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My Top 12 Budget Overlanding Gear Picks From Walmart and Amazon

Charles is an avid outdoor enthusiast that field tests and reviews the quality and durability of camping, hiking, and backpacking gear.

Overlanding Is the New Outdoor Craze

I don't know if it's due to the recent pandemic or the fact that people just want to explore the outdoors and sleep in nature. Whatever the reason, I imagine that people would like to do it inexpensively. With the rising cost of gas and the supply chain shortages, we all want to hit the great outdoors without going bankrupt doing it.

I've been overlanding for quite some time and fortunately haven't spent a ton of money on gear. I'll try to showcase some of my budget-friendly gear here the best I can. Some of my gear is probably outdated but I was able to locate updated versions of the gear I use regularly and list it here for you. Read on for more.

Overlanding sleep system

Overlanding sleep system

Budget Sleeping Gear

All of these products are available in-store or online through the Walmart website. These are products I currently own and am familiar with. I've been using these specific products for several years now without issue. I will probably upgrade my sleeping pad to an inflatable one and just put the inflatable pad on top of the current folding pad for extra insulation when sleeping on the ground.

1. $36.88 Sleeping Bag

The Ozark Trail 10 degree Fahrenheit mummy-style sleeping bag suits me just fine in all weather. If I find myself in temps below 10F, I usually add my liner and camp quilt. In warmer weather, I'll leave it unzipped or sleep on top of it.

2. $9.78 Sleeping Bag Liner

The Ozark Trail breathable polyester liner is the perfect addition to a sleeping bag for added warmth on chilly nights. Small, lightweight, and easily packable.

3. $19.95 Camp Quilt

Most camp quilts I've come across start at $40. This Wentzel camp quilt comes in at half the price. I like this quilt as it is lightweight and rolls up nice and small. Plus the pattern makes it look great. My current Wentzel has a different pattern, but I like the red geometric shapes on this one.

4. $18.97 Sleeping Pad

Available in store for purchase. The Ozark Trail sleeping pad provides cushioning and insulation. It folds quickly and neatly with 2 elastic bands to hold it securely when not in use. It can be carried easily on the outside of a backpack if necessary.

5. $5.99 Camp Pillow

Available at, the Decathlon Quechua air pillow is quite a bargain. It packs small and is pretty comfortable if paired with a travel-sized pillowcase.

Overlanding cooking gear

Overlanding cooking gear

Camp Cooking Overlanding Gear

All of these items are from Amazon. They may be available at Walmart but the prices and availability from Amazon were better overall. Amazon generally has sales and you can frequently find a coupon on the product page that you can click and apply to your purchase. Something I don't see Wal-Mart currently doing.

1. $13.29 Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

Hands down, my favorite piece of gear. What a bargain. This Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set comes complete with a 24 oz. Kettle, lid, and 2 cups. Perfect for boiling water for coffee, tea, or reconstituting freeze-dried camping meals. It is rugged and probably indestructible if used properly.

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2. $11.69 Extremus Portable Camping Stove

An Amazon's Choice product. This portable camp stove is the perfect size for overlanding, backpacking, and hiking. Comes with a carrying case and bonus silverware set. Stainless steel construction should last for many, many seasons. Great price, and a great deal.

3. $26.74 Coleman Folding Camp Chair

These Coleman folding chairs are great. This folding chair has been around forever. I had a set of these 35 years ago and used them every time I camped until they fell apart. These chairs are light, strong, comfortable, and fold down nicely, taking up very little space in your rig.

4. $19.89 Tenrios Portable Camping Table

You'll need this lightweight folding table for cooking, prep, and coffee. Folds down small to take up less space and includes a nice carrying case. A very useful item that is often overlooked.

5. $19.99 Gas One Camping Fuel

Another Amazon's Choice product. You'll need fuel for your portable stove. I like this product as it seems to handle the cold weather better. About $20 bucks for a two pack.

Miscellaneous gear

Miscellaneous gear

Miscellaneous Overlanding Gear

Amazon often has huge sales on necessary overlanding items. I personally would love to own the Jackery 1000 portable power station. A number of Jackery power stations are on sale now at Amazon for big savings. I included a smaller one because it is on sale and a great deal.

1. $160.65 Jackery 240 Portable Power Station

This Jackery 240 Portable Power Station is a small but powerful device that can power and recharge most of your power-hungry gear. Weighing in at only 6.6 lbs. It offers a 110v outlet and dual USB ports. With the addition of Jackery solar panels, it can be recharged in multiple ways. An Amazon's Choice product.

2. $92.00 Igloo 28 Quart 12V Iceless Cooler

Small and compact perfect for taking up less space. This 12V cooler from Igloo allows you to keep drinks and food cold without messy ice. Can be powered by your vehicle or a portable power station like the Jackery. Definitely needed for long, overnight, overlanding trips.

My overlanding setup

My overlanding setup

Happy Trails

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can bring with you on an overlanding trip. I tried to list what I feel are most important to have a great time. Keep in mind, although I try to keep it cheap, these products are time-tested and have held up for many years without fail.

Check out some of my other articles where I provide a more detailed packing list and go into further depth on just about everything you can think of bringing along on your next trip. Don't forget to follow me and thanks again for stopping by. Happy trails!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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