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Troy Brooks

I am a Laborer, ex-logger/lumberjack, aspiring writer, and webmaster. I am single, never married, lifetime unemployable individual seeking zen.

The freelance sites seem to be saturated with folks wanting content for nothing. So I landed here. May as well practice for nothing, rather than work for nothing is my sentiment. They want content....content ...content...give me... give me. Yeah I have "advanced issues" but you seem to grasp it. Dontcha?

Don't you hate writing that contains words so complex that they are rarely... if ever used? That type of unnatural that raises many questions. The forced feeling rather than the natural feeling. .That type of verbose is troubling...trying to impress only to offend an audience that prefers direct but not to simple content. I read a lot of fiction by a lot of top all time authors of a few select genre and NOTICE...they do not use rare and advanced vocabulary. Advanced vocabulary being not a natural but maybe a synonym and thesaurus search. Creating clumsy content with the lack of supporting context to the original meaning of the article...a little-related context here...some babble like the idiot you are....'Nuff said about that. My style is different, And very likely not perfect or correct.

. I do not like Grammarly... it just does not work. Microsoft works so why pay their big price? I cannot stand grammar cops (grammar nazis) and often intentionally bait them with the usage of slang, invented words, my three dot punctuation...while still staying on point. The folks with nothing better to do but cruise content and social media looking for someone to chastise. PATHETIC! I can grasp the so-called "bad content" and usually lose interest in "perfect" content. But I will not read content that is produced by non-native English speakers that rely entirely on Grammarly and other so-called grammar and proofreading apps... Well maybe... for about 10 seconds ;)).