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Funny Camping Pranks

Updated on May 27, 2016

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Fun under the canopy
Fun under the canopy

Funny Camping Pranks - Just For You

What do you do when you and your buddies run out of things to do in the wilderness? That's right, you play funny pranks on each other. And when someone pulls a prank on you, you have to prank them back. So for your benefit, I have included the best pranks that I know, plus a few I have heard of, to make your revenge a little bit sweeter.

Before you start reading this, make sure that you know the person you are going to prank is not an overly sensitive individual. They may not decide to go camping with you again if you hurt their feelings to badly. It's better to have a friend then have one laugh.

You ready for this?

If you put your mind to it, there are hundreds of pranks that you can play on people. Some require time and planning while others can be done as soon as they are asleep. Here are a few that require little planning or resources.

1) If it's a guy you are pranking, some bright pink pail polish will definitely boost their self esteem. Wait until they are asleep.

2) Smear shaving cream on someone's hand when they are asleep, then tickle their face.

3) Take a water bottle, unscrew it so that it leaks a little bit of water, and set it in their sleeping bag.

4) If you don't want to waste an entire water bottle on someone, you can simply poke a hole in the top of a water bottle so that it squirts a stream of water when you squeeze it. Then simply squirt a person when you are all sitting around a table. With luck, they won't notice that they are getting wet.

5) If they go to sleep before the rest of the group, you can quietly pull all of the poles out of the tent. It will be very disorienting when they wake up to go to the rest room.

6) Got zip-ties? Take one and zip-tie their tent zippers together. Then they have to beg someone for a knife so they can get out.

7) Are you doing a hike during your campout? Then don't forget to pack your friend's backpack with rocks to give them a little challenge.

8) This prank needs someone who is a little paranoid for it to work. If they have long hair, then keep telling them (before the campout) that they really need to get their haircut, or you just might do it yourself. If you keep reminding them about it, they will be so paranoid that they won't sleep for the entire campout. This works many other ways as well.

For that special person...

Some pranks require you to get special items or other things that aren't really household items. Others require time and a lot of effort to carry out. But when they succeed, it is something that everyone will remember.

1) For this one, you are going to need some portable hair clippers, preferably ones that are quiet. You have to wait until they are soundly asleep, or else they will wake up. At this point, you can shave off any hair that you want. Their eyebrows, their hair, anything.

2) Do you have an iPod with really loud metal music? Wait until they are asleep, place the headphones on their ears, then turn it up as loud as you can. Videotape their reaction.

3) If your entire group wakes up early, ditch the remaining person in camp. If you drove there, move the cars down the road. Make sure to do it quietly so that they don't wake up. Reactions will vary.

4) Bring some dog food next time you go camping, and stick it in some food. Dog food has the ability of being able to look like many different types of food, ranging from beef chunks to chocolate chip bits. Your imagination is the limit.

5) Get some parachute cord and tie their sleeping bag shut. If they are claustrophobic, don't do this, they may destroy their sleeping bag, their tent, then you.

A bunch of Boys
A bunch of Boys

Boy Scout Pranks

If you are apart of a Boy Scout Troop, then I have a few pranks specially made for you. Boy Scouts have a long and rich history of amazing pranks, and here are a few of the best that I have seen.

1) Do you know a scout who is a heavy sleeper? Carefully pick up their sleeping bag and carry it to some remote part of the forest. If you are at a week long camp with other troops close by, you can carry their sleeping bag into another troop. The reaction is priceless.

2) Snipe hunts are great for new scouts who are really gullible. Go for a hike at night, and while you are walking, tell them about snipes. Make up terrifying stories about them, and one by one, have each member of your party disappear into the surrounding landscape. Soon they will be the only one there, alone with a hungry snipe. (Make sure that you stick around so that they don't run into the wilderness and disappear. Safety first.)

3) At week long camps, breakfast begins extra early, so be sure to not wake that heavy sleeper so that they miss breakfast. Sometimes, they will sleep into lunch as well.

4) Many scouts bring portable gaming systems to keep them entertained, and nothing will make that scout more angry than turning on their game and running the batteries out.

5) You know those bungee ties that scoutmasters sometimes use to secure packs and stuff like that to the top of their car? Strap a few of those together and tie them around the outhouse, while they are inside it. Don't forget to let them out.

There Are Many More...

There are literally hundreds of pranks, all limited to your imagination. I tend to look on youtube for pranks that I can try, and many times find out new pranks because they were done to me. If you have a prank that you would like to share with us, please leave it in the comment section below so that we can try it on all of our friends.

I have made a second hub with even more pranks that can be done just about anywhere. Click here to check it out.

A Final Note

While pranks are fun, it can really tear someone down if it is overplayed, so be sure to prank different people at the same. And don't be angry if they get you, because chances are that they will.

Just have fun!


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    • PaulaK profile image

      Paula Kirchner 6 years ago from Austin. Texas

      What goes around comes around. As a prankster myself, I usually have at least one big prank played on me. Love the hub. Great ideas!

    • Deb4FlatTires profile image

      Deb4FlatTires 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Great pranks!!! I've been a summer camp counselor for over and have been involved in so many pranks as both the victim and the prankster. I love it!!! Last summer I mixed up the other counselors' clothes and shoes between cabins. Few could find a matching pair of sneakers the next morning. I laughed so hard as the gals came out of their cabins in frustration holding mismatched outfits, etc. Most were able to find most of their wardrobe by the end of the week.

      Yes Paula pranksters do get their just deserts after a good prank. Well the counselors had their revenge. They Gorilla Glued the doors shut on my Mustang GT!!! Ahhhh!!!!

    • SafeCard 6 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      There are some great pranks on your list. I cannot wait to go camping now to try some of these out.

    • Ronnie Ryland 6 years ago

      One of my favorite is setting the tent on fire when my missus is sleeping, absolutley fantastic allthough I haven't seen her since apart from on the news.

    • Connor 6 years ago

      The best prank of all time is when your camping next to a lake, and someone has a sleeping matress.. well you put them in the lake and when they wake up the reaction is just hilarious.

    • Grace 5 years ago

      Nice I'm going camping and need some jokes

    • John Bretten  5 years ago

      haha lol, great pranks bro. I have been a part of many classic pranks in my day, the best one to do on camp is to pretend your a bear and scare all your camp buds. All you need is a bear costume, and some gullable campers, reactions are hilarious!

    • nightmare 5 years ago

      I'm going camping and I wanna prank this guy.


    • Jacob 5 years ago

      Good camp pranks: If someone has a cot, duct tape them to it or screw with the bars that hold it up.

      Get about 10-30 paper cups, fill every single one with water, place a piece of cardboard on top of the paper cup and hold it, flip the cup upside down place it just inside the tent and place the cup upside down and carefully remove the cardboard, the cup is full of water and if you lift it up it will get water everywhere!

    • Sean 5 years ago

      If there's a house with a door and a bin or something you could fill it up with water and lean it against someones door...

    • Ben 5 years ago

      Awesome pranks.I an going to camp and this will be very useful

    • Kelly 4 years ago

      i need to prank the dude i like

    • LILLIE 4 years ago

      So i'm going to goon a school field trip to the desert and my teachers birthday is on april fools! I need a really good prank does anyone have any, please help?

    • Hannah:) 4 years ago

      Have a happy birthday card ready and glue it together. it is a great prank

    • shaggyeagle 4 years ago

      our class r going on a campout for 2 nights. i asked if we could play pranks on the trip and the teacher said if we play a big one that makes someone cry or tattletale, we will get sent back home. so mean!!!!! i mean really, campouts are supposed to include some pranks!!!!

    • Lisa 4 years ago

      My 2 bil and sil's had the same tent. I switched the contents from each tent then turned the tents. One opening was going down into a area where we could have a fire (we didn't use that area for fires). The other tent just got turned backward so they had to walk around the tent to get in instead of being up front.

      My sil is afraid of bugs so i put plastic and rubber bugs all over her tent. Had a spider that would move up when she used the zipper to go inside. The next morning she stepped on a rubber frog and freaked out.

    • Teferi 4 years ago

      I don't know if it mentioned it but if u put someone's middle finger in a bottle of warm water they wet themselves in their sleep hope it helps u play pranks ????

    • qwertyuiop 4 years ago


    • Teferi 4 years ago

      Hi I am 12 and I am going on a residential trip wiv my best friend Alisha,aaliyah and my other friends we r going to go round shaking people's tents draw things on people's and then we are going on a midnight walk so we are going to get lost on purpose and we r covering r tent in glow sticks so we know which one is ours

    • OrangeKid profile image

      OrangeKid 4 years ago from Pinon Hills, California

      I would advise against messing with other people's equipment unless you know who it is. If you don't, they could take it badly and you could end up in a situation you don't want to be in.

    • JeM 4 years ago

      Great ideas! Would definitely try some of those at the school camp!!!

      Oh, just for fun, here's a prank I thought up:

      During night bring a small water gun filled with water (or any kind of liquid that doesn't give stains (if you want)) and hide it under your sleeping bag. And at night when everyone's asleep squirt some water on their faces when they are asleep, and if they wake up, you have to pretend to sleep (while you video tape). And if they don't notice anything, then squirt more water in other persons faces!

      Results may vary!

    • someone 4 years ago

      haha another one to prevent pranks is stick ur undies in your socks

    • kathrine 4 years ago

      one day you'll have to try putting koolaid or jello powder in a shower head.

    • shaylee 4 years ago

      A cool one I know is you get some plastic wrap and find the nearest bathroom, you then lift up the toilet seat and put plastic wrap on the bowl, then put the seat back down, the next person to use the bathroom tends to get a little angry so I suggest staying clear from the bathroom afterwards!!

    • Allie 4 years ago

      I'm a big prankster and I go to camp every summer and do pranks. Here's some of my faves:

      Paint the soap bar with clear nail polish

      Put someone's undies on the cabin roof or flagpole

      Make a clown face on a sleeping camper

      While these are fun, know your victim. If you make them too mad, they won't want to go camping with you again. Also, NEVER do these on a stranger - they may not take it kindly.

    • Kendall 4 years ago

      A great one is to sneak up on a tent with sleeping campers, scratch at the tent, and make growling noises. You should do it late at night - around two or three. Before you do this, tell everyone in the tent a scary story. They'll usually wake the counselor and tell them they're scared, then they get in trouble! Last year, I did this and my best friend woke the counselor up at 3 A.M.! The counselor was mad, but it was hilarious!

    • Courtney 4 years ago

      Here are my favorite camp pranks:

      1. For boys, paint their nails.

      2. Get the deepest sleeper, and move them into the bathroom.

      3. If there's a paranoid girl, tell her there's a den of grizzlies near your tent. When everyone else is asleep, and she has to use the restroom and she's now too frightened to go alone, refuse to go. She'll either wake someone up, causing them to tell on her, or pee in her sleeping bag. When pulling these, choose your victim wisely. Some people may get angry and tell, getting you in trouble. They may also refuse to share a tent with you. If you get caught, tell your counselor you just wanted to have some fun with fellow camper.

    • Brittany 4 years ago

      As a camp counselor, I've been involved in many pranks, as both victim and prankster. Here's some tips for the best prank possible: Choose a victim carefully. Some people may get angry and refuse to share a tent or cabin with you again. Tell them you didn't intend to be mean, that you just wanted to have some laughs with a fellow camper. Make sure the prank is safe. If it isn't don't do it because your counselor will get angry. If you ruin someone else's property, it may seem funny, but the victim may have a different opinion. Apologize if this happens. If you get caught, tell your counselor you just wanted to have some laughs with a fellow camper. Have fun with it!

    • Allison 4 years ago

      Here are some important tips for camp pranks:

      NEVER prank a stranger. They may not like it. Don't use emergency words, such as "fire", "bear", "intruder", etc. I advise against messing with someone's property unless you know them well. Don't ruin camp property, such as tents, because the counselors will get angry and you'll get in big trouble.

    • Cassie 4 years ago

      Here's my faves:

      If your camp is one of many where you have to sing embarrassing songs to get your items out of lost and found, turn someone's bra and undies in. At night, when EVERYONE in your tent or cabin is sleeping, steal all of someone's shoes and hide them in your bag. They'll be forced to go to breakfast barefoot! Often, campers bring electronics to camp to play with at night. During the day, sneak into your tent and turn them on, the battery will die. Tell a nervous girl a terrifying story about a ghost that lurks outside the bathroom at night, waiting to capture an unsuspecting camper. Then, stay up super late. When she asks you to walk her to the bathroom, refuse to go. She'll pee in her sleeping bag! Using a cell phone, make a video of you doing something nasty to a friend's toothbrush. Show it to her AFTER she brushes her teeth. Put two large handfuls of sand into someone's sleeping bag. It will never come out and will be uncomfortable for her all night. This was done to me and I couldn't get the sand out. I had to throw the sleeping bag away.

    • aim 4 years ago

      put some transparent cling wrap over the toilet bowl.

    • Brooke H 3 years ago

      I love camp and always participate in pranks. Try some of these for laughs:

      Make a scary clown face on yourself with makeup, wake A person up, they will freak! Note: Even better if you tell a scary clown story before.

      Some camps make you sing cheesy, embarrassing songs (Barney dinosaur) to get things out of lost and found. If so turn in ALL of someone's things. They will get in trouble for losing so many things!

      If someone else's not your tent has a zipper, sneak in at night and break off the inside zipper! Not only will they be stuck inside they will have to buy a new tent!!!!

      If you have walkie talkies, keep one and hide one inside somebody's tent. Make scary sounds they eventually get the counselor.

      Note have fun with these! Not recommended for counselors.

    • pranker 3 years ago

      if you are camping out with close friends and family this prank is advised. just remember to bring water balloons.

      while you are eating dinner tell your family/friends your going to spend some ALONE time in your tent, then from there you will take the water balloons fill them with some water and place them in sleeping bags, so when the person lies down they'll have their second shower. THANK YOU!

    • Mahayla Huff 2 years ago

      I have a very good prank that I made up myself.It's called ¨Chocolate Worm Delight.¨ You put at least 5 worms in an ice cream cone and then put chocolate ice cream in with the worms.Then have your victim lick it until they find it but don't look suspicious. Act like you just want to be nice to give them some dessert.That is ¨just dessert.¨Hahaha.

    • someone:-) 2 years ago

      Ding dong ditch someone and then when they come out have another person with u on both sides and shot them in the face be careful who u pick to do it to they might get u in trouble.

    • grace 19 months ago

      Here's some. 1.Bring a loud horn and at 3:00 am press the butten. 2.when they are sitting around the fire put wimpie cushions and put them on the chairs.3.when they are sleeping put underwere on there head.

    • Drew 19 months ago

      lol tried the zip tie one, priceless

    • someone 14 months ago

      While your friend is sleeping put a bowl of water under their hand.

      (Makes them pee their bed)

    • AWESOME 4 months ago

      i am going camping soon it will be fun now

    • 2 months ago

      I loved it

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