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Camping at Hickory Run State Park: Pennsylvania's Most Beautiful Campground

One of America's most beautiful scenic treasures is the mountainous region of Carbon County, Pennsylvania. In particular, the areas surrounding Jim Thorpe in which the stunning Hickory Run State Park is located. Camping at the park is a great stepping-off point for numerous outdoor adventures.


How I Plan for the Perfect Camping Experience

Many personal preferences come with camping, and it can be a lot harder to plan than it can initially seem. Here are some tips I employ to plan the perfect camping experience for your next adventure.


The Best Guide to Camping in Yellowstone National Park

A comprehensive guide to understanding the reservation policies, locations, and rules for campgrounds inside Yellowstone.


Review and Opinion: GeerTop's Toproad 2, the Best Selling 2 Person 4 Season Tent on Amazon

This two person, four season waterproof camping and backpacking tent is designed to keep you warm and dry when the weather gets rough. With the amenities of a more expensive tent, this delivers exceptional quality at a budget price.


Benefits of Camping: Developing the "Keep Nature Natural" Mindset

Campers have subconsciously programmed their personal search terms to help 'Keep Nature Natural,' in an effort to preserve, protect and improve nature for everyone who lives on the planet.


Camping Made Easy: Hobo Packs

Camp food is not just hot dogs and s'mores. In fact, with just a little planning you can eat very well on your next camping trip.


Camping Made Easy: Organizing Your Gear

Camping is more enjoyable when you have everything you need and it's quick and easy to pack. Having everything stored at the end of the trip and ready to go for the next trip takes the stress out of prepping the next time around.


Review: GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Pour Over Coffee Maker

Looking for an ultralight solution for delicious, hot coffee on the trail and in the field? Look no further. The GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip pour-over coffee maker has got you covered. Weighing in at less than an ounce, this lightweight piece of gear takes up less space than a candy bar.


Camping at Goshen Pond Campground in the New Jersey Pine Barrens: Review and Opinion

If you are looking for primitive camping in New Jersey, the pine barrens have some of the best wilderness campsites. From the Mullica River Wilderness Campsite to the Goshen Pond Campground these beautiful remote campgrounds offer the basic necessities for your next camping adventure.


Decathlon Quechua MH100, 2-Person Waterproof Camping Tent Field Test, Review, and Opinion

The Quechua MH100 2-Person Waterproof Tent from Decathlon is a cheap camping tent that is waterproof and comfortable. The quick and easy setup makes this tent a great choice for the beginner camper or backpacker. I have personally field tested and reviewed this tent and provided my honest opinion.


Eastern Washington Camping at Soap Lake

A shared camping experience at the Smokium RV Resort located on the majestic mineral waters of Soap Lake in Eastern Washington. Visitors travel from around the world to soak in its healing waters.


My Summertime Destination: Staircase at the Olympic National Park

A captivating camping trip in the Olympic National Park of Washington State. Breathtaking views of the Rain Forest and an afternoon hike to the infamous Staircase Rapids.


My Top 12 Budget Overlanding Gear Picks From Walmart and Amazon

If you're into overlanding with your car, truck or SUV, you know that it can get quite expensive. I'm a low-budget guy that likes to save money without sacrificing comfort. I provide a detailed overview to help you make an informed decision when selecting overlanding gear on your next trip.


Budget Vanlife Stealth Camping Gear Guide

From the late 1800s to now, car camping has been a huge part of American culture. Enjoying the outdoors doesn't have to be expensive. Experience and enjoy the outdoors on a budget while stealth camping in your car or SUV.


Little Talbot Island Camping Review

Wondering what camping is like near Jacksonville, Florida? Here's a review of my tent camping experience at Little Talbot Island.


Rooftop Tent Pros and Cons

Are you considering a rooftop tent? Here are some pros and cons of rooftop tents and why you may want to think twice before buying one.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Truck Camper

Before buying a truck camper, evaluate what you're going to be hauling it on. You need to answer several questions about your pickup—like whether or not it can handle the weight and whether the truck bed long enough.


12 Best Camping Cooking Tools and Equipment

Nothing beats the fun of eating good food around an open fire outdoors. This article lists the 12 best tools for a camp kitchen.


How to Refill One-Pound Camping Propane Bottles

Do you cook a lot while camping over a stove? Buying multiple propane bottles to fuel a camp stove can get expensive, and refilling empty bottles is much cheaper.


What to Do If You See a Bear

Wondering what to do if you see a bear in the wild? Learn how to deter bears, stay safe and protect yourself from harm.


Car Campgrounds and "Wild Camping" in Scotland

Are you considering a car camping adventure in Scotland? Here is a local's perspective on what it's like to car camp in established campgrounds or by the side of the road over there.


Joovy Gloo Review: Packable Safe Infant Sleeping and Play Space for Beach, Camping, and Travel

Learn how to camp with a baby and help keep the infant safe sleeping in a tent. What is smaller, lighter, and more portable than a pack and play? The Joovy Gloo is the best packable sleeping and play space for a baby while travelling, camping, or out with friends.


A Hidden Gem in South Africa: The Double Mouth Nature Reserve

Did you know that South Africa has many great places to visit? Here is what the visiting experience is like at the Double Mouth Nature Reserve.


Camping in Hawaii?

Want to go to Hawaii but not on a traditional hotel-on-Waikiki vacation? If you’re a camper, this article will help you plan an inexpensive trip to the island state.


Planning Group Camping Menus to Accommodate Dietary Needs

Camping menus should be delicious and nutritious and must take specific dietary needs into account. Scouts and other groups can create menus that meet all these requirements. This article includes guidelines and specific ideas for meals.


7 Often Overlooked Items You Should Have When Camping

There's a lot to remember when packing for a camping trip. Here are 7 items you should definitely have when you leave.


Camping Tips for Older Men and Women

If you're an older adult or senior who loves the great outdoors, these camping tips for people over 60 will make tent camping more manageable and your trails a lot less rocky.


A Beginner's Guide to Camping

Camping may seem a bit daunting to a first timer, but this guide should put you at ease with a wealth of information about sleeping in the great outdoors.


Solo Bonfire Stove Review: Is It Worth the Price?

We'd been eyeing the Solo Stove for months and finally decided to use a couple of REI gift cards to cover some of the $300 price. This is what we think after several enjoyable campfire sessions with our own Solo.


Backpacking Meals DIY: Making Cheap and Easy Meals at Home

Learn how to make your own backpacking meals at home to save money but still get nutritious foods (that are super-light to carry) for the trail. We use both a dehydrator and purchased freeze-dried foods to create some great meals in this guide.


Camping Hack: Easy Biscuits and Gravy

Want to make some biscuits and gravy during your camping or glamping adventure? Here's a delicious version that you can easily make.


Virginia Is for Lovers: First Landing State Park

Looking to experience the natural beauty of the Virginia coastline? First Landing State Park is a fantastic way to experience the beach. Learn more about what it offers and how to make the most out of your camping experience there.


Seven Factors That Determine What You Pay for a Campsite

There are many reasons why people pay more to rent a site in some facilities than others. Knowing what they are can help travelers save money and have better vacation experiences.


Camping in the Azores: São Miguel

What's it like to camp in the Azores? The island of São Miguel has five campsites available. Learn more about their facilities and nearby attractions.


The Best Camping Checklist Ever Written

The best camping list for you is the one made just for your camping trip. This example of a master checklist is broken down into mini-lists for different parts of your trip: campsite gear, personal gear, family gear, food, and specialty items.


How to Start a Fire With Matches and Sticks

Starting a campfire for your first time can be daunting, but it is actually much easier than you think. Here are some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way and learned from watching survivalist shows and by doing it myself.


Safety Tips for Camping Alone as a Single Woman

Do you like camping solo? Nature calls and you have to get outdoors. Here are some tips on how to stay safe when camping solo, and how to be prepared while enjoying everything nature has to offer.


10 Things You Need to Know About Roan Mountain State Park

Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee is a perfect location for people who love to fish or hike. An access point to the Appalachian Trail exists less than 10 miles from the park.


Enwild Review: Is It Legit? Discount Outdoor Gear Site

Enwild is a legit site for discount outdoor gear. It used to be called Backcountry Edge and has always had pretty good deals on brand-name outdoor gear. Read my review of buying outdoor gear from Enwild's website.


Glamping at Autocamp on the Russian River and at the Yosemite Autocamp, California

What is glamping like out in California? This outdoor luxury experience in an Airstream includes a shower, toilet and a comfy bed. Here was my experience glamping along the Autocamp sites located on the Russian River and at Yosemite.


Reducing Waste and Protecting the Environment on Camping Trips

How can you reduce your environmental impact while on camping trips? Here are some tips for individuals, families, and scouts and other groups to be good stewards.


Winter Camping: How to Stay Warm While Sleeping Outside in Winter

Staying warm while camping or sleeping in winter weather can be easy. Learn how to choose the right sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and clothing along with some quick tricks to keep warm.


Camping in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Tent camping is a serious option when visiting Kruger National Park. It is relatively inexpensive and well catered for in all camps in Kruger.


How to Camp for Free Around the World

Nothing in this world is free anymore, right? Wrong! Did you know there are thousands of free places to camp all over the world? All you have to do is know how to find and use them!


The Lamb Street Chronicles (On the Road With the Cackleberry Farmer 2)

The Cackleberry Farmer hits the road again, this time from Murgon to Nanango (SE Queensland, Australia) with a stop at Broadwater on the way home.


Turn Your Minivan Into a Camper!

Want to go camping but don't want to set up a tent? You can have an adventure camping in a minivan!


Camping With a Cochlear Implant

Did you realize that primitive camping with a cochlear implant can be a challenging experience? Here is what it was like for our family in general.


Tips for RV Camping With a Baby

Preparing to take a baby camping for the first time can be a little overwhelming. I offer tips to make it a little easier, so you can share your love of the great outdoors from babyhood on!


A Basic Comparison of Available Hammock Types (In-Line vs. Spreader)

There are two main styles of hammocks, in-line hammocks and hammocks with spreader bars.