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Russ Moran - The Write Stuff

Russ Moran is the author of 14 novels. The Gray Ship, Book One of The Time Magnet series, is a story of time travel, alternate history, romance, and a nuclear warship that finds itself in the Civil War. The Thanksgiving Gang is the sequel, A Time of Fear is Book Three, The Skies of Time is Book Four, and The Keepers of Time is book five.

The Shadows of Terror is Book One of The Patterns series, followed by The Scent of Revenge.

A Reunion in Time is a time travel novel, but not in the Time Magnet series.

Sideswiped, a legal thriller, is Book One of the Matt Blake Series.

The Reformers is Book Two, and The President is Missing is Book Three.

Robot Depot, published in August, is a novel about our automated future.

The Maltese Incident, a time travel novel, is coming in the spring of 2018.

A Climate of Doubt, a terrorism thriller, will be published in Spring of 2018.

Moran also published five nonfiction books: Justice in America: How it Works—How it Fails;The APT Principle: The Business Plan That You Carry in Your Head; Boating Basics: The Boattalk Book of Boating Tips; If You’re Injured: A Consumer Guide to Personal Injury Law; How to Create More Time. He’s a lawyer and a veteran of the United States Navy. He lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife, Lynda.

Russ Moran's books can be seen here: