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Enwild Review: Is It Legit? Discount Outdoor Gear Site

I love checking out new outdoor gear but also watch my budget. I've learned how to get the best discount gear online and in stores.

Is Enwild Legit?

Enwild is a great website for ordering discount outdoor gear. You might remember it as Backcountry Edge. Their prices and gear are completely legitimate.

I ran into Backcountry Edge when looking for rain tarps to complete our hammock setups. They had the Eno ProFly I was looking for at 25% less than everywhere else. I didn’t recognize the website name so at first I thought it was a scam! Either this isn’t legitimate or they’re going to send me a knock off or be out of stock. But after doing a bit of research into the company I saw no reason not to order. The two flys arrived quick and were exactly what we needed for our week trip.

After that, I added Backcountry Edge to the list of sites I use when gear hunting. I actually prefer them to Backcountry.com and Steep & Cheap in most cases. Read on to learn why!

Enwild (Backcountry) Edge Review

Since buying the two rain flys I went back to the site for more gear. In summer I bought an Osprey pack (on sale) and bought a Optimus stove (full price) for Christmas.

How do they compare to other discount gear sites?


  • Big Discounts
  • Easy Returns
  • 5% Credit Back when you write a review


  • Camping Gear and Clothing only
  • Hit or Miss Sales

Enwild is definitely trustworthy and can be the best place for certain gear. I'll share with you what I shop for the most ith them so you can decide for yourself what is worth it.

Enwild Discounts

Deep discounts are the most important aspect of bargain gear sites. Enwild (formerly Backcountry Edge) has sales for at least 25% off for rotating brands. All other gear on their website is full price. It's worth checking back to see what's on sale.

Men and Womens Clothing

Backcountry edge has decent deals on clothing. But it's never heavily discounted. For this REI garage sales or previous years colors on Backcountry will give you a better price.

Outdoor Research jackets are 30% off during most seasons. Marmot and Sierra Designs are frequent. Some products are from previous years but most are current styles.

Backpacking Packs

My Osprey pack is from Backcountry Edge and my next pack purchase will be from them also. If you're willing to wait a few weeks for the right deal to come up, "Edge" is one of the best for pack deals.

I’ve seen Gregory and Osprey pack sales show up on regular rotation. Sales on Womens styles are usually easy to find. The best discounts are on older pack styles. The new styles for that season won’t have discounts.

Sleeping Bags and Pads

Deals on sleeping bags and sleeping pads from Enwild are limited to a few brands.

Discounts on Sierra Designs and Mountain Hardware sleeping bags happen every season. There are usually a few Kelty sleeping pads on sale. If you keep close watch sales on Therm-a-Rest pads pop up occasionally.

Misc Camping Gear

Almost anything you need for backpacking or camping can be found on Enwild. Occasionally good stoves will go on sale for 20% off but those are hard to find. Cookware, hammocks, dog stuff, etc all eventually make an appearance on Backcountry Edge’s sales.

Kelty backpacking tent, commonly 25% off at Backcountry Edge.

Kelty backpacking tent, commonly 25% off at Backcountry Edge.


Enwild lets you send an item back for a refund. They don't ask questions but they do charge $5 for return shipping. They waive shipping if you accept store credit or an exchange. So swapping out clothing for a different size or deciding on a different style of pack is super easy.

Customer Service/Gear Advice

I haven't used it but it's worth mentioning the gear expertise available on the site. Enwild has over 2,000 videos of product reviews and guides. It could be a good way to see something in use before you buy it. But keep in mind they profit from your purchase so the reviews will be biased.

Instead, search the item you're considering in YouTube. You'll find real people using it and giving their honest reviews. YouTube uploads and user reviews are all the gear research you need.

Enwild's staff review of Women's Marmot hoodie.

Enwild's staff review of Women's Marmot hoodie.

Other Pros

"Inside Edge" Program

If you think you'll be shopping with them, I recommend signing up for Inside Edge. You just create an account and subscribe to their email list. Mark the emails as spam if you want. But checkout their Inside Edge Deal Days every month. There's even more deep discounts you don't have access to without an account.

Review Gear for Points: 5% Back

After you've had an item for a few weeks Enwild will email you to review it. They give you points for each review worth 5% of the item's price. You can redeem any amount of points immediately as store credit.Essentially, you get 5% credit for every purchase.

User Reviews

Rewards for reviewing products has another perk for you: honest user reviews! Gear with any popularity has loads of user reviews. You know these are verified buyers who recently used the item.

The Negatives

There’s not many drawbacks to shopping on Enwild. But it is limited to clothing and camping gear. You won’t find outdoor sports gear like biking, climbing or kayaking. Steep & Cheap is the best I’ve found when searching for outdoor sports gear.

Pretty often they just don’t have something discounted you’re looking for. In that case you either wait for a deal to show up or buy it full price.

Overall Review

Despite a few drawbacks, Enwild has a solid place on my discount outdoor gear list. I've always been satisfied with their responsive customer service and love looking through their reviews.

Have you ordered gear from Backcountry Edge or Enwild? Or just used their gear reviews as research when making a decision? Do you agree with my review?

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