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Eastern Washington Camping at Soap Lake

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Kimberly enjoys sharing her love of camping and outdoor adventures. Spending time in nature is her all-time favorite, happy place!

Welcome to Soap Lake, home of the "Largest Human Figure Sundial in Existence."

Welcome to Soap Lake, home of the "Largest Human Figure Sundial in Existence."

Soap Lake is a city located in Grant County, Washington. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, it has a population of 1,615 and is the 180th largest city in Washington State. Soap Lake has long been a vacation destination for those who want a peaceful place to escape and enjoy the great outdoors. Soap Lake is a unique mineral lake, world-renowned as “nature’s spa”.

Visitors can easily make Smokiam RV Resort a basecamp while exploring the neighboring areas of Quincy, The Gorge, Wenatchee, Banks Lake, Moses Lake, and more. My traveling partner (aka husband) and I made reservations at the RV resort in late September and enjoyed the local sights such as Summer Falls, Dry Falls, and the Lake Lenore Caves.

 Basalt rock formations at Soap Lake

Basalt rock formations at Soap Lake

Sunny Skies in Soap Lake

I wouldn't shy away from visiting this little gem any time of the year, but if you are a fair-weather kind of person, you may find the best times to visit Soap Lake for ideal weather are April through July, and August through September.

On average, there are 191 sunny days per year in Soap Lake. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters are cold and rainy.

Desert Highway

Desert Highway

Welcome to the Desert

You will encounter many views of mountainous basalt rock formations along your travels throughout Eastern Washington as well as miles of sagebrush and native grasses in this desert environment.

The Majestic Mineral Waters of Soap Lake

The Majestic Mineral Waters of Soap Lake

"World's Greatest Mineral Sea"

Smokiam is the indigenous name for Soap Lake, which means "Healing Waters." Soap Lake is a mineral-rich source of water that has long been thought to have medicinal values. The city of Soap Lake prides itself as "Washington's Health Resort". There are 23 different minerals and is known to have the most diverse mineral content of any body of water on earth.

Visitors are known to travel worldwide to bathe in the rich mineral waters. Some of the reported health benefits of soaking in the lake include improved skin, circulatory, digestive, and joint problems. Many visitors claim the waters leave their skin soft and aching joints and muscles refreshed. Visitors have been known to lather themselves in the mineral mud as well.

I cannot attest to the healing properties myself, as I didn't bathe myself in the lake during my stay. The sulfuric odor rising from the waters was enough to deter me from getting in.


Camping Accommodations

My husband and I made online reservations with the Smokiam RV Resort well in advance. Upon our arrival, we requested a pull-through space to park our camp trailer while we explored the sights and local destinations of the area. We arrived late in the afternoon of our stay and had a pleasant welcome from the check-in office. We were provided a map of the RV park and briefed on the amenities available.

We were able to purchase bundles of firewood for a campfire, browse their gift shop and scope out their beverage bar before parking our camper and settling in for our stay. We were pretty surprised with the spacious camping area and all its extras, such as a large outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, mini-golf, playground, and teepee village. The park was clean and well kept.



Our campsite had a picnic table, firepit, onsight hook-ups, and water. We were very comfortable in our campground setting. The view of Soap Lake was in front of us, and the shoreline was just a short walk from our campsite. Waking up to this view was refreshing.

Beware of Snakes

Venomous rattlesnakes can be found just about anywhere in the Eastern Washington terrain. Knowing this, we purchased protective snake chaps online ahead of time. Part of our itinerary would include hiking and exploring, and we most certainly didn't want any mishaps or run-ins with rattlers.

I am delighted to share that we did not cross paths with any snakes during our stay, but we felt safer having the protective gear just in case.

Stay in a Tepee

Visitors may make private reservations to stay in one of the ten offered tepees on site. The campground provides six on the shores of the lake and four in an intimate “village” group setting. You can find all the information by going to their website.

Planning Our Next Camping Trip

We were so impressed by our experience at the Smokiam RV Resort that we have mentally made a note of making online reservations again for the upcoming summer. We hope that our adult kids and young grandkids will share in the next camping trip. The onsite amenities would provide a spacious and fun experience for all ages.

We highly recommend adding this location to your list of future vacation destinations.

Directions to Soap Lake

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