product Review

Here are details about my experience I took into account when reviewing this product.

Tent Specifications

Interior Dimensions: 78"(L) x 55"(W) x 41"(H). Space for two 25.5" sleeping bags. Headroom: 41". Tent with carrying case: 17.3"(L) x 6.7". Overall weight: 6.4 lbs. Waterproof materials tested: PU 3000mm water-resistant finish enables it to shed snow and rain quickly.

Cost: $125.99.

Field Test Conditions

I couldn't have asked for better conditions to field test the tent in. The field test took place in mid-June 2022, the location being Hickory Run State Park, Pennsylvania. The temperature ranged from 78°F during the day to 62°F at night. The winds averaged 5-8 MPH for the 24-hour testing period. The tent was pitched in a heavily wooded area with hard rocky soil littered with oak leaves and pine needles as the base. The tent was pitched on the included lightweight ground cover.


Immediately out of the box, I could tell this was a quality tent for the money. The carrying case was straightforward and simply designed to store and carry the Toproad 2 and all of its components. The main tent body, rainfly, 10 tent pegs, and a lightweight ground cover were included in the box.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated nor sponsored by GeerTop.


The materials used in the construction of this tent seemed to be of acceptable quality and I didn't notice any rips, tears, or loose stitching upon my initial inspection. The zippers generally operated smoothly. Venting was just OK—there was a mesh window on each side door and no mesh on the ceiling.

The tent stakes provided were made of cheap materials and seemed like they would survive for only a couple of seasons at best. The aluminum tent poles were of good construction and seemed fine, albeit a little heavy for backpacking or hiking.


Weighing in at 6.4 pounds, this tent is certainly not considered lightweight. Some suggestions for weight savings include ditching the carrying case. With the tent and poles removed from the storage bag, I was able to put the tent into a compression bag and fit it into my backpack with the poles strapped to the outside.


According to GeerTop, this tent is designed to sleep two people, If true, they would have to be small people. I am 5' 8" and there was just enough space for me alone with my gear. Two people with their gear would have a hard time sleeping in this 2 person tent. Consider something different if you are taller than 5'-8", you may want to look for something a little longer.

Weather Resistance

It was pretty calm during my testing and the tent managed fine. Barely a flutter. It didn't rain during this trip so I wasn't able to test its waterproof capability. Once I do, I will update this review with the results.

While we are on the subject of moisture, tents are notorious for collecting condensation overnight. I didn't experience any condensation, though with the rainfly in place, this tent gets HOT. The inside of the tent stayed very warm and dry overnight even as the temperature outside dropped by 15°F or so. I would definitely recommend this tent for much cooler weather. If it rains at night in the middle of summer, I could see this tent easily becoming a sauna.


Opinion and Rating

Although the tent is waterproof, well constructed, and somewhat inexpensive, I found this tent was way too heavy for backpacking or hiking "as stated on its product page" and better suited for car camping or drive-up camping. It did well at holding in the heat overnight, which leads me to believe this tent would handle temperatures much lower than 60°F.

The size of the tent is also a major factor for me, I would have liked the Quechua to have been at least 3" longer and maybe a tad taller and wider. I really like the setup with two side doors. It allowed easy access no matter which side you prefer to sleep on and makes for easy entry and exit. The two vestibules this tent offers were a nice touch and provided room for both my pack and shoes, freeing up valuable space inside for plenty of tossing and turning.







Weather Resistance


Overall Score


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