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My husband is a carpenter and can create beautiful things out of wood. I am a writer and enjoy creating beautiful, shocking, and sometimes discomforting things out of words. I have been writing my entire life, but my hubs are not just about writing. They contain a lot of words, but their goal is to get others to open their eyes to the inspiring messages found in their everyday lives. 

I think of my hubs as wildflowers in a field. Some will read them and find them ordinary weeds growing in a dried out field. They will get nothing from them. Others will read them and find them beautiful blooms with the sweetest scents growing in a lush field of green grass. They will get inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge from them. 

I write for those who see the flowers and the lush green grass. I write of things I find inspiring, shocking, or so riveting I cannot contain myself from talking about them. These are hubs from one inspired life, reaching out to hopefully inspire the lives of others.