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Steve Andrews

Tenerife Islander lives on Tenerife, where he writes about the island's news as well as locations you can visit there. Tenerife is one of the Spanish Canary Islands, situated off the coast of North Africa. It is very popular with tourists and has several resorts that cater especially for them, such as Las Américas and Los Cristianos in the south.

But Tenerife island has far more than just its tourist resorts. It has an incredible countryside with rugged cliffs, ancient cloud forests, pine woodland, high mountain ranges and sweeping valleys and steep ravines. In the hot south, Tenerife has semi-desert coastal plains that border its popular sandy beaches.

Tenerife offers a choice of beaches with black sand and golden sand, as well as rocky coves. Palm trees give it a really tropical touch.

The island offers picturesque mountain villages where traditional ways are followed still by Tenerife islanders. Tenerife offers busy cities and towns where you will find all manner of shops but also a range of museums and galleries. .

Anyone interested in wildlife will be fascinated by the incredible diversity in the flora and fauna found on the island.

Tenerife Islander publishes news and articles all about the island of Tenerife. If you are a visitor or a resident, hopefully, you will find something of interest about Tenerife here.

Tenerife Islander, under his real name Steve Andrews, has written for Living Tenerife magazine and Tenerife News paper.